Resan till fjäderkungens rike

Denna soliga söndag har jag och Nicole varit på premiären av barn filmen Resan till fjäderkungens rike.  ”Resan till fjäderkungens rike”  är ett storslaget äventyr om kaninen Johan, som åker på en resa till en magisk värld. Här möter han Fjäderkungen, den galna arkitekten Bill, tuffa skeppare och alla fjäderprinsarna. Men Fjäderkungens rike är inget för små kaniner som Johan och han kommer att behöva all hjälp han kan få av sina nya vänner, för att komma tillbaka till sin pappa och den värld han kommer ifrån.”Resan till fjäderkungens rike” är den allra första stereoskopiska 3D-film som producerats i Sverige.  Tack Noble Entertainment och One37 för inbjudan och vällordnat event.



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Jul i Sälen




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Nicole’s Första Show

Vår dotter Nicole 5 hadde sin första föreställning på Vällingby Dansstudio. 4 minuter i rampljuset som ballerina fjäril. Pure Love

Balett Skolan Nicole Nicoles första Balett Uppvissning

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Spring in Stockholm

Back to Stockholm after 8 months in Singapore.

There is no city in the world that would beat a perfect spring day in Stockholm.

20130507-231413.jpgThe trees are green, the sky are blue and the sun is shining…. All the people are gathering outside to enjoy the wether…..

20130507-231420.jpg At Ladurée my new favorite Parisian tea salons with my favourite Ann ……

20130507-231650.jpgNicole with here Swedish BFF Vilda

20130507-232517.jpg Season opening of Gröna Lund Theme Park with Valerie, Eric Ann & Abbe ❤


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Happy Birthday My Love

I keep wondering where all the years have gone. It feels like yesterday  I brought my baby girl home from the hospital, & now she’s 5. You have gone from a newborn princess cradled in my arms to a small princess experiencing the joy and independence that life can bring. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!


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Christmas Day

We wish al our friends and family a Merry Christmas…


With my mommy


Chinese Santa was great 🙂 even tho we had to mail the picture of the ”Santa” so he could shop the clothes before arrival


Juri and Philip




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Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek Update 2/9

2 September 2012 Only 2 days until its time to go home. Nicole have now adopted a cat that she found on the street.

31st of September Bishkek is very children oriented, there is amusement parks all over the city. Here you can go on the donkey ride all over the city , they seems to replays the traditional horse ride ha ha

28th of August  According to me, part the charm of traveling is to experience new things and places. I rally love this local colorful markets places full of motion and lively traditions.


27th of August Nicole absolutely wanted to join the school in Kyrgyzstan even tho she doesn’t  speak the language. The perfect thing with this Asian Countries is that you can get anything as long as you pay. Now she is signed together with other russian speaking kids in local school. Ha ha we will se how long her desire last.  My sweet little social princess.


25th of August 2012 OMG I will have so many thing to do by the time I come home. My Swedish phone is completely dead. It seems like it doesn’t pick up any local network and the internet are very slow. Not much work done here. What do we do? We go out for shopping, we are eating jammy food and relaxing in the sun.


24th of August 2012 The Highest Peaks on Earth: Its a mazing how its 30c degrees on the bottom and the tops of the mountains are still covered by snow, year around. Lots of climbers stops in Bishkek before embarking on a trek to the Top of the World, the Tian Shan mountain range, which is only a hair shorter than the Himalayas, but far less touristy.



21st of August 2012 We are off to Kyrgyzstan, to spend some time with the family. It has become a yearly tradition… This far far away land is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east…


Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek from the air





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Helsingborg BBQ

Family time and BBQ I love the setup. The men are drinking Champagne and the girls….. are doing the rest ha ha life is fair or not?

With my Mommy…

Ha ha the vacation Club

Right person on the job. We don’t at least have to worry about the food gets burned ha ha






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Lats week has been hysteric. I had so much to do and really no time for writing. We have now also confirmed that we are doing a follow up to Sinners and Saints party we had in St Tropez. The event going to be hold in Stockholm in the end of September. So exited to work with this project. I am now off to Helsingborg for more meeting and get a glint of my family….


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Carpe Diem

Today is another beautiful, sunny sunday in Stockholm. We are spending the last day of this week at the country house. Just love this place, no stress, no worries and a stunning nature surroundings.










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