The function of simple mold replacement and quick replacement without tools

Although the needle assembly machine domestic tablet presses have many specifications and large quantities, and the export volume shows a year-on-year growth trend. Nowadays, the requirements of pharmaceutical companies for pharmaceutical equipment are getting higher and higher, and the requirements of standardization, systemization and individualization have become the development direction of pharmaceutical companies.

The pressure should be reduced. There is a reaction from users. As far as the performance of the tablet press is concerned, there is still a big gap between the domestic tablet press and the foreign tablet press, especially in the core technology. The appropriate mold should be replaced in time.

With the help of the platform of this exhibition, Technology will further expand the product sales market and meet more new and old partners., Ltd. \; The function of simple mold replacement and quick replacement without tools is also concerned by many users., and the design and manufacture are in line with GMP and GAMP requirements.

From the perspective of product technology, the AIS / V large infusion intelligent light inspection machine draws on the excellent European design and production technology. In addition to its obvious advantages in terms of inspection speed, the product is superior to traditional products in terms of technology, quality and design. By constantly paying attention to the new requirements of the EU and FDA, it continues to innovate and integrate. It adopts full servo computer control and high precision machine vision system to complete the freeze-dry block defect detection, rubber plug, Aluminum lid integrity testing, glass bottle testing, etc.

New technologies at home and abroad combine pharmaceutical machinery technology and aseptic technology to provide users with more reliable and programmed pharmaceutical equipment. (hereinafter referred to as:) has realized zero leakage detection of obvious visible foreign objects, thereby meeting the requirements of the National Pharmacopoeia and ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. From the product design point of view, the clamping positioning of this product adopts the jaw design, so that the product detection does not have any dead corners and blind spots, and the clamping force, speed, rotation speed, number of rotations and rotation time of the jaws can be adjusted 


The minimum centrifugation time is 1 minute

The use of food grade silicone rubber integral sealing ring conforms to GMP certification and has obtained the US FDA certification., Ltd.According to statistics, total phosphorus and total nitrogen have become the main pollutants in surface water quality. After more than 40 years of development, Lu Xiangyi has successively designed and produced centrifuge products suitable for various fields. From the establishment of the enterprise to the present, it has been committed to promoting the innovative development of domestic centrifuges. In order to promote the solution to the increasingly prominent nitrogen and phosphorus pollution problems,

the country has been strengthening national surface water nitrogen and phosphorus monitoring in recent years, and will also include total phosphorus and total nitrogen as basic indicators into the national water quality automatic monitoring and evaluation system.5 desktop large-capacity centrifuge. Touch panel, programmable operation, host operating parameters can be set according to requirements and automatically stored. It is understood that the TD5. has a long history and strong technical force. It is well-known for its exquisite design, novel shape, and sophisticated technology. Notice of China Environmental Monitoring Station (Photo source: China Environmental Monitoring Station) It is worth noting that the attached instruments and equipment have made specific regulations on centrifuges.

Recently, China National Environmental Monitoring Station issued a notice on ’Technical Provisions for On-site Pretreatment of Total Phosphorus in Surface Water (Trial)’, which aims to further standardize the sampling and analysis pretreatment methods in the monitoring and analysis of total phosphorus in surface water of the national network to improve syringe printing machine the monitoring results of total phosphorus Accuracy.

In 2017, the concentration of total phosphorus in the surface water of the country decreased by 11. In addition to the use of on-site portable centrifuges, the technical conditions of centrifuges Corresponding standards have also been made: the speed of the centrifuge needs to reach 2000 rpm, the minimum centrifugation time is 1 minute, and the single centrifugal water sample is not less than 1 liter (1000 ml). Large-screen LCD display, user-friendly interface, simple and convenient operation. At present, this equipment is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology and other fields.

The management of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises will be more scientific

Recently, the annual Chinese character selection sponsored by the People’s Daily and Weibo has successfully entered the ’creative’ character. ’5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence … Reform and innovation, we have never stopped’ This copy also resonates with drug-machine people. Looking back on 2019, hot words such as ldquo; Blockchainot ;; continue to affect the manufacturing industry including the pharmaceutical equipment industry, and more powerful pharmaceutical machinery companies intend to test the water layout . Pharmaceutical equipment

(Photo source: Pharmaceutical Network) quot; 5G  mdash; In the future, it may affect more production equipment industries. In 2019, the 5G industry will enter a critical period of comprehensive acceleration. On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses Marks China’s official entry into the 5G era. It can be seen that in the 5G era, many industries and fields such as driverless cars, high-speed rail and production equipment will usher in changes.

A large amount of data will be derived from smart devices, etc., and these data will be exchanged. By analyzing these data, enterprises will be able to improve their competitive advantage and help them develop higher quality. The industry believes that 5G may affect more production equipment industries in the future, and pharmaceutical equipment is also expected to benefit. Using 5G technology, the management of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises will be more scientific and efficient, can effectively use their own resources, carry out related management and optimization, and help enterprises more sustainable operation. However, at present, domestic pharmaceutical equipment companies have not yet used the 5G scenario6 mdash; or may help to improve the safety of pharmaceutical production

The industry generally believes that in addition to the current financial Internet industry that has tasted the sweetness, the broader stage of blockchain technology in the future will be manufacturing. In recent years, with the development of automation and digital technology, China’s pharmaceutical equipment industry has gradually broken the ’information silo’ problem of the past, helping drugs to be traced and ensuring drug safety.