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Checked in at the Byron Bay

Checked in at beautiful The Villas of Byron for couple of nights. Loving It



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I’m an Idiot

I have worked on a presentation for 3 days and my computer crashes, 2 days of work is gone! I am ready to kill my self, I was almost finished 🙁 boohoo. Ok so today’s wisdom SAVE and backup frequently or you may loose it!

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God Morning World

Todays weather forecast is + 27 C  Blu sky, not a cloud in sight.  New day full with opportunities. Gotta love the Gold Coast!

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Size Dosent matter

It required a length of 8.5 cm and width of 4.5 to satisfy a girl. 
However, it does not matter if it’s Master Card or Visa 🙂

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Gorgeous Anna T

I’ve had a fantastic day in the sun. Wanted to try my new camera for a while now so I and Anna Taflin went out to the beach for a photo shoot.



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Boomerang Farm Golf Course

…the ultimate golfing experience Located in the heart of the Mudgeeraba. Rustic clubhouse, built in 1902 and kangaroos on the Golf Course. And I have improved my game , this days I miss the balls much closer than I use to.


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International Women’s Day

Я вас сегодня поздравляю С Международным женским днем,
Пусть будет ваше настроение Всегда цветущим, как сирень,
Пусть будет жизнь прекрасна ваша, И дети счастливы всегда,

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Hello Heaven

Typical to find all this stores and no time for shopping. Maybe just at this one.

No business like shoe business

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On the mission

Nicole has asked for Bob the Builder for the last two weeks. She has called every day this weekend, to confirm that I buy it in Sydney. The only question is where in Sydney can I find Bob the Builder Toys?

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Another beautiful day

Woke up today with a smile on my face, what a day and Night 🙂 !

Goning to miss the view from my window.

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