The Internet can really help consumers understand products

In Africa, Kenya and NONWOVEN face mask suppliers are expected to achieve the fastest growth in the next five years, with compound annual growth rates of 2.’ She added that the trend that has become more and more popular recently is to respond to consumers’ ’free of. ’Unfortunately, for our industry, 2020 is expected to achieve a record low birth rate record again,’ he continued. This three-year-old company is determined to end the main factor of diaper rashes-long-term exposure to moisture. Kimberly-Clark, a baby diaper manufacturer, has achieved success in the high-end diaper market in China.

Image copyright belongs to Pampers. In these markets, the biggest question may be whether they can afford it, whether there is stable economic growth that allows consumers to dare to improve their living standards and remain optimistic, and whether they live in a safe environment. Africa is also accelerating its development.’ Among these areas, the main positive impact It’s the Internet.

’The Internet can really help consumers understand products and their advantages, and leading brands do a good job of communicating with consumers. Hsu said: ’We are very active in innovation. There are few traditional open diaper products in India, and more than 95% of the market has been replaced by pants-type products, from newborn to oversized. In particular, Chinese consumers’ favor of ’Made in Japan’ has prompted some Japanese manufacturers (such as Unija) to expand their production capacity. The brand says that this waist has become a favorite of parents. She said: “It’s exciting to see Younica’s successful production of pant-type diapers in Indonesia and India, because they realize that in hot climates, pant-type products are more convenient, and they are more similar to being used. ’In other words, the product must list not only the ingredients it contains, but also the ingredients to avoid, because consumers consider the latter to be unnecessary chemical substances or may be toxic substances, so natural materials and Security is closely related. Indonesia,

Thailand and Vietnam are expected to become the fastest growing baby diaper markets in Southeast Asia, with compound annual growth rates of 11.’ Hanna said, ’The growth opportunities in developing markets are changing because consumers are more aware of the benefits of quality diapers And characteristics. There is no doubt that parents now promote some of the latest trends in baby diapers, including the transparency of the brand’s ingredients.. Hanna pointed out that compared with other regions, the trend of pant-type diapers in Asia is still more obvious.4% and 14.” Take Honest as an example. This article taken from

The price setting in the mask industry is chaotic

The KN95 PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR Suppliers effect of the dust masks is the same, which is worse than the filtering function of the disposable sterilized three-layer dust-proof three-layer protective pm2.9 yuan per piece, and the cost of one use is as high as 210.9 yuan. Only 9 of the 37 samples were anti-haze and comfortable to wear.52%) mask and the ’Baoweikang’ POWERCOM new international dust mask. content. The price setting in the mask industry is chaotic. However,

its filtering function is the same as the ’baoweikang’ POWERCOM New International with a price of 1 yuan.9 yuan are far less effective than many products within 10 yuan. Similar products, the effect is the same, but the price may be more than doubled, such as ’3M’ a self-priming filter anti-particulate mask and ’Every Ma’ dust mask are disposable folding masks, but the latter price is the former ’Pro-clean’ anti-haze antibacterial masks and ’stable medical’ medical protective masks are both disposable flat-faced masks with the same filtering effect index, but the latter is more than twice the price of the former. Other disposable folding masks with exhalation valves, disposable cup-shaped masks, etc.

With the increasing demand for masks on the Internet, the sale of masks online has also risen. Zhongxin Finance Channel found through the search of e-commerce websites such as Amazon [Weibo], JD. On the Jingdong Mall, the search for ’Simijia masks’ as the keyword found that there were 295 products on sale, among which more than 2,000 people had the same mask as the test sample. For example, the Tom Mochen mask priced at 29. Among them, the filter is 11.

Therefore, the price looks confusing. For example, ’Simijia’ and ’Alice’ masks were purchased from Amazon Mall, and ’Weikang’ was purchased from Jingdong Mall [Weibo].

The number of samples of each brand is five

 In addition, Air Through Nonwoven Manufacturers ” and ’Fuzelong’ masks are marked on the outer packaging with the words ’the filtration rate of PM2.  missing standards: what kind of masks can ’cover’ health?   ’ China’s published professional protective mask product standards mainly include two types of industrial protection and medical, there is no specific for ’PM2.2 microns, it can reflect the protective ability of the outlet cover to PM2. On the top list of daily necessities sales, a ’PM2.

Some insiders revealed: ’For example, the most well-known N95 masks, many Chinese companies have applied to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).   China Industrial Textile Industry Association Zhao Jinyu, a senior engineer in the Department of Standards and Product Development, revealed that the standard-setting work for ’PM2. ’For example, medical standards have anti-bacterial and anti-blood penetration requirements, and it is not allowed to set an exhalation valve; industrial standards have requirements on the flame retardant performance of masks. ’A total of 50 actions must be performed, of which 46 actions must be higher than the 13% target.

The number of samples of each brand is five. They all have three filtration efficiency levels, standards and The inspection methods are similar to the relevant standards in the United States and Europe.5 masks.5 masks’? Yang Wenfen said that these two standards are not fully applicable to the field of life.5 mask’ standard, how should people choose masks to protect their health? Netizens and institutions continue to publish various mask evaluation reports on the Internet However, Yang Wenfen said that these evaluation methods are not scientific, and some of the conclusions even have obvious commercial purposes. ’The penetration rate of this sample is 1. ’

The reporter further investigated and found that, in terms of materials only, ’PM2.’ ”  After a quick test, among the six mask samples sent by reporters, only the leak rate of the “3M” and “MASKIN” samples was higher than 13%, and the “Anlai” and “Fuzelong” samples with the lowest indexes The leakage rate even exceeded 60%.5 masks’ standard. Of course, we are only responsible for the samples tested, and in the absence of national mandatory standards, we cannot say that these samples are unqualified products, only that these samples do not meet the standards they declare or express.7%, respectively

The surface is soft easy to wipe the sensitive surface

It is not interwoven and braided by individual yarns, but the fibers are directly bonded together by physical methods, so when you get the sticky name in your clothes, you will find that It’s impossible to pull out any thread. dust-free cloth Dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber double weave, the surface is soft, easy to wipe the sensitive surface, friction does not take off the fiber, has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Features such as reuse. Can be used multiple times; 6. Both economical and clean, it is the most widely used wipe paper in the electronics industry.

The optional edge banding of dust-free cloth is generally: cold cutting, laser edge banding, ultrasonic edge banding. Low dust anti-static can effectively control the amount of static electricity generated; 5. Features: 1. Acid resistance, anti-numerical chemical reagents; 4. Microfiber dust-free cloth is generally edge-sealed with laser and ultrasound. Everyone must pay attention to the direct difference between the two when buying, because there is only one word difference, many people will choose wrong.

Features: Non-woven fabric has no warp and weft, so it is very convenient to cut and sew, and it is light and easy to set, which is very popular among hand lovers. As a universal wiper for daily cleaning of various wet liquids; 2. Product cleaning and packaging are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials..

Non-woven Non-woven fabric is made of directional or random fibers. Non-woven fabrics break through the traditional textile principles, and have the characteristics of short process flow, fast production face mask manufacturers rate, high output, low cost, wide use, and many sources of raw materials. High humidity in dry and wet conditions; 3. Because it is a fabric that does not require spinning and weaving, it is simply oriented or randomly arranged short fibers or filaments to form a web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. It is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, and recyclable

This can not only save the administrative prison system inadequately

They will be inhaled by people around them in the future; they will probably be attached to the profile of the object, and then come into contact with the mouth, eyes and nose . When wearing a mask, if you feel that the fetal movement is moderate or too small, you must take a deep breath as soon as possible in the outdoor atmosphere, because it may be the exposure of fetal hypoxia. After returning home from the hospital, you should keep it clean and clean. But because pregnant women and fetuses have a higher need for oxygen, pregnant women should not wear masks for too long.

After all, is it irrational? There are a series of questions here, whether the punishment is in place, whether it is timely, and whether it can deter the latecomers. Of course, this is convenient because part of the public is the one who decides, but to create a mechanism to allow various stakeholders including the public to play under the disciplinary framework. Here we begin to pay attention to: the blindly put on a mask for those who have the disease, is the best practice to pay attention to the spread of disease. This can not only save the administrative prison system inadequately, but also cut off the extraordinary directors whose power and profits are dispersed

Experts revealed that pregnant women should wear masks when going to the hospital. In this way, the pregnant women will take the time to queue up and wait for the doctor to go to the open field outside China NONWOVEN face mask the hospital, the lawn and other difficult places to take off the mask to breathe.99114. Change the clothes on the first day of the time, wash your hands with sports water and sterilizing soap, conditionally take a shower, the water temperature should not be too high, and the time should not be too long to prevent Increased body temperature has an adverse effect on the fetus. Pregnant women are about to have their husbands or family members go for an obstetrical check-up.

In addition, the windows of stable homes should be ventilated, and contact parts such as door handles should be disinfected in time.Various avian influenza, swine flu, and abortion-inducing viruses have persuaded people to cough or sneeze and spread them into the atmosphere. If the road is not far away, the pregnant woman will choose to crush the child; if it is necessary to take the bus, the window must be opened firmly to ventilate.com’; Article from

The physical properties of this spunlace non-woven bag

Spunlace nonwoven KN90 Respirator Company concept: Spunlace nonwoven fabric, also known as spunlace nonwoven fabric, also known as ’spunlace into fabric’. The concept of ’spraying the net into cloth’ comes from the mechanical needling process. The so-called ’spray jet network’ is to use high-pressure water flow to penetrate into the fiber web, so that the fibers are entangled, so that the original spunlace non-woven fabric loose fiber web has a certain strength and complete structure.

The technological process is: fiber metering and mixing-opening and removing impurities-mechanical messing and combing into a net-fiber web pre-wetting-water needle entanglement-surface treatment-drying-coiling-inspection-packaging and storage. The spunlace device is a high-pressure spunlace nonwoven fabric manufacturer’s fast flowing high-pressure water jet fiber web, which rearranges the fibers in the fiber web, entangles each other, and becomes a nonwoven fabric with complete strength and other properties.

The physical properties of this spunlace non-woven bag are different from common needle-punched non-woven fabrics. In terms of feel and performance of microfiber non-woven fabrics, it is the only non-woven fabric that can make its final product resemble textiles. Advantages of spunlace method:

There is no extrusion of the fiber web in the spunlace process, which improves the bulkiness of the final product; no resin or adhesive is used, thereby maintaining the inherent flexibility of the fiber web; the high integrity of the product avoids The product has a fluffy phenomenon; the fiber web has high mechanical strength, which can reach 80% to 90% of the textile strength; the fiber web can be mixed with any variety of fibers. It is particularly worth mentioning that the spunlace web can be compounded with any base fabric to make a composite product. Products with various functions can be produced according to different uses. The advantages of spunlace cloth: 1. Soft, good drape; 2. Good strength; 3.

High hygroscopicity and quick wettability; 4. Low fuzziness; 5. Washable; 6. No chemical additives; 7. Appearance Similar textiles. Prospects of spunlace cloth: Due to the advantages of spunlace cloth, it has become the fastest-growing area in non-manufacturing industry in recent years.

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