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The first floor is the most vulnerable to theft

The number of passenger elevators should be determined through design and calculation; 3..1. Where conditions require close proximity, sound insulation and vibration reduction measures must be taken; 2. Elevators or escalators should not be arranged next to the audience hall. Special facilities for the disabled should be set up; 5. The escalator should not be used for other purposes within 3m of the horizontal part of the upper and lower ends of the escalator; 6 When only one-way escalator is set up, matching stairs should be set up nearby. The main passenger elevators should be located Elevator Ceilings Manufacturers in the lobby where the audience is easy to see and more convenient;

Second, from a psychological point of view, people living in high-rises It is easy to have a feeling of ’base instability’ and often feel depressed. The stairwell ’Code for Fire Protection Design of High-Rise Civil Buildings’ stipulates that unit dwellings with eleven floors and below may not be provided with closed stairwells, but the doors to the stairwells shall be Class B fire doors; twelve floors and Eighteen-story unit dwellings shall be provided with closed stairwells; unit-type dwellings with nineteenth or more floors shall be provided with smoke-proof stairwells.

The General Classification of Civil Architecture Design sorts the residences according to the number of floors: the first to third floors are low-rise residences, the fourth to sixth floors are multi-storey residences, and the seventh to ninth floors. The completion of the skyscrapers that want to compare with the sky test is due to the continuous development of engineering science of human beings, but it is not easy to reach the top floors of these buildings. And the depreciation period is long. Disadvantage: It is not easy to escape when a fire occurs, and the toxic gases emitted by the fire are diffused from the bottom up, so it is the most dangerous floor. The sound waves received by high-rise buildings are stronger than the lower floors of the same building.

In addition, the first floor is the most vulnerable to theft. The 8-11 floors are the so-called ascending ash layers in the environment. Even if you are in the building, you can feel the change in air pressure as you rise in height, especially your ears. In this case, it is easier to escape from the room on the ground floor if the outside window is not equipped with a railing for anti-theft. At a certain building height (a simple point can be regarded as half the height of the building), where the indoor and outdoor pressures are equal, the air does not flow internally and externally. Increasing the cost of elevators also affects the rate of house acquisition.

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