New Years Day 11-01-01

Cheers to a New Year! It’s the first day of the year and another chance for us to get it right hi hi.

New Year’s night was successful despite the fact that everybody at Genesis had to work. After the show was finished, everyone who is from abroad came over to our place for cocktails. What a fun party! We have to do it again soon…..

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Happy New Year

2011 is at the door. Remember:
Life is short, break the rules, Forgive quickly, love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, and Never regret anything that made you smile. Happy New Year everybody !!!

If you are what you eat, Let me introduce my self today……

Egentligen skulle det ha varit Dom Perion eller Krug. Men dem har ju så tråkiga bilder
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Neither Short or Blonde

My hairdresser refused to cut off my hair. He wanted me to get me more hobbies instead of inventing nonsense. Just a trim and blow-dry, this time. Nextmonth, they will start to do Brazilian Blowout at the salon, can not wait.
Jag blev verken blond eller kort hårig. Råkade glömma bort att ta en bild igår när det var ny Stylat. Det såg ut så här när jag vaknade
This morning. Forgot to take a picture yesterday when it was styled ……

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On the way to the hairdresser

I have an appointment with the hairdresser today. Want to change the style a bit. The question is: Should I cut my hair short or keep it long? Maybe a different color? Tough decisions in life…….
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Var det bättre ? /Was it better before?

Have made some changes in the layout ofmy page what do you think? Should I keep it like this or change it back to the older version? Please need feedback
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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season. Love A

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Swedish Christmas Lunch

In Sweden we celebrate Christmas on 24 December. Patrick and Kirsty invited us today over to their home for Christmas lunch. I sweden we celibrate christmass  The plan was that everyone would go swimming and hang out at the pool but it was very rainy today. Must admit that it felt more like Swedish midsummer but with Santa and gifts. Very nice people and the food was fantastic. Next year I want to ski again. Merry Christmas everybody  hope you have a wonderful day.

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The secret is the ”plank”

According to my personal trainer, I need to work on my inner abdominal muscles. And I thought that I already have trained them all. I didn’t even know that I had two different areas. Apperently, trained internal abdominal muscles make you look slimmer, support the trunk, allow movement and hold organs in place by regulating internal abdominal pressure. Good for all with bulging belly

How To do it

You should lock your hands together so that they form the tip of a triangle, with the other two points at your elbows. Keep your forearms flat on the ground. Then press down on your forearms and straighten your legs, lifting them up with your torso. As you hold the pose, try to contract and tighten your abdominal and core muscles and keep your body in a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. Hold the pose for as long as you can keep the correct form.

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Real Housewife

Must admit I was a bit tired after yesterday. Must be a sign that I am getting old ha ha. Had no energy to go anywhere so I baked gingerbread cookies, decorated the Christmas tree, washed and had time to sort my wardrobe. Now it smells like Christmas, cozy

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Power Walking

Det år så skönt att kunna ut och springa på stranden utan att frysa ihjäl. Nu finns det inte någon anledning att inte träna. Utsikten och poolpartyt på Versace Hotel den 11 december håller mig motiverad. Nu skall jag trolla bort den gossiga rumpan.

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