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Life style coverage Singapore

Couple of weeks ago we had a Photo shoot here in Singapore for Swedish Magazine. It turned out really great 🙂

HĂ€nt Extra







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Love at first sight

Have you ever been somewhere that just grabbed hold of you right from the start? Singapore was that place for me. I flew to Singapore for the first time to extend my visa while we were living in Thailand last year, and even though I had 3 days here, I decided to one way or another spend more time this city. Luckily Joe was signed with Resorts World so we could pack our bags for Singapore just couple of months after the first visit. Five months here have gone very fast and Its hard not to stay in love with the city of Perfection. Singapore got it al its Beautiful low tax city, safe, clean, organized, has the best Schools and business opportunities in the world………………..


Beautiful City, Singapore by Night

 A magic night at Catalunya-in-Singapore-500x375

Beautiful People


Singapore Beautiful People

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Beautiful Places

Marina bay Sands, Anna Vinterfall & Annelie Erhling

Marina bay Sands, Anna Vinterfall

Eaton House Singapore

Best Schools

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Piece of the world a Perfect Gift

Piece of the world

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How about the place you met your love, shared the first kiss or felt in love… Its a Perfect gift for someone who got it al.

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