The city plans to use the winter to work out the details

Although we haven’t seen a lot of information on the photo ticketing devices, we understand they work in a way similar to a speed camera.The machine then takes a photo of the offending vehicle, like a speed camera.CBC says Edmonton has four of the devices in place now.

Now, CBC reports the city is using the new tech in a four-month pilot project. But as it’s just a pilot project at this point and the city isn’t sure if the gadgets are allowed to send out automated tickets under provincial law, the machines won’t be sending out any fines. It also mentions Edmonton has handed out 47 motorcycle noise tickets so far this summer, and 49 tickets for other vehicles. In theory,

it will allow for far greater regulation of vehicle noise, as one of the complaints of the current police-enforced system is that officers are too busy to pay serious attention to loud vehicles..

Instead of a built-in radar gun, there’s a noisemeter that identifies a vehicle with noise output over 85 db, says CBC.Earlier this year, we told you Edmonton was considering a new technology motorcycle exhaust suppliers to fight noisy vehicles, sort of like photo radar but with microphones instead of a radar gun. Instead, there will be a display board that shows the decibel rating of vehicles passing by, whether they’re over the 85 db level or not.

Should automated ticketing get the okay from the province, the city plans to use the winter to work out the details of implementing the technology. It’s the first city in North America with the technology

The bike is said to be coming in yellow black and orange

Not much action for Canadian ex-pat racers this past weekend; Alberta’s Mike Scott was at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis for the NHRA’s Top Fuel Harley finale, and didn’t get the results he wanted.

If Facebook and Instagram are any indication, he’s been working hard this summer to get ready for the fall’s racing, so stay tuned on that one. Front brakes are proper Brembo monoblocs, suspension is fully-adjustable Showa components front and rear, and of course, the machine has an auto gearbox—there’s no shifting, just like most other electric bikes. Now we know what that bike is going to look like. More details as they come!. It will charge from a standard wall outlet.The bike is said to be coming in yellow, black and orange next year

Nationals; the final elimination round came down to Doug Vancil vs.Scott has been experimenting with new machinery this year, and from the clip above, you can see he seems pretty chill about the whole season and expects to be back in contention next year.

Tii Tharpe, and Tharpe won, which gives him that championship.Scott ended up failing to qualify for the elimination rounds at the Chevrolet Performance U.S.The MotoAmerica season had the weekend off, but Jonathan Finn is getting ready for action over in Spain, where he was testing in preparation for the second half of the Pre Moto3 series, which kicks off next weekend.