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Christmas Day

We wish al our friends and family a Merry Christmas…


With my mommy


Chinese Santa was great 🙂 even tho we had to mail the picture of the ”Santa” so he could shop the clothes before arrival


Juri and Philip




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Christmas in Singapore

Maybe it’s not Europe but Christmas in Singapore, as compared to other Asian countries, is always very special and happening. The Christmas ambience, especially along the Orchard Road, is very strong. The whole stretch of Orchard Road is always heavily decorated with tall and bright Christmas Trees, statues and beautiful lights. 20121224-091728.jpg20121224-091911.jpg
Fascinated how crowded It gets thanks god I was out in good time for al the Christmas Shopping. 20121224-092236.jpg20121224-092334.jpg


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Shopping Tripp to Bangkok

21 December 2012 I really enjoy coming back to Bangkok….. I have spent so much time here so It feels almost like home. Love the pulse, the food, the shopping and massages, nice getaway……

With my mammy 🙂



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OMG It’s Snows

After living in Sweden for a few winters, you’ll notice that a not-so-uncommon phenomenon is: snow! Snow falls every year and every year everybody in Sweden are in chocked and surprised. The chaos that comes with first snow is crazy, all news magazines writes about it, the traffic goes bananas, everybody complains. But seriously guys wake up you are in Sweden and not at Bahamas it will snow every year, just get use to it and move on……

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Nicoles day in ”charge”

Mickey Mouse road show and Gardens by the Bay if Nicole get to pick the Activity. Cosy Saturday with my baby.

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