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KICKS KOSMETIK – torde hava den samsta personalpolitiken i Sverige.

Jag vill saga, NEJ till en hiearkisk personalpolitik som vill hava sin personal som arbetar som robotar. Unga (oftast) flickor som ej har nagot som helst att saga till om . Som tvingas tiga i det tysta. Som ej kan strava efter innovativa andamal i att bringa forandringar i ett foretag som sager sig vara fran 2000talet. Har far de unga inte ta stallning till nytankande och bringa nya ideer. Pa denna arbetsplats varnar man ej om sin personal de, personalen, arbetarna, de unga flickorna som torde vara det viktigaste arbetsredskapet, en ledning har.

Jag  vill aven tala om butikscheferna, min roll i det hela som varade i 4,5 ar. Hade jag statt ut med mobbningen i 0,5 ar till hade jag fatt 2ars loner. Jag hade, tro mig kunnat sta ut…Jag ar en stenbock..sa jag ger mig INTE i sista taget men min advokat sade NEJ. Jag kan och vill inte skriva sa mkt mera om detta foretaget. Om nagon ens vill yppa en endaste   kommentar eller hot om detta inlagg ( fran KICKS ledning, alltsa ) sa lovar jag att skicka in ALLA mina bandade samtal till en fortsatt rattegang. Har bandat ca 5timmar nar personalchefen och min davarande regionchef pressar mig pa sa skrattretande fragor sa t om, en dovstum hade fatt tal i mun. Vero ar stark, Vero ger sig inte. Fast, Vero blev tillslut tillbadd att  ge upp, ” they conquiste me, and my soul” De kopte ut mig, utan nagra svar eller fragor over,  hur jag madde eller vad jag tyckte.

Jag tackar for ett och ett halvars lon.  Ett rad ar att behandla era chefer med respekt.  Att vara glad over deras vilja att bygga foretaget,  tillsammans med er och butikschefernas personal pa ett arligt och tillitsfullt satt med aktivt, lyssnande. Jag ma vara kontroversiell och hava en egen vilja fast det skall ni vara hjartligt tacksamma over…. 😉 Nytankande ambitioner och en stravan mot ett mal, ihop med sin personal var ett hot mot ”en enda stackars mellanchef” !?

Jar ar fortfarande besviken att INGEN tog stallning och lyssnade pa min historia, det ar sarskild mobbning och det foraktar jag ER for. Borja redan IDAG att behandla er personal som det star i er KICKS arbetspolicy.

Gladjen, den sanna skadegladjen ( som jag ej borde kanna men kan ej lata bli att kanna inombords ) var  att  idag fick jag veta att antligen oppnar SEPHORA sin verksamhet i Sverige. TACK, FRANKRIKE!

Nu ar jag en sann handlerska pa min favvo site Bybloom.com  som ALLTID levererar snabbt och smidigt. ALLTID har mina sma skonhetsartiklar hemma 🙂 LoVe YoU!

– Som detta set, fran SHISEIDO som  inom kort  hamnar hemma hos mig …hihihihi. Min skonhetserie, nar hosten/vintern kallar mitt snalla ansikte…..

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The inner of beauty

I forgot to tell you that I never cooking the veg – you should eat them raw…. I had a question about my dear friend fennel ..he he he… Not, cooked. RAW. 

Dont you want to have the best upgrade of vitamins, directly?

The only thing Im cooking is this veg: Artichokes. Tonite, I had one of those tasty ….yeah, I was surprised eating early, also 🙂

I, guess you know by now that many liters of water need to be consumed when you eat tons of veg otherwise your stomach is sad and stingy next time you have your meal :))  I drink 3 liters per day and your skin shines.


…My beauty sleep is very ” to be vain ”… I have changed my ” frotte handukar” its a very rough towel …. to a soft sweet plain cotton towel that dosent rip of my skin after I have washed my face. You find this ”towels” in very nice hotels and conservative homes…hahahah. 

After, when your beautyful eyes is tired you put your face on NOT cotton pillows pullover….no, no, no… You put your face on a satin pillow to make sure that your hair is not rubbing against hard cotton during the night and your face is so unless without lines the morning after…. That IS to be VAIN! Best, of course silk, for those who can afford….;)


Sleep tight, against someone who adores you!!!

And as Im living in a paradoxal country and in 2 worlds, read the text here and you get everything;)


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Healthy, Vero by Vero….. Has not always been:)

I often hear from friends, or people that I dont know quite so good: – How can you be so thin? ( and Im eating like a pig or a man)  – How can you stay in such a good shape? I know what they are thinking, she is almost 40 years old. For my friends and family that know me, knows that I never exercising or going to the gym. Im lazy, its the truth. Ok, last summer I was quite good, out powerwalking and after my job I started to go out and run??!!! Hahaha… A running Vero, I cant hardly believe it myself. I dont like it. I hate it, trust me. In STHLM I used to go and meditate and do yoga, thats it! This I love and prefer. It makes my brain work better then ever, and I can overcome and deal with my emotions in a better way. Tmw, Im gonna seek for the best yoga here in Padua. One thing is also that I have so damn good energyyyy. So, I lose pounds if I start to exercise. Only for my mood, mind and stability and prevent diceases… I do it…Not, to lose weight. I just want to stay in my 55.


– 4 times per week I go to my favvo place and buying fresh fruit and veg. As you can understand, Im very spoiled when it comes to getting inside of me vitamins, fibers, minerals and ”good” sugar. My stomach is always alive !!!! HAHAH!

The fruit costs nothing so I buy tons of it. 

My healthy tips is to always have at home a BIG basket filled with fresh fruit. I know its much more expensivier and it taking time to go to the grocery every day. Make it as a routine – you live a more healthy and happy life without diseases. Dont you?

In the morning: I drink ALWAYS 60ml of: Pineapple, grapefruit, apple (red), kiwi, ( If Im not too lazy to take away the shell), oranges, banana, ( if I need to have more fat on my body). Of course, its better to squeeze one more grapefruit more then to have pineapple ( its more sugar in a pinei ) – Put, all this things in a mixer. CHEERS!

It depends what you are after. I never put on weight, so I want to stay in my 55kg as I have done since I became 55kg 🙂

The lunch: I usually, when Im not working eating lunch at home. Im spoiled (again) because I have a boyfriend that  always preparing lunch for us:) LUCKY ME! 

One of the BEST tip to eat in your salad is fennel.

Fennel, contains beta-carotene – which the body converts to vitamin A – and folic acidis necessary for hematopoiesis but may have high nitrate content fennel seeds. They are fragrant and one of the world’s oldest spices. In folk medicine around the world they have long been used for tea as a cure for a range of indigestion. However, seeds stimulate menstruation and should be avoided during pregnancy.

You can drink it as tea and it has a refreshing taste and can help with flatulence and bloated stomach.
It is also possible to use if your eyes are swollen as a compressors. The greeks and the romans ate it to not get fat and the digestive is noticeably. BUT, pls eat it fresh and 4times per week. I do it – Its amazingly good for your stomach.

You need to understand that I eat dinner around 22 every evening and I eat always carbs and lots of cheese so I need to eat loads of veg and fruit. So, I can eat all these amazing food this country has to offer me…hihihihi.

Leonardo, always prepare a salad – ” a big great salad” – carrots, fennel, cabbage ( prevent cancer) celery and all sorts of salads that I have never seen in my life before. Tomatoes like the ones on the pic is my favvo 🙂 They ar big like a taurus heart. With the salad, some turkey or prosciutto and tons of white bread..he he he!

Sometimes, I eat ” zuppa di farro” – its a special grain sort. It looks like ” Havreryn” but its not, it has a much more harder shell and its tons of vitamins, amino acids and protiens in it. 

Farro is a food product consisting of the grains of certain wheat species in whole form. The exact definition is debated. It is sold dried and is prepared by cooking in water until soft, but still crunchy (many recommend first soaking over night). It may be eaten plain, though it is often used as an ingredient in dishes such as salads and soups. It is sometimes ground into flour and used to make pasta or bread.

Note: Look if you can find it in Sweden, its soo soo tasty and a very healthy grain.



Fennel, with the taste of licorice. Yiummie for us who loves that candy.


Dinner serves at 22, so then Im starving but I love to eat late because its more cosy, cosy…. Im eating a very varied diet. Chicken, red meat, turkey, hamburgers, pasta, pasta and pasta again. I adore pasta.

Actually, last november I gained in weight like 3 kilo in…. I think one week… a little panic. Perche? Because, my stomach were completle swollen and with that, came skinny arms and skinny legs – not so nice 🙂 

What did you do, Vero? I found the best thing for swollen stomach. We have it in our pharmacies here, check it up in Sweden ( or in other countries ) the name is Enterogermina.

Its a 5ml pipette with water( neutralizing ingredience) inside and you drink that in the morning before eating. Its hard to describe so I checked it out on internet: Its simple someting that takes away your bacteries that you create in your stomach. If your stomach is how to say living his own life with some gastrointestinal disorders… its perfect to prevent against. Its also preventing infections that can cause cancer.

So, I drank that in 2 weeks and then everything was back in normal, again. Of course my stomach had a chock of eating late, eating a whole cheese (that we usually eat in Sweden in one week) to my aperitivo, eating bread all the time… I was not ready steady for the Italian way of eating.

Now, Iam. I dont think its good to change so hard in a big row..you need to do it step by step. Now, I have an unreal metabolism, already so… I thank my mother and father for that 🙂


I dont like deserts. I dont prefer icecreams. I dont like cookies like those on the pic… Typical, Venetian cookies they make for the carneval, now in february in Venezia. Its a sugar ball filled with ”fatty” cream. After eating those I jumpie, jumpie all around the house… 


I miss those lovely tinkle stars… this, I call an unhealthy variation of goodies. Swedish godis! So, I cant find them here. So, I never eat sugar… My beauty tip !!!! They dont eat candy in Italy. They dont have candy in Italy…!!!??? They eat deserts and cookies. ( cookies for breakfast..hahahah..?? So, crazy so I want to throw up..)

Then the second beauty innerside tip: OLIVE OIL.

Olive oil is simply outstanding, preferably, Novello (harvest season’s first fruit, green ”maps” that are sharp to the taste, the oil has a green tint).  A Virgin Oil that has NOT been chemically treated .. 

Stay away from – Olivpomace oil – the last recovered from the olives …this is also produced by chemical saying that it can have been withheld dangerous cancer-causing substance (PAHs) because they heat it up with the last concentrate whish are left from the virgine oil. Totally forbidden in Norway. 

Remember that if you go to Italy, Greece or Spain you should buy home 12 bottles of olive oil (sustainability of 2years) and for sure you drink that up, during that time. Use it to everything…for the bread, salad, cooking and on your skin.

Butter is forbidden, it is devastating to the body. Olive oil is healing. Why do you think southern people have this splendid, amazingly thick olive hair? Their soft skin? They hardly never have to rehydrate thier body. In Sweden we have people with lots of allergies or eczema. OLIVE OIL rules!

& ZETA and other crap of brands that you find at ICA/KONSUM, you name it … is married with the butter. Its a shit. Buy from a good farmshops or at a specialist shop. For the people who lives in Stockholm can be purchased at Ostermalms hallen or Hotorgshallen etc. Here, I buy olive oil at my local dealer, a liter cost 7euro ( info: this is a very expensive shop…? ) and then it is the TOP of the line. When I was out working this autumn I visit the wineolive farm yard, Dianella Fucini wineyard inToscany.

Here up in the hills nearby the little village Vinci, they are producing fantastic olive oil, extra vergine. Did you know that they are more careful about the olives then about the grapes…?! Perche? Its much harder to make good olive oil and taking care of the olivetrees. In this very mysterious yard they always lock the olive room. Perche? They are terrified that someone sneaks inside and make a damage for the olives… not, even the people working there are allowed to have the key. Only the owner. Hanging around his neck.  

Vinci ( Leonardo da Vinci’s hometown in Toscany )


Dianella Fucini Wineyard in Toscany. Wine tasting and a small bed&breakfast casa. 6 room everyone in completle different colours – depending in whish move you want to feel in the land of love. It was in this villa in the 1500s, Leonardo was drinking wine with the rich Medici Family. The bankfamily who was one of the richest family in Europe in many decades and who ” made Firenze ”. They had this villa as a hunting house. One of their many houses of course 🙂


Last, but not least I have a friend on facebook, her name is Kristina and one day I read this sentence on her status…    Its true also for me. I feel it very unpleasant when women/girls asking me also this. I can tell you that I feel quite embarrassed, too. Dont do it, ever.

” – Any of you skinny girls noticed how some women (lots of women actually) seem so concerned about how thin you are while at the same time asking you for diet tips and complaining about their own ”extra weight”? Just an observation, but it does seem kinda hypocritical to me… ”

 // Kristina Perala


– The most precious thing IS you and what you feel good about and how you take care about your body and yourself. I havent always been eating healthy. I love also to party and drink bottles of good red vino…;) As, you already know, I guess…hihihi. I think that you need to eat what you prefer to eat even if its not always healthy. As long as you are happy with yourself ( and there… that happy word, happy came again ) HAHAHA! Just, stop comparing you to other people.


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Prevent your skin from pigmentation.


This is my autumn – winter 2011/2012 products to keep my skin saying a big NO to age spots/pigmentation and instead having a fresh, clear, radiant and lucency skin. I love this Shieido line now. I always start in sep/oct to prepare my skin with bleaching products and lots of protection during the day. Especially important for me that always having the sun nearby my face. To prevent dark spots and pigmentation whish are soo sooo hard to get rid of from your lovely skin when you once has reach that level. Im lucky beacuse I have prevented in many years so I dont have any spots… make sure that IF you immediately get some…quickie, quickie you start in the autumn/winter, directley. Dont wait and think….next summer I can prevent with some sun creams, yes of course you are going to do BUT you also need to make lazer in some years when it gets worser, and that cost money, baby…and is not so good for the skin…

You making your skin thinner and thinner doing that.

Just make sure that you stop using these kind of products when the sun is looking after you and your beauty, again. Then you stick to moisturizing creams. 

Shiseido White Lucency Line & La Prairie Booster.


Hey, Cameron, thats right! The most important thing IS to laugh and feel happy! NOTTE, my friends and tmw some tips from my more inner healthy side….

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Perfection comes with some tip…


Talking about a dear friend of mine, Carolina. She is perfection, for me. She is a smart, independent fullhearted friend. A lawyer and such a good looking lawyer, then. Mama Mia :). She can keep secrets then no one else. Loving YOU for that my capricorno sis.

As she is a lawyer she give me advices when I need and IF I want …hihihi. And as I have worked so many years in the beauty business I love to share all my beauty tip for my friends and to (almost) everyone… I have one secret beauty tip BUT this one goes to my beloved friends.. (hahahah).

– I hope you understand that even if Im taking care of myself and eating healthy I need to have some secret stuff in my kitchen…hihi. ( No, its not botox..pls, come on…) This thing you can eat…

Bella Carolina. Thanks, that you IS you.


4. Brighten your smile

A recent survey by Oral -B that I read this morning said that it founded having yellow or stained teeth can make you look up to 13 years older than your age. So, i cant understand why all of you not using the power brush everyday – I do it mostly 3 times per day. ( yeah, thats true..I eat my lunch in casa ) Its giving you a big difference and keeping your mouth free from caries and bacteries and you dont have to bleach your teeth so often like the manic women that some of us are… ( like I had been 🙂 One year ago I tried the newest thing on the market, speedy, pain-free bleaching service that lighthens teeth in just one hour. Proparbly better idea to take really good care of your poor teeth with a power brush.

5. Dont let your hands give the game away

Dry, flaky cuticles can make hands look older, always my cousin says. She always carries a bottles of nice handcreams in her borsa. So, every day put the cream on you and lubricate. I got this tip from my manikyrist here in Padua, saying: before you applying polish, press your nails – if they dont get back to the pink colour quickley you could be dehydrated. Drink of course a bottle of water more then you usually do and apply Nail Boutiques Cute- Icles Love Oil (google it ) to cuticles daily. One of my favvo is simple and never ages your hands like dark polishes do so I chose a pale one from, Terry Nail Laque: Terrybly in Sheer Bubble Glow ( Google it ) I buy through internet my goddies:)

6. Ask for invisible layering

Long hair has always been associated with youth, and softening the bottom of the cut with wispy, invisible layers will ’ have a lifting effect on the face ’ says my hairdresser at ZAGARA PARRUCCHERIE in MESTRE. A blunt fringe is a also a young style – and hides those forehead lines. Its something that IS SOOOO SOOO trendy now.


                         Soon, you will be here and we are going to play your favourite sport ….. You know what it IS! SHOPPING!

LoVe from V

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Santa Monica, the last trip on our vacation.

God eftermiddag vanner!

Konstigt, hur det kan vara att man ser personer som man sett en gang och sedan 3 veckor senare ser man dem igen pa andra sidan varldsklotet… Livet ar bra konstigt. Jag tror att detta har med att gora med alla sma anglar man bar med sig, alltsa sina skyddsanglar som sitter pa axeln och sager till dig att : Du skall vara uppmarksam for livet, ditt liv, Veronica. 

Detta pga att nagra spadamer berattat for mig att nar man hamnar i en sadan har situation eller man tanker pa olika ting, manniskor, handelser sa… nu kom jag pa en underlig sak… Jag arbetade pa ett kontorsforetag for massa ar sedan och satt och dagdromde om Anna Nicole Smith, alltsa inte for att hon ar min favvo utan bara for att jag tankte pa vilket trafikkaos hon utgjorde under en december period for massa ar sedan… och det var inte sa att Anna/N Smith var pa tapeten just detta aret nar jag dagdromde mig bort(ar 2001).Sa, pa lunchen sa gar jag in till en manlig kollegas rum dar han helt lyrisk i sin fortjusning ber mig kika pa en tavla som han fatt utav nagra andra kollegor …. Han plockar fram en gigantisk tavla utav Anna-Nicole Smith…???? Forstar ni vad jag vill komma framtill? Hon var inte pa tapeten just da, det hade lika garna kunnat vara Cindy Crawford eller nagon annan snacka…. Konstigt!

– Precis har utanfor vart hotell, sa nar vi skulle passera ut jag och Mr lover-lover for en shopping tur in Venice Beach sa stiger Paul McCartneys ena bandmedlem in genom dorren. Det lustiga var att 3 veckor innan nar vi hade varit pa teatergrillen (STHLM) m vanner sa satt denne karl dar mittemot oss och min vaninnan Camilla trodde att det kanske kunde varit Jon Bon Jovi… ( han satt namligen med ryggen emot oss sa vi kunde ej se sa noga da vi hade endast ogon kontakt med Paul :)))

Fraga mig inte vad budskapet ar genom att jag sag den dar karln fast nagot ar magiskt med detta. Det ar nagot sammantraffande och min intuition ar numera mycket mera utvecklat an vad den var 3ar sedan.


Vart lilla hotell, sa gulligt och man kan se solnedgangen sakta pysa ned borttom vidderna. Alskade Santa Monica.


Lyx med att kunna finna sig ett par nya sexiga trosor ( Cosabella) i badrummet. Lyx att finna sig ett praktiskt rakset sa jag kan raka mina ben 😉 Lyxa till sig med den nya hermes parfymen… Dessa hotelrum ar nog de basta 🙂


Jag har alltid ogonen overallt..he he he…hittade en scandinavisk butik som salde massa skojerier…inte bara praktiska ting utan oxa vackra klader tillverkade fran Sverige och Danmark.


Har hittade jag paret som agde butiken och det tog ett tag innan vi tog oss harifran…kan jag lova… Alskar ju att tala och att tala lange & mycket. ( ratt hogt oxa…hahahah)


Ljuvlig frukost och utanfor, dar….den milslanga stranden…. stranden ar ungefar lika mycket hemsk och opersonlig som Venedigs strander… kanske darav att de forsokte efterlikna Venezia ar 1905. Viss arkitektur finns fran de ventianska arvet fast inte ens lika vackert som en cent ar vard 🙂


Sma faglarna var lika open-minded som folket var 🙂 Jatte sugna pa frullebulle. daremot sa var vara gaster brevid oss mattligt roade over att Leonardo satt och bjod till pa sin granola och brodbitar…


Det ar inte milslanga vita strander fast man skall fa vara glad att man har milslanga strander.

Leonardo were thirsty…


I wonder who working overthere….


David and the whole Baywatch team!!!

HAHAHAHHAH – Denna var absolut den bast skylten at LAX ( L.A s flygplats)



Kanske inte hann ta den basta bilden utav VENEZIA ( uppifran luften) fast inget slar det riktiga VENEZIA ,det romerska riket byggt utav karlek, passion, tankar och drommar.

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One night with the dolphin.

My headache from the morning – gone. My happy mood came back after that trip in town and the night could begin. How fun you can have one evening if your are out with the right people. People that can be relaxed and enjoy crazy, stupid jokes.. Im talking about the Dolphin – the pink one the one with blue dynamic eyes and a quirky sound.

This small fishes is not my favourite ones with shell on….. and they smells like a dog when he is open his mouth. Served! Either not the Dolphin prefered them.. He loved the Vodka more.

Davide was the proud owner of the Dolphin. I was quite sad because in Cabos nooo dolphins around so for this night Davide made me dreaming away back to Mexico and that Aquarium that L promise me to visit  – never happened 🙁

– You see it? Its in his hand…hahah

Bamboo trees everywhere.. 

Talking private messages? Bad breath? Working as a spy? Or only so damn high music…?

Happy girls and cool Vladi.

Dolphin is lightning up the night for us… 


Proparbly this was the 7th time Davide was on his way home to casa…. but in somehow he always returned back… 🙂


– Oh, lord that dark guy has eating lots of selery he needed to not  show completle his snoppelopp..;)


– Here we have the one who stold his precious thing.. the rugby player L.


I guess you Swedish has never been in this fantastic nighclub ever. I can tell you its really one of the hot spot in whole Italy. Like a catwalk are the women dancing around you and the men are so spicy and hot. Im longing to go there for this night also. I cant wait!!! U find me right downunder that sign the only thing I can relate to in this amazing night area…. Waaaa Waaahaa!


What a great happy funny night in Padua if you give to the people what they want and need ….. ENERGIIIIIAAAA!

Goodnight for now lovely you…

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Be happy – it’s one way of being wise.

To understand myself and the human soul.

The road to knowledge of the human being goes through self knowledge. One can only understand it in others if we understand it in ourselves.

// Soren Kierkegaard.


I’m thinking a lot when I’m alone during the day (mostly) by myself. Things that I in my wildest dreams had not thought of before when I lived in Sweden. Perhaps, also because I never was alone with myself. Because I was working full time and because I was always going out with friends or stayed captured around my boyfriends.

I never allowed myself to be really alone and refuel. As, Dalai Lama says, to spend a few hours by yourself every day brings new strength and energy to your soul.
Today as I was out a quickie to find some few things, its strange how things passes through me when I meet all kind of persons that have good knowledge or those who has not a single clue about themselves. I had to find: 1, hair gel. 2, search for light bulbs. 3, fix my extremely cool sunglasses that I got from my dear cousin.

This was what happened on my quickie, quickie daytrip: Hairgel I found 🙂  So, maybe it will be a ”wet look” tonite 😉 … The salesclerk was a cute woman with such a lovely voice that asked no questions about what I was looking for. I could do my steps in the store ( even dance..hihihi ) and she only said: Buongiorno and smiled.

– Like, hello … it usually is … like this:

I come into a store. I get attacked out of a salesclerk. I say calmly, quietly with a wide smile … – I just peeking a bit and I tell YOU, I F ….. I need your, help.
Then if I need help, they tell me accurately what I need and they’re running like machines. I know they would be specialists, but why can they not listen to me? Im the customer. If they have any intuition, they should listen first, and also look at me and see that I am a woman who knows what I’m after…. No hard feelings over this cute girlie in the hairshop but you know what Im talking about…. Aren’t you? 🙂

Lamps to find was harder for me. They did not understand. Anger is near as I chose to just leave the store and I find myself filled up with pretty thoughts about a particular person… ”tinklestar”

Some minutes after, heading to adjust my RayBan’s was an imposed project as soon as I walked into the store.

– Buongiorno, Signorina, … I said.

 – I wonder if you could be so kind to help me to adjust my sunglasses at me, please. (Note: Vero is very nice and happy …)

Salesclerk: we can see. (Sour like a lemon)
I gave her my sunnies (and now I am even happier than when I came into the store:)))
She did not say a word only grasping  my “sunnies” and walked behind a screen where another lemon lady rascal star was standing (two women in my age I guess, but they are certainly younger but they always look a little bit older here)

They start immediately, chatting a little with each other and looking over the desk with some little childish laughter… I can see everything and they see me. Ok, now it might not be that this childish laughter  has something to do about me….maybe they were laughing about that someone of them had got a dick after such a long time and that she is merrily happy for this or some other funny things that could had happen last weekend…. he he he ( I hope).

I wonder why I have this feeling that they are laughing about me? Why should, they? … I wonder what’s going on in me that makes permit myself to make up such crazy thoughts? Though I have never in my life had such a feeling about women before walking around in Sweden, France, US or wherever I go… I have never been in situations where persons laughing about me, infront of me… ( this is hypothetical thinking; I cant of course be sure )

After 2min, the clerk returned, stretches over my fine “sunnies”. She says only, so now they are  more fixed. I gently grabbed them and, yes they are more fixed, said to her with my Diaz smile. I thank her a lot and asking her kindly if she can adjust them so that they are more straight.

NOW she answers in a sour way: They are old. Is it your dad’s?

 Excuse, me? … I said. Really trying not to be arrogant, but I continue to be Miss Kind. I say they are vintage and only the glass is worth 600euro (by  saying this, she thinks that I am certainly cocky and that reminds me, it’s the same cost what she earns per month..) She looks at me like I was a liar and literally sniffs: There’s nothing more I can do for you. ( Ok, I dont even earn 600euro per month but Im not an unpleasant woman )

I say thanks and also buy a packet of lenses from her??? 

For what reason you have to be unpleasant, sour and answering to a pleasant and happy person in this way?
I will try to meditate my way to not magnify a moment out of my day, to get so upset over persons. However, I can not really not get carried away being angry, disappointed over something that should not even mean anything to me.

To start thinking again, AGAIN:


  • That, when I meet persons, to think that there is so much more in every person, than that you could never see on the surface.
  • I want to surround myself with loving people.
  • That, wherever I am there are good people and good forces that I can move to.


First you have to become an expert on yourself – after discover your true self-image. Just imagine IF everyone followed these rules and roads…….




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Cortina without real snow :(


Insag att det var inte manga bilder fran just Cortina utomhus som jag bjod pa igar afton 🙂 …. & som ni ser sa var det inte mkt sno i lilla dalen Cortina sa har ars… 


Sa, det var konstgjord sno som det bjods pa i backarna. Forra aret vid den har tiden var det massa sno kom jag ihag och nu vet jag inte riktigt vad som hander i varlden… Langtar, faktiskt efter krispande vacker vit sno som knastrar under sko sulorna nar man ar ute och spatserar.


Just denna helgen var ju Anja har och svischade ned precis DAR… Malstoppet!!! 



/ PS. For de som ville hava annu blaare ogon och ar redo for lite skojig farg pa lapparna sa var det MAC nr A77/Bronze Shimmer/Frost som jag hade pa mig nar jag var saaaa stralande glad i Cortina with Love inlagget 🙂 

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glad fast med huvudvark idag…

Happy Smiles!!!!! Godmorgon alla glada!


Vad jag inte gillar att kliva upp  pa morgonen om jag inte skall ut och resa dvs…hehehe. Idag vaknade jag med en faslig huvudvark oxa. Kan inte riktigt komma ihag nar jag ont i mitt huvud  senast. Tur. 

Hade bokat upp en spa dag idag som dock far utebli da jag har fasligt ont i huvudet och tanker mysa pa med min huvudvark och samtidigt forsoka plugga…. Har bara lite daligt samvete for min van Maria Laura som ar har hemma pa besok och tror att hon och jag kan fa svart att fa ihop det till en traff innan hon aker tillbaka till London, igen. 

Jag ar glad som attans idag trots mitt onda huvud. Lycka ar att min lilla syster igar var pa en forelasning utav min idol Kay Pollak. Hon ar helt lyrisk idag och jag med da en glad overraskning var att jag fick mig ett signerat ex utav alla hans bocker som han skrivit. YES! 

Langtar, tills den och massa svenskt losgodis trillar in har. Tacka, mamma for min forsenade fodelsdagspresent:) ( boken ar fran min mor )



Cameron Diaz, med hennes smile kan fa alla att lyfta pa smilgroparna. Vilken utstralning denna donna har.


Funderar pa att anda forsoka proppa i mig nagon form av huvudvarkstablett. Jag ar inget fan i att proppa, mig med lakemedel. Tror, pa att dricka min alltid naringsfyllda och sprangda vitaminbomb ist, fast idag fylld med en hel citron!

Varje morgon sa dricker jag: 2grapefrukt ( helst roda) 2 apelsiner, 1halvt apple(helst rott) & 1/4 dels ananas har man tur sa har mamma, Antonella handlat mango oxa sa da proppar jag i lite utav den oxa i min mixer & vips en vitaminbombsdrink.

Ja, jag ar bortskamd att hava en mamma som handlar at mig fast sa ar det har om man har en son och han ar ensambarn 🙂 ! Nu handlar jag oxa saklart fast jag har efter 1,5ar inte mage att riktigt fraga henne om hon kan handla det sa handlar jag det… Det kanns lite surrealistiskt att vid min alder fraga nagon att handla at mig och dessutom hava krav… kultur sak, kanske. 

Sedan, hade jag tankt inhandla hargele idag….hahaha. Kan ej minnas nar jag handlade gele at min kalufs. Vi skall pa middag ikvall och jag tankte namligen fixa det senaste en ”wetlook” …. Sa, ut till lilla torget for att se vad de kan erbjuda at min kalufs. Skont, att inte behova fixa utan bara smeta i det i min kalufs. Tror, ni jag behover tvatta mitt har innan? 🙂  Funtar , pa om man inte bara kan blota haret lite och sedan smeta i skiten.


… Kom, pa att jag ar ivrig att lyssna pa en van som jag har bestamt skajp tid med kl: 10… om hennes upptag inom kort, i landet Italia. Spannande! Jag vet sjalv hur det kanns nar man ar sadar upprymd utav kanslor och sedan nagon som ar fran ett annat land gor det hela mera spannande och exotiskt. Italienarna ar sa passionerade och kanslosamma med nagot elegant over sig. 


– Tank, denna tanke nedan IDAG! Det skall jag funta pa…. fast en sak vet jag….

Jag skulle definitivt bli sangerska och driva folk till vansinne genom att sjunga i tid och otid. 


…. Aterkommer inom kort…. Puss pa Er!

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