Some nicey, nicey fashion from Milano. This IS how the girls do IT here.

Experiment with shimmer. Add a touch or a lot of decadence with gorgeous golds and eye -catching metallics. Pic a bag in pastel.

Get inspired of the nature and go out there with animal prints all over you!

Its time for a monkey time.

Always on high heels.

Are you on the list? With that T-shirt you are 🙂 !

You 3 should be thirsty of some human blood instead 🙂 ! Stop drinking birra, grab a handsome man…..

Super in soooo sooo many ways – slip it on with sparkling flats, then switch to patent heels for night. Dont forget your friend Chanel.

Why should your weekend wardrobe have all the fun? Stay cool on a tuesday morning !

Swedish blondie model Elsa Hosk shoot in an Italian magazine.

The hyped cube slimmed leggings.

Typical mediterranean beauty.

Naughty pretty girl. Rock timeless with leather jacket and the new must- statement with luxe fabrics as this stockings with bone pipes on leg.

– Do it like a lady. Dress with a little more GLAM every day !

Every girls best icon, Marylin Monroe.



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