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Under my Umberalla

Rihanna at the Gold Coast here we go! Last Girl On Earth World Tour

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Balsam för själen

Annorlunda utsikt på löprundan. Älskar att komma ut på morgonen. Ett plus för att slippa frysa.

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Mr Hollywood

We had Matt Hollywood over for dinner. What a great and funny guy. 2 Illusionist in one room and you are entertained. What a fun and inspiring Evening.

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Noosa Heads

Joe took me to Noosa Heads over the weekend.

Noosa is known around the world for its spectacular beaches

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Grand Prix Monaco

Trying to book my trip to the Grand Prix in Monaco. For once I am out in time, but the hotels really know how to charge 17 500 euros for a standard room at the Hotel de Paris. But I like it and I want to go 🙁  I have to solve this fast

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Tonight’s the Night

Cooking Cooking & cooking so far so god. We have a friend who arrives from Sweden soon. Really looking forward to having him here.  I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night…. Did I mention that we have a surprise coming up??? /// Party Planer Anna

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Barbeque at Oracle

We are having a barbeque tomorrow at the pool for 15 people. The day’s assignment was to provide food and drink. I feel like I bought a ton of it. Joe offered to get a chef but stubborn as I am, I insisted to do it yourself 🙂 We’ll see how that goes. Good thing is the guys are off on Monday so they have time to RECOVER. I will update how it went. Xo Xo Master Chef Anna

The Pool Area at Oracle.

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Hot Hot Hot

Went out for coffee and are soaking wet. Oh My god its hot today…. 35 degrees celsius and really humid I start to feel like a roasted chicken. Going down to the pool to cool down.

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Drama Queene

Ha ha

Labero on Chanel 4 Morning News Sweden.

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Breakfast at Versace

Got up at 5.30 for Sensational Early Risers breakfast at Palazzo Versace hotel….  Closed group of business people that get together every month to socialise, get entertained and have breakfast together… I push the like button  sensational fabulous breakfast, with incredible guest speakers.

You may have seen his face in the media or his story being told on 60 minutes for Commando Damien Thomlinson has become somewhat of a legend.

While he was fighting in Afghanistan with the 2nd Commando Regiment, the vehicle in which he was travelling hit a roadside bomb. Private Thomlinson’s legs were blown off and he was lucky to survive.

His inspiring story enthrall you and leave you believing anything is possible!

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