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2 weeks left at the G.C

Cant believe how fast time flies by. Have already been here in Australia for 6 months and now it’s just over 2 weeks left. I will miss this sunny beautiful country with its stunning beaches. Must admit that I could stay for 6 more months. Strange how quickly you adapt to new Environments!

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Beach 2011

Patrik came over from Sweden to Australia for 3 days Again! Just 70hours return flight! Last time this guy was here he stayed for 48 hours Does Patrik get to rest? Noo up 8.00 for a 10 km run! Who said you can’t do weekend in Australia!

Labero took the car 😉


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Photo shoot with Lee & Marcus

Todays Mission: Photo shoot with Marcus and Lee two Gorgeous guys. Lilly K went from being Dancer/Model to Personal Assistant.

2 pictures from the photo shoot

Lily the P.A

4 hours later what happened? Ha ha Love it!

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Scorpio Screens

Scorpio Screens at Nicole’s Child Care! I will never ever complain over the harmless bugs and spiders we have in Europe!


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Walking to Sweden

Yesterday I got a huge box of chocolate from Cher and Matt. First i took one and then another-one and then I had them all, so greedy 😉 Today I will have to run around the World to burn it off. Today’s lesson leave the chocolate alone!


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Photo Shoot with Lily

Had a Photo shoot at Surfers Paradise with Beautiful Lily Kaiser-Lafko!

This is definitely my favorite pic 🙂

Thanks Anna T for assisting 🙂


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Motörhead, Australian Tour

Real Rock & Roll concert. Motörhead unplugged at the convention center! Mikkey Dee , Ian ”Lemmy” Kilmister & Phil Campbell  Rocked really hard Tonight. Thanks guys for a wonderful evening so much fun!


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