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The angle at which the rotor tooth axis deviates from the stator tooth axis

Ripple voltage: AC voltage at the output of DC power supply Number of phases: the number of pairs Blower Motors of excitation coils that produce N and S magnetic fields of different pairs of poles.

Step angle: the angle of rotation when the stepper motor receives the pulse signal Misalignment angle: the angle at which the rotor tooth axis deviates from the stator tooth axis. Static torque: The locking torque of the motor shaft when the motor is not rotating under the action of the rated static voltage.

DETENT TORQUE: The torque at which the stator locks the rotor when the stepper motor is not powered on. The most important parameters of stepper motors: (Caused by harmonics of the magnetic field tooth profile and mechanical errors).

Generally, the torque of a stepping motor at low speed is close to the holding torque. No-load starting frequency: the pulse frequency that can be started normally under no-load conditions. Accuracy: 3%~5% of the step angle without accumulation. Loss of step: the number of running steps when the motor is running is not equal to the theoretical number of steps. This torque is a measure of the volume of the motor, and has nothing to do with the driving voltage and driving power.

DC power supply of the drive: select the voltage according to the speed and response requirements of the motor, but the ripple voltage cannot exceed the maximum input voltage of the drive. Beats: the number of pulses required for the motor to rotate through a pitch angle.

Holding torque: When the stepper motor is energized but not rotating, the stator locks the rotor torque. The power supply current is selected according to the output phase current of the driver

The projector motor is developed with customized technical parameters

The main transmission structure consists of a micromotor and a gearbox (reducer). To make matters worse, if you accidentally move the projector, you need to manually re-adjust the focus to ensure that the picture is clear Fortunately, the new generation of home projectors has the function of intelligently adjusting autofocus.

It is often necessary to manually adjust the focus at critical moments, resulting in poor user experience.The projector High-End Waterproof Motors is a kind of real equipment that we use a lot in our work and life, but the old projector is actually not very good.

The projector motor is developed with customized technical parameters, such as output speed, output power, rated voltage, diameter specifications, gear transmission system, reduction ratio, output torque, transmission accuracy, transmission noise and other technical parameters can be customized.

The display effect is generally on the one hand, and the traditional projector generally has the phenomenon of thermal defocus. Motor has been engaged in the and production of projector motors for 20 years. Projector motor products are spread all over the world and are the preferred supplier of many projector manufacturers.

In addition to standard products, Wanda also provides customized development services for projector motors. ) Small geared motor assembled. The intelligent focus adjustment transmission is a customized miniature reduction motor gearbox, also known as the projector motor

Mites are very easy to cause harm to the human body

Motor has 20 years of experience in and manufacturing of micromotors. This shows the importance of the mite removal device motor.Mites are very easy to cause harm to the human body, especially those with children or people with allergies at home, should pay more attention.

Large suction power is also the development trend of mite removal instrument in the future. The breeding places of mites are mainly our commonly used beddings, sheets and dead corners of sofas, etc., because of the influence of seasonal weather and living environment.

The speed of the motor of the mite removal instrument directly determines the suction power, and the independent roller brush motor needs to drive the spiral roller brush at a high speed at 4000 rpm to beat the bed in order to shoot the deep dust mites instantly. Whether it is a mite removal device or a vacuum cleaner, the quality of the motor is very important. In addition, can also meet customer needs , Custom-developed motors for removing mites to meet the needs of different customers.

The working principle of the mite removal device: in conjunction with the flapper on the front of the machine, the powerful suction generated by the motor of the mite removal device sucks dirt into the dust box, and at the same time, it is supplemented by ultraviolet sterilization and high temperature hot air Blower Motors Suppliers to remove mites.

The brushless motor specially developed for the mite removal instrument has the characteristics of high speed, long life, stable operation and low noise.. The modern people’s improvement of the quality of life and the simple and efficient cleaning methods that are emphasized in the intelligent environment have given birth to the appearance of the mite removal device.

The role of the car wiper is to remove rain

The role of the car wiper is to remove rain, snow or dust on the front windshield or rear windshield to ensure good visibility for the driver. Only a good motor can ensure the stable operation of the wiper, thereby improving driving safety.

There is a small gear transmission enclosed in the same housing at the rear end of the wiper motor to reduce the output speed to the required speed. Usually the motor and worm gear box are combined to form a wiper motor assembly. Ventilation Fan Motors Manufacturers Electric wipers are mainly composed of DC motor, worm gear box, crank, connecting rod, swing rod and wiper blade, etc..

 The wiper motor is usually regarded as the power source of the wiper and is the core of the entire wiper system. The output shaft of the assembly is connected to the mechanical device at the end of the wiper, and the reciprocating swing of the wiper is achieved through fork drive and spring reset. This device is commonly known as the wiper drive assembly.

Therefore, the car wiper plays a vital role in driving safety. The crank, connecting rod and swing rod can be combined The rotating movement of the worm wheel is transformed into the reciprocating swing of the swing arm, so that the wiper blade on the swing arm realizes the wiper action

The staff can control the repair time of the robot in the pipeline

Pipeline CCTV inspection equipment motor and pipeline repair robot motor are equipment with a transmission reduction gearbox.95N.56A Rated speed: 236\u0026plusmn;10%rpm Rated torque: 2.m Shenzhen Wanzhida Motor Manufacturing Co. For general motors, it may be no problem once or twice, and the motor will burn after a long time. The main transmission structure is a reduction motor assembled from a hollow cup motor and a gearbox (reducer).

The pipeline is used for ’gastroscope’, and the Blower Motor Manufacturers medicine can be prescribed according to the ’condition’.With the rapid construction of urban drainage facilities, the inspection and acceptance of new pipe networks, the investigation of hidden dangers in old pipe networks, and daily maintenance, the workload is heavy, difficult, and the requirements are high.. is committed to R\u0026D, design, and manufacture of coreless motors and gearbox services for pipeline robots, and provides a complete set of customized development solutions.

Through computer operation, the staff can control the repair time of the robot in the pipeline. To To To Technical parameters of pipeline CCTV testing equipment and pipeline repair robot motor: Rated voltage: 42v Rated current: 2. In order to meet the needs of different equipment, it is usually used Customized technical parameters are developed, such as output speed, output power, voltage, reduction ratio, torque, gearbox transmission mode, material, etc. 

 As the mobile carrier of the pipeline repair robot, the drive motor needs to meet the large traction force and moving speed. Considering that the working environment of pipeline repair robots and pipeline CCTV inspection equipment often needs to climb slopes and start with heavy loads, this uses the overload capacity of the hollow cup motor.

At the same time, they can also use the monitor to observe the clear image returned in the pipeline. Generally, the repair of underground pipelines mainly focuses on two aspects of pipeline damage and misalignment, while the point-by-point repair by ordinary workers is not only time-consuming and high-risk, but also has high safety risks. Pipeline CCTV testing equipment will surely show its talents for the smooth flow of underground pipe networks., Ltd. Based on this, a kind of point pipeline repair robot has begun to appear on the market

In response to the world’s shortage of ventilators during the epidemic

Technical parameters of ventilator motor: Power supply voltage: 24V Purifier motor No-load speed: 43000rpm No-load current: 0. As a manufacturer of ventilator motors, Shenzhen Wanzhida Motor Manufacturing Co.The ventilator was originally in a vertically and subdivided niche medical device market, but it was pushed to the forefront by the epidemic. The core of the new ventilator equipment is still based on Dyson’s most famous and mature motor technology, which can be quickly put into mass production.

The above data is for design reference, and the final data is subject to the prototype. Previously, GM, Ford and Tesla all announced that they would produce ventilators to solve the shortage problem, but the existing ventilators use proprietary technology, and it may take several months for automakers to adjust and modify the production line. In response to the world’s shortage of ventilators during the epidemic, Dyson, a well-known British home appliance company, has begun to design and manufacture new ventilators. is also working hard and overtime to develop and produce special ventilator motors in this environment.

The uniqueness of Dyson is that they are produced using their own technology.2A Rated speed: 30000rpm Rated load moment: 10mN.8A max. There are thousands of parts for a ventilator, and it is not easy to increase production on a large scale. The newly developed ventilator fans have also been put into production, thanks to Wanda has accumulated technology in the motor industry, and this ventilator fan has parameters comparable to Dyson motors.

Therefore, when the epidemic broke out globally in mid-to-late March, the problem of tight ventilator resources began to be exposed on a large scale, and there is still a huge gap so far.9A Rated output power: 32W To To To Ventilator fan specifications (under no-load working conditions): Voltage: 24V Number of revolutions .Current consumption (no load): 1. Almost all manufacturers are facing the problem of shortage of raw materials. According to the World Health Organization, 13% of critically ill patients and 6% of critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia require timely ventilator treatment, and ventilator has become a vital strategic resource

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