3YouthOver – begin today.

The ultimate youthover is farway more than a nightfly fix of face creams. You can actually look years younger IF you try a little harder and keep your patience.

1. Cut out the sugar. YOU dont need sugar. Once you get it out of your system, you will stop wanting it. Think about that every time you eat or drink anything sugary, you put your body into fat-storing mode. IF you skip sugar, you will see in a couple of weeks that your skin looking more brighter and firmed. For the swedish – skip the candy, and for the italians – skip the desserts.

2. Never skip meals during the day or eat diet food. This is both unhealthy and ageing. Not eating regularly causes level of stress hormone cortisol to surge and is gonna leave your skin looking lifeless. Over exercising will also put your body down. We have many examples of this, of women we can see that doesnt eat, just starving thinking if they lose a couple of pounds they get more beautiful(?) – the truth IS that you can see that they looking more older, and doesnt have that fresh face that we all want. I daily meet women that I can possible tell their age, for me these category of women starving themselves, always looking 10years older then they are.

3. Stop expose your face in the sun- goes to the italians. For the Swedish – stop put on the fake-tan. ” Women think fake tan, or having the most tanned face makes them look younger, healthy and rested” Totally wrong. Most bronzers are brownbased and leaving the skin looking dull, flat and dry. For the women making love with the sun – I have no comments. Try, Guerlain Terracotta Serum Tan Pro-longing Complex, that serum triggers the natural tanning process. Also one of my favourite during winter periods IS, St.Tropez natural Radiance Self Tan for Face, its illiminates and gives skin a rosy, apricot hue. Almost all fake-tans making the complexion yellow or a golden tone – yellow tones always, make skin looking more older, then maybe it is.


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