Sexy people – ME LIKE !

Sexual images. Ive forgot to post some images those days. Blame Xmas. Something to dream about, of and with. Have a blessed sleep. Im sleeping already while drinking a really good wine from Piemonto… Have I told you how much I love red wine? Im thinking always, its the energy for my skin. Antioxidants. Sure it is. Dream on my friends…. Im not even attached of the cold. I was dominating, like Zlatanera.

The Swedish 🙂 Maria Rohm and Marie Liljedahl, “Eugenie”, 1970.

Julia Oliv & Hanna Rundlof: The Daydreamers – Contributor Magazine by Lovisa Ingman, Spring 2013

Marylin Monroe

Carla Bruni at Dior by Mario Testino

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