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Many troops must turn to individual patch manufacturers to attain their individual design

One of the popular stories of Boy Scout lore is that the Scout cannot ask his mother to sew on the patch unless he has completed a good turn in advance of the request. A merit badges requirements may be Rhinestone Hot Mixed Embroidery Machine as few as two or as many as several dozen and may take anywhere between one day and one year to complete.

A Boy Scout merit badge is awarded after the completion of a variety of tasks relating to the specific instance; merit badges such as Fishing, Astronomy, Forestry, and Rifle Shooting are most often earned at camps, while a merit badge like First Aid, Swimming, or even Personal Finance are most often worked towards over the course of weeks or even months.There are many traditions and iconic memorabilia of the Boy Scouts, ranging from their ubiquitous merit badges to the patches of rank, seniority, or leadership capacity, all of which can signify different accomplishments to different troupes. Merit badges themselves are the stepping stones towards attaining the ultimate rank of Eagle Scout, but are far from the only Boy Scout patches awarded during a Scout’s tenure. Likewise, many troupes have their own customized Boy Scout patches for individual members, specific camping trips, or special achievements. Like merit badges, some Scout ranks can literally be attained in the course of one day; at the higher level it may be a year or more before advancement. There are half a dozen ranks in the Scouting organization—more if the Cub Scouts are included— and each requires achievements ranging from moderate to severe. Many troops must turn to individual patch manufacturers to attain their individual designs, making them an integral business contact for any embroidery or tailoring company.

Upon completion, the instructor signs off on the requirements and the Scout will receive the badge at the next awards ceremony. As less than one percent of all Boy Scouts attain the rank of Eagle, it is an accomplishment that has no equal in the organization. These patches are created exclusively by the Boy Scouts of America, but other indications of rank or accomplishment can be matched without having to purchase directly from the main source.

You are also able to give out your customized design without any issues

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