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Making Friends

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Fairy Princess

Another wonderful Sunday. Face painting and Playground is all it takes to make Nicole happy. If she is happy I am happy…

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Todays outfit

Swedish Spiderman outfit by Nicole 🙂

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Went over today to the Immigration Service …. Felt as one of these asylum seekers. I had to spend three hours in the queue to renew my visa. Unbelievable how many rules they have, had to show my account statements to prove that I could afford to stay and all this for a Tourist visa….. Now it’s done, I can stay in Australia until 15 June. Nice not having to do this again for a while.
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Back in Broad Beach

Not a cloud in the sky. I feel privileged to wake up every morning to this view. It’s like a living painting that constantly change. Have been in Australia for 3 months and time goes so fast.  Thought that six months was a long time and now it’s less than half the time left. Where’s the pause button?

I will definitely miss this view

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Gone to Brisbane

I had to get away so now I am in Brisbane… Just checked in at Treasure Hotel & Casino. Love the place I think it’s 7 meter high ceiling in the suite. Maybe some Gambling now?

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Happy National free ear piercing day I guess? Konstiga nationaldagar men vi har hu trots allt kanelbullens dag 🙂

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Rainforest at Tamborine Mountain

Today’s mission was Tamborine Mountain. This beautiful plateau, situated 70 Kms South of Brisbane and 25 Kms inland from Surfers Paradise. Rising up to 580 metres above the surrounding countryside. Tamborine is famous for its National Parks (seven within 10 kms of each other), and their beautiful rainforest bush walks. Absolut Stunning

And then we walked 500 miles

Som taget ur en saga.

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Party like a rockstar

Party like a rockstar and you may end up with an soared neck. Trust me that is not a pleasant feeling……..  Ouch it does really hurt 🙂   But what a great fun we had. I still have a smile on my face. Thanks girls for a stunning day and night


Ok we were not that bad…. He is a funny guy

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Magic Millions

One way to spend a beautiful sunny Saturday is at the racetrack. BMW Magic Millions Carnival is perhaps one of the biggest and the most fabulous events in the entire Gold Coast. It is a horse competition where the prizes at stake are so high. It is not impossible to get so fired up with the race even if you have probably seen horse racing before.


Kirsty took over Kris Smith sorry Dannii Minogues

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