Bad Leonardo.

” Aren’t you married?” “Yeah, but aren’t married people allowed to have friends?” “We are not going to be friends.”  It depends whish culture who is louded that sentences out to you 🙂 Its gonna work all well for our swedes, little bit difficult with the italians….

The new blond bomn shell Margot Robbie is into making Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese´s The Wolf of Wall Street.

You all know how it ends up with these Leonardos when they see blonds 🙂

Good Luck you handsome boy with this Margot Robbie – A splendid bella 22year old girl. For me he is gonna be bad Leonardo cheating on the other blondie 22year girlfriend. Remember its MY opinion ( its my blog 🙂

Australia meets Italy/German DiCaprio – such a good combination with north/south and molto US.

Me, Im gonna catch that movie asap. I love Leonardo 🙂


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