Atomstack A5 Pro Review

Atomstack is a popular manufacturer of laser engraving and cutting machines. To date, the company has launched five different laser engravers, which are further divided into different variants. Having said that, there are many types of laser engraving machines, and the company has extensive experience in this field.

All Atomstack engravers are compact and suitable for small businesses, DIYers, artists, engineers and professionals. One of the most popular machines from the company is the Atomstack A5 Pro, which is being reviewed in this article.
Without a doubt, the Atomstack A5 Pro is an innovative and commendable laser engraver. This is an amazing and laudable effort by the company.

atomstack a5 pro

We’ll discuss the machine’s features, pros and cons, and advantages. Also, we will discuss the best alternatives to help those who are looking for a better laser engraver.

Laser module
The laser module of A5 Pro has a laser optical power of 5-5.5W and a laser electrical power of 40W. The engraving power is more than enough to get the job done perfectly.

The focus of the laser is fixed, so there is no need to adjust the focus. It’s easier for the user, the user just needs to adjust the height of the module according to the size of the object.

Eye protection design
The laser module of Atomstack A5 Pro has an excellent eye protection design. There is a special protective cover around the module that blocks approximately 95% of UV rays.

atomstack Laser Module

The reason goggles are used during the engraving process is to protect the eyes from UV rays as it is very harmful. But since most of the UV rays are blocked by the safety cover, there is no need to wear safety glasses.

In fact, the shield is made of acrylic, the same material that makes protective glasses. Therefore, we can say that the protective cover acts as safety glasses. Therefore, users can operate the machines without them; even tourists can watch.

The cover also helps prevent direct human contact with the laser. You can’t accidentally touch the laser beam.

Built-in cooling system
The problem with many laser modules is that they don’t dissipate heat properly. There is no doubt that the laser will emit too much heat, if the heat is not emitted, it will reduce the life of the laser module and have the possibility of fire.

Atomstack pays more attention to this issue. There is a built-in cooling system to keep the module cool. It not only prolongs the life of the laser module, but also prevents problems caused by overheating.

For cooling, there is a fan inside the module. It keeps the module and its circuit board (PCB) cool. Secondly, there is an air collecting hood design at the bottom, which is convenient for the module to dissipate heat.

Thin Laser Focus
The laser beam is compressed into a tiny or thin spot with an area of ​​only 0.03mm, which is similar to the area of ​​a pen tip. It ensures that the engraving is more precise and accurate to handle the fine details of the graphics.

It has a special compressed spot technology to compress the laser spot. Having said that, the engraving is very visible, deep and much darker than similar laser engravers on the market.

Built-in measuring scale
The machine has a built-in measuring scale. There are two ticks on the X and Y axes. These help the user locate the laser module, resize the graphics according to the size of the object, and locate where the laser is located.

The best part is that these scales are so precise that they provide millimeter-level accuracy. Since the user can view these scales directly, there is no need to use a tape measure or align the laser module to the origin.

Cylinder engraving
The atom stack A5 Pro can also perform cylindrical engraving thanks to its roller rotation attachment. It can help rotate an object 360 degrees to sculpt it from every corner. The minimum diameter can be up to 4mm, with eight-speed angle adjustment, and the roller spacing or engraving diameter can be adjusted.

This accessory is ideal for engraving regular cylindrical objects. From pens to glasses, it can easily engrave things like that.

Surprisingly, attachments can be used to increase the engraving area. Longer objects can be placed on a rotating drum and moved back and forth within the engraving area. Having said that, larger objects can also be sculpted. In addition, there are auxiliary supports available for supporting objects of longer than usual lengths.

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