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Other welding strips are used to reduce any airborne

The exact option you will need to go for is mostly driven by the existing environment where the installation is going to take place. You can enter your detailed requirements and get an instant quote to help with your decision making. There are many barriers made of various notable materials available.

Each option comprises of three different sizes to match the growing demands of customers. These three options are: clear polar grade stripes, coloured polar grade strips and clear polar double grade strips. Just like polar grade strips, the segments are again sub-divided into three major sizes to give more flexibility to users. The functions of these strips may differ along with the available ranges.It is an inevitable truth that many commercial and industrial properties need to fit a reliable barrier which can offer them strong thermal insulation. Companies who sell PVC Strip curtains online can help you to keep up the efficiency level of your team to ensure they are at optimum working capacity.

More on the specific environment As mentioned earlier PVC strip are mostly used to deal with environmental issues – such as: professional welding areas, anti-static data centre and perforated pest controlling needs. If you are not aware of the best type of strip for your needs, then always use the available online curtain calculators. Polar grade products If your main business area is related to manufacturing units, then you will need to look at polar grade strip PVC curtains. Other welding strips are used to reduce any airborne noise up to around a 30DB level. In order to ensure you have the right level of protection needed it is better to go for PVC curtains from reliable online stores. Types of polar grades available If you are planning to go for polar grade PVC strip curtains, there are three main options available.

These are primarily designed in order to meet the growing demands of cold storage areas – usually where temperatures are between -40C to +25 degree Celsius. You also have the option of going for coloured strips or clear ones. . Some strips comprise of anti-static additive, which can eliminate any present static charge

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