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How to choose cat litter?

What kind of cat litter is better? Three points for choosing cat litter:

1. Small dust: the cat will keep digging before using the cat litter. This will cause dust to fly. Cat litter will not only have a certain impact on the home environment. Long-term use of cat litter can also affect your cat’s respiratory health.

2. Good cohesion: Cohesion is a wrapping behavior of cat litter on cat excrement. After wrapping the excrement, the cat litter can be scooped up directly. Cat litter with good cohesion is easier to clean.

3. Strong deodorizing power: The smell of cat feces is always unpleasant. So you need to choose cat litter that blocks the smell. At the same time, you should also pay attention to cleaning on time and put the cat litter box in a ventilated place.

Key points: small dust, good agglomeration, strong deodorization

Bonus items: non-stick bottom, less going out, good foot feel, environmental protection, toilet flushing, cost-effective.


Bentonite cat litter is cheaper. High-grade bentonite cat litter is still expensive.

There is no perfect cat litter yet. You need to choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

Once you decide which cat litter to use, don’t just switch to another brand. Otherwise the consequences are unimaginable.

What are the types of cat litter?

1. Bentonite cat litter

The main component of bentonite cat litter is bentonite. It is a clay particle with montmorillonite as the main component. The particle shape is spherical, elongated and fine sand. This cat litter is more like outdoor dirt. Bentonite cat litter is more acceptable to cats. It is the most commonly used cat litter and the most suitable cat litter for beginners.

Advantages: The best caking of all cat litter, the cheapest price, the best foot feel, the most acceptable to cats.

Disadvantages: The dust is large, the deodorization is average, the particles are small and easy to be brought out, cannot be flushed into the toilet, and it is also heavy.

2. Tofu cat litter

Tofu cat litter is also called tofu cat litter/tofu cat litter. It doesn’t matter if the cat eats it by mistake, because this is natural cat litter.

Advantages: no dust, good agglomeration, strong deodorization, natural and environmentally friendly, not afraid of accidental ingestion, can be flushed into the toilet, not easy to take out, light weight.

Disadvantages: The price is high, the foot feels in general, and it is easy to get damp and moldy in wet weather.

3. Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter is refined and processed by using this characteristic of silica gel. The main component of silicone cat litter is silica. It is non-toxic and pollution-free. Crystal cat litter is a green and environmentally friendly household product.

Advantages: good appearance, no dust, good deodorization ability, strong agglomeration ability, not easy to bring out.

Disadvantages: The texture is hard, the foot feel is not good, the environmental protection is poor, and it cannot be flushed into the toilet after use.

4. Sawdust or pine cat litter

Sawdust cat litter is made from recycled pine, pulp or wheat by-products. It is an environmentally friendly cat litter product. Pine cat litter is also called pine cat litter, wheat cat litter, etc.

Advantages: good deodorizing ability, not easy to take out, less dust, strong adsorption and agglomeration ability, natural and environmentally friendly, and can be flushed into the toilet.

Disadvantages: The texture is relatively rough, the foot feel is not good, and the taste of wood is not acceptable to all cats…

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The difference between aluminum foil and tin foil

Because people in the market have been foolishly calling foil packaging products tinfoil or tin foil containers. So I have to correct this misunderstanding again. I want to justify the name of the safest and greenest foil packaging.

First, tin is the fourth most precious metal after platinum, gold, and silver. Pure tin is shiny, non-toxic and not easy to oxidize and discolor. It has good sterilization, purification and preservation effects. The chemical properties of tin are very stable. Tin is not easily oxidized by oxygen at room temperature. So it often maintains a silvery sheen.

Secondly, tin foil is a unique handicraft in China in the early years. In ancient times, its main use was to make money to worship ghosts and gods. Various other uses, such as sealing, are now available. The shape of ancient tin foil is rectangular or square, thin paper sheet, which can be folded and deformed. The color of the foil is silvery white. It turns golden yellow when burned.

The difference between aluminum foil and tin foil

Aluminum foil is made by rolling metal aluminum. The thickness of food packaging ranges from 0.006-0.3mm. Usually, tin foil packaging is also aluminum foil.

The difference between sand making machine and fine crusher

Sand making machine and fine crusher are both crushing equipment, so what is the difference between sand making machine and crusher? Both the sand making machine and the crusher play an important role in the sand making industry and are the most important equipment in the crushing industry.

1. The sand making machine is suitable for crushing and shaping of soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials. Especially for high-hard, super-hard, wear-resistant materials such as silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, and beauty sand, the output efficiency is higher than other types of crushers. The fine crusher is also known as the high-efficiency fine crusher, the third-generation fine crusher, etc.

2. Advantages of sand making machine: 1. Sand making machine is a new model widely used to replace cone crusher, roller mill, ball mill and rod mill. 2. The structure is novel and unique, and the operation is stable. 3. Low energy consumption, high output and large crushing ratio. 4. The machine has low noise and less dust pollution. 5. It has the function of shaping, the product is cubic, and the bulk density is large.

Features and advantages of fine crusher: small discharge particle size, uniform grain shape, large production capacity, long life of hammer head, low supporting power, changing from tertiary crushing to secondary crushing, simplified process, simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable operation, etc. . .Equipment investment is 35%-50% lower than traditional process equipment of the same standard, and output efficiency is 35%-50% higher than traditional process equipment of the same scale (take limestone as an example: the particle size of the finished product is less than or equal to 5mm, accounting for more than 85%). Long-term operation and maintenance costs are 35%-50% lower than traditional process equipment of the same scale.

Only by understanding the above two points, can the sand making machine and the fine crusher be distinguished. The new type of fine crusher produced by GBM company adopts advanced technology, with stable and reliable operation performance, simplified process, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The production capacity is large, and the hammer head has a long service life.

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1250 mesh kaolin grinding equipment

Kaolin is white and delicate in texture, so it is also called dolomite. It has good plasticity and fire resistance. Usually mainly composed of illite, quartz, hydromica and other minerals. Hepu and other areas are widely distributed. The ground kaolin has applications in ceramics, coatings, cosmetics, national defense, petroleum, pesticides, pigments, building materials and other fields, and the market prospect is very broad.

Due to its rich kaolin resources, simple grinding process, low investment cost and high market return value, it has attracted the attention of many investors. At present, kaolin grinding and powder processing have become popular investment projects in the market.

So what equipment is used to process kaolin into powder? What is its technological process?

Kaolin grinding powder processing equipment

1. Jaw Crusher is an indispensable equipment in the kaolin grinding process. Its structure is simple and the system is advanced. In addition to the basic features of high output, good quality, high efficiency, few failures, long service life, and long parts replacement cycle, the environmental protection effect of this equipment is not weak.

Main performance of 1250 mesh kaolin grinding equipment:

(1) The unique three-dimensional structure design not only saves 40% of the floor space, but also facilitates installation, maintenance and maintenance, reducing the basic investment cost by at least 80,000 yuan;

(2) Fully automatic processing system with automatic fault monitoring program designed to control the operation workshop and operating conditions in real time to ensure the safe, efficient, flexible and stable operation of the equipment;

(3) The finished kaolin fine powder after grinding is uniform in texture, high in whiteness, less in impurities, adjustable in fineness, and has a screening rate of over 99.99%, which has high industrial economic value.

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Construction garbage crushing production line

Construction waste products mainly include recycled aggregate, ready-mixed mortar and recycled concrete. In the production of these three materials, a complete set of construction waste treatment production line equipment is required. Generally speaking, these devices mainly include tire-type mobile crushing station, construction waste shredders, etc., which can regenerate construction waste into road structural materials, energy-saving thermal insulation wall materials, sidewalk permeable materials, and composite materials for municipal facilities.

The three main recycled products of construction waste are widely used, and their use value is fully reflected. Recycled aggregate market: The development of urban construction has entered a period of rapid development. These are inseparable from the assistance of construction waste crushers.

Ready Mixed Mortar Market:

Recycled aggregate produces ready-mixed mortar, which is not much different from traditional mortar in terms of production equipment and labor. Since the price of recycled aggregate is lower than that of natural mortar products, and the transportation distance will be greatly shortened, the strength level of the mortar is not high, and the amount of cement in the unilateral cement and the amount of additives have slight changes, but the difference is not very big.

Recycled Concrete Products Market:

The strength of concrete bricks made by construction waste crusher is 20% higher than the national standard. Can be made into pavement and wall tiles. The price of construction waste bricks is significantly lower than that of clay bricks, which effectively saves land resources.

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