Construction garbage crushing production line

Construction waste products mainly include recycled aggregate, ready-mixed mortar and recycled concrete. In the production of these three materials, a complete set of construction waste treatment production line equipment is required. Generally speaking, these devices mainly include tire-type mobile crushing station, construction waste shredders, etc., which can regenerate construction waste into road structural materials, energy-saving thermal insulation wall materials, sidewalk permeable materials, and composite materials for municipal facilities.

The three main recycled products of construction waste are widely used, and their use value is fully reflected. Recycled aggregate market: The development of urban construction has entered a period of rapid development. These are inseparable from the assistance of construction waste crushers.

Ready Mixed Mortar Market:

Recycled aggregate produces ready-mixed mortar, which is not much different from traditional mortar in terms of production equipment and labor. Since the price of recycled aggregate is lower than that of natural mortar products, and the transportation distance will be greatly shortened, the strength level of the mortar is not high, and the amount of cement in the unilateral cement and the amount of additives have slight changes, but the difference is not very big.

Recycled Concrete Products Market:

The strength of concrete bricks made by construction waste crusher is 20% higher than the national standard. Can be made into pavement and wall tiles. The price of construction waste bricks is significantly lower than that of clay bricks, which effectively saves land resources.

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