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The vulnerability of Raymond mill: Raymond mill grinding ring and grinding roll

When starting the Raymond mill, who started exercising. Raymond roller mill and grinding ring wear serious, Raymond mill roller and grinding ring wear parts, use half of Raymond mill, it is necessary to replace parts according to the driving schedule, which can be seen here the study under the roller grinding. According to the theory, when the material in the grinding zone, two roll mill closed, due to slow rapid barrel the same diameter and different speed, so the speed direction of the friction material on the rapid roll and rollers instead, hinder the rapid roll steering rotation friction materials: the speed of slow and slow roll line, and even in ant for the trend of slow and rapid change in the slow roll grinding, thanks to friction material and can withstand, bear with the force, the force that causes no speed slow roller barrel slow to maintain the original speed at that time, the big wheel workout of the wheel belt and a small belt wheel turns into a wheel went born in this part between the pulley, large and small with the c variable voltage clamp. The relationship is closely related. Therefore, the reverse transmission impact area. For the regime roller workout fast, when the impact load is greater than the force or belt force static fatigue workout, will cause breakage of the belt. The system entered Main event for, because of the multiple wedge belt and pulley transmission friction, impact load, if the load exceeds the maximum power of effective circle, will produce a slip, fa is to reduce the impact, therefore, to reduce the frequency of broad thrust belt.
Therefore, in the boot process easily in large wheel tooth jump of the belt. The tensioner is a single, voltage methods for a total length fixed voltage and shortening, while other conditions the same, but the amount of slack in the c Ty decreases loose, so jump frequency is reduced. The boot process, the transition process and the normal grinding process, the main system of workout to tighten their belts, the side loose is constantly changing. So when the normal work, both located in the loose part of the belt tensioner is reasonable analysis is also applicable to the case of transmission belt composite corner stage. For the gear, the boot process and the normal work of cutting the gear box and work for transmission. The roller speed workout faster in the boot process, due to the free part of the pulley entered Born of double sided timing belt, the other is the tension is the tension of c Tee and tight elastic in the side loose, so there will be a lot of relaxation. However, because slip can guarantee rapid roll speed ratio, slow, thus affecting the grinding effect, at the same time, will accelerate the wear of the belt workout. Similarly, since the beginning of the transition process and the normal grinding process, the main system of workout to tighten their belts, changes in secondary bulk synchronous tooth bending stress tooth belt is changed in two to traffic, the reader is extremely unfavorable. Also, this is one of the main reasons for large main system of workout, medium Raymond mill removing gear gear workout because buffering capacity.

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Pebbles sand making machine fittings

In the actual production of pebbles sand making machine equipment is widely used, in order to guarantee the actual production requirements, should use the high quality wear-resistant material to production. This can improve the application of the pebbles and sand making machine in practical production.
The broken plastic, pebbles and sand making machine is suitable for soft or hard and super hard materials, widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum every soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, the sand hard, and very hard abrasive resistant material than other types of crusher yield higher efficiencies.
We have a professional production of various kinds of casting, including ball mill fittings, sand making machine parts, using the properties of good material quality wear, such as Gao Menggang, high chromium cast iron, wear resistant alloy steel for the actual production, the production and application of products can be better in the actual investment, guarantee the production application, provide production support as the development of the whole system sand making machine industry.

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Crusher machine limestone crushing power production line

In all types of crusher machine, hammer crusher is suitable for crushing medium hard materials, can quickly be the maximum size for 600-1800mm material crushing into fine material below 25mm. Therefore, often in the production line of limestone as the main crushing equipment.
In 2015, we have signed a number of limestone production line of the list, the crushing equipment mainly uses a hammer crusher machine. In the production line has been put into use, the hammer crusher machine is capable of feeding intensity of about 1200mm, soft limestone fast breaking rock. As a power hammer 300kW crusher, crushing limestone 180 tons per hour, showed great crushing ratio and work efficiency.
In addition, the crusher machine of brittle materials, such as broken coal gangue, coal, gypsum, cement production, and the material is also very suitable, it can set the stage for a broken broken, decrease the production line process, greatly improving the production efficiency of production line.
In view of the hammer crusher machine broken grinding defects, to improve the structure design, reduce the invalid friction, and the big gold teeth, sky full of stars wear resistant hammers, improve the wear resistance of the parts, so as to improve the service life of the hammer crusher machine. At present, Zhengzhou golden hammer crusher machine has been sold to Henan, Guiyang, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other places, but also exported to Southeast Asia, several countries in Africa, working characteristic and wear resistance of its steady rise this for customers to reduce production, improve production efficiency, so it has a good reputation.

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An important application of Raymond mill in thermal power generation

Depending on the actual market situation, the coal mill is generally used for milling machines vertical milling machine, which from the traditional Raymond mill has evolved to improve products, such as high pressure suspension mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill type ladder and other types. Thermal power plant fuel is coal, oil, natural gas. In a central coal consumption 1000000 kilowatts coal is about 11 000 ~ 13000t. hematite ore dressing production process, the heavy stone production line, high pressure grinder, washing machine, mill ceramic ball has passed the ISO9001 international quality system. Welcome to buy!
Fuel is the basic raw material for the production of thermal energy, spending co t production accounted for 60% ~ 80%. Milling of different types have different effects on the spray coal, need to choose according to the actual situation of the plant. But it is precisely because of the many advantages of vertical mill, Raymond mill on the hardware requirements and stricter requirements are not suitable for small and medium operating environment sized companies. The design of the shape of the grinding mill ring in pressurized roller system includes the concept of higher levels of technology. To improve the quality of the fuel the power plant, combustion, not only improves the economic advantage of the power plant, and reduce the need for protection of the ecological environment, pollutant emissions of the power plant. This is mainly determined by the structure of the primary energy in our country, rich in coal, lack of oil, less gas is China the characteristics of the resource.
High pressure suspension mill, the first generation of high-pressure Raymond mill products according Improvement, increase the pressure in the spring to ensure the stability of rolling equipment, but also to improve the smoothness of milling, grinding efficiency is improved.
Such as mill scale is an improvement based on the principle of operation of Raymond mill, but the performance of the reference suspension mill highest pressure in the development process. Therefore, the exploration of plant equipment to make appropriate treatment to the combustion of coal mining equipment, not only can greatly improve the utilization of coal in energy savings and environmental protection, economic benefits and other aspects of the great advantages.

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Crusher machine crushed aggregate diversification

With the continuous development of city infrastructure construction, the amount of aggregate demand in China is increasing. Especially as the limestone resources demand more essential in city construction. As high as limestone, basalt and granite hardness. Its lithology is soft, easily broken. In the numerous rock crusher machine, hammer crusher machine despite relatively early, is old. But it is the song of the limestone crushing equipment, influence in the industry, has been widely favored by customers.
Hammer crusher machine is the main equipment of crusher machine, suitable for crushing compressive strength less than 100 MPa, humidity less than 15% of all kinds of brittle materials such as coal, the broken material, salt, gypsum, alum, chalk, limestone, brick, tile. It is the high speed rotation and material impact hammer crushing material, has the advantages of simple structure, big crushing ratio, high production efficiency. The device can be adjusted according to user requirements of the cleft, change the particle size, to meet the different needs of different users. Suitable for mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other departments on the highway, moderate hardness and brittleness material crushing.

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What are vulnerable parts of Raymond Mill?

What are vulnerable parts of Raymond mill? As we all know wooden barrel principle, it means the shortest piece of board on barrel decided to water capacity. The same is true for Raymond mill parts. Spare parts quality determines the performance of Raymond mill.
So, what are the vulnerable parts of Raymond mill?
1, Grinding roller and grinding ring. The grinding roller and grinding ring is broken pieces of Raymond mill, is also one of the most important parts. Due to grinding roller and grinding ring during the work time suffer friction with the material, at the same time with each other. Therefore they are easy to be damaged.
Once grinding roller and grinding ring bad appeared serious wear of the situation, it will bring certain influence to the product fineness appearing odds phenomenon. Then we must replace parts in time.
2, Blade structure. This is another vulnerable parts of Raymond mill. Due to blade contact friction with material, it is very susceptible to be wear. When blade is seriously wear, it will be unable to scoop up the material. Work efficiency is greatly affected by the grinding mill.
These are the most common vulnerable parts of Raymond Mill. There need be regular inspection and maintenance. Once found Raymond mill parts is wear or damaged, the operator should be replace it, in order to avoid affecting the normal work of the grinding mill.

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