Pre-terminated Trunk Cable and MTP Cassette Overview

Per-terminated cabling is a popular type of termination method that has been used by the overall network designers. It provides an plug-and-play solution for links between switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas in the data center. Compared to the Fusion splicing, pre-terminated cabling is apparently more suitable to meet the high-bandwidth, high-density network needs. An article entitled “Understanding Pre-Terminated Cabling and Network Deployment” offers some detailed information about the pre-terminated cabling and its advantages. This article will go further to talk about the elements of the pre-terminated cabling including the pre-terminated trunk cables, and plug and play cassettes.

Pre-terminated Trunk Cables

Pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies provide an easily installed and cost effective alternative to individual field-terminated channels. There are basically pre-terminated fiber cabling and pre-terminated copper cabling, which will be ntroduced in the following part.

  • Pre-terminated MTP/MPO Trunk Cables

Pre-terminated trunk cable usually terminated with MTP/MPO connectors on both ends that provides a quick-to-deploy, scalable solution that improves reliability and reduces installation time and cost. They are capable of supporting multiple users or devices from one point to another while distributing multiple data channels, which is a convenient and economical alternative to running multiple jumpers or fiber cables. Generally 12-fiber MTP/MPO trunk cables and 24-fiber MTP/MPO trunk cables are commonly used separately for 40G applications and 100G applications. The following picture is a 72-fiber female to female MTP trunk cable.


There are also high fiber count MTP/MPO trunk cables which have several legs on both ends. The following picture shows a 72-fiber MTP/MPO trunk cable. There are 6 legs on both ends with each leg terminated with a 12-fiber MTP/MPO connectors.

  • Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables

Pre-terminated copper cable assemblies including pre-terminated copper trunks and copper patch cords (usually terminated with RJ45 connector), are ideal solutions for data center applications where requires high-efficient deployment. Pre-terminated copper trunk cables are commonly used in point-to-point connections in data centers, such as achieving reliable connectivity between server and switch cabinets. It is a bundle of category cables, built with a choice of 6, 12, or 24 cable bundle and factory terminated with jacks and plugs. The following image shows a jach-to-jack pre-terminated copper trunk cable.


With factory pre-terminated and tested parts, the pre-terminated copper cable assemblies can help users save time and reduce waste. In addition, they allow fast and easy installation with reduced labor costs in large copper infrastructures with high-density cross-connection and patching systems. FS.COM’s pre-terminated copper cable assemblies are pre-bundled and pre-labeled styles, available in Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a UTP and STP cable constructions in jack to jack, plug to plug and jack to plug termination ends.

Pre-terminated MTP Cassette—No Work, No Tools, No Mess

MTP cassettes are used to break out the 12-fiber MTP connectors terminated on trunk cables into simplex or duplex-style connectors. Simplex and duplex style jumpers can then be used to patch into transceiver terminal equipment ports, patch panels or client ports. The cassette features simplex or duplex port adapters across the front and one or two MTP connector adapters across the back. A factory-installed and tested optical fiber assembly inside the module connects the front adapters to the back MTP connector adapter. Alignment pins are pre-installed in the MTP connector located inside the cassette. The below image shows the 12-fiber and 24-fiber MTP cassette.


Using MTP cassettes provides adaptability for the changing data center environment. Facing technology refresh frequencies of 12-18 months, Plug & Play MTP cassettes used in the data center offer a great advantage. When connector requirements change in the future, simply swap the cassettes whilst leaving the existing backbone infrastructure intact. 12-fiber MTP to LC and 24-fiber MTP to LC cassettes provide a quick and efficient way to deploy up to 12 LC or 24 LC fiber ports in a single module respectively. MTP to LC cassettes are a quick and efficient way of deploying MTP connector breakout. These cassettes provide significant installation savings with no field terminations required. Simply plug-and-play!


Pre-terminated cabling is the perfect solution to achieve simple and quick installation. Additionally, the transmission testing of pre-terminated cable assemblies is performed by the manufacturer before shipment, and test reports are included with the assemblies. FS.COM offers a full range of high-quality but low-price pre-terminated cable assemblies.  Besides that, we also offer Fiber Taps, J-Hook, Fiber Optic Enclosures, Cable Ties, Fiber Optic Wall Plates, etc. And all of them are tested before shipment. If you have any requirement, please send your request to us.

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Understanding Pre-Terminated Cabling and Network Deployment

Data center nowadays are migrating to high-bandwidth, high-density network infrastructure. This increased network speeds have tighter link budget requirements that can be challenging to achieve with field terminations. Pre-terminated cabling includes a variety of trunk cables, array cables, and plug and play cassettes that gives data center managers options that suit specific needs. Besides this, there are several reasons to consider pre-terminated optical fiber in data center solution. The following image shows the pre-terminated UTP cassettes.


No Need to Test the Network Performance

With pre-terminated cable assemblies, transmission testing of assemblies is performed by the manufacturer before shipment, and test reports are included with the assemblies. This leaves only continuity testing for copper and 10% insertion loss and continuity testing for fiber, which reduces the time spent testing on-site.

Reduce Downtime

With pre-terminated solutions, data center managers can make changes quickly based on network growth, business decisions, or shifting requirements. In disaster recovery situations that call for fast, temporary data communications set-up, pre-terminated cabling can minimize business downtime and establish communications quickly. It can also be disassembled quickly when the situation is resolved. The components are reusable for more efficient moves, adds, and changes (MACs).

Fast and Simple Deployment

Field termination is the most time-consuming, labor-intensive part of the cable installation process. Once pre-terminated cabling is delivered, it can be unpacked, readied for deployment, and connected quickly. In many cases pre-terminated cabling can cut installation time by up to 80% over field terminations.

Additionally, precision factory-termination processes take place in a clean, well-lit environment, unlike termination in uncontrolled field conditions. This increases the likelihood of clean and uncontaminated optical fiber ports, enables lower loss budgets, and provides overall better electrical transmission. Factory terminations are also guaranteed under warranty, which offer data center managers peace of mind.

Easy Maintenance

Pre-terminated solutions allow for quick clean-up due to minimal leftover materials and scrap. Also, because there is less waste and material to clean up, pre-terminated solutions also help meet green design, waste reduction, and material reuse goals. Additionally, pre-terminated solutions provide an easy way for network managers to proceed a routine check.

If you are making up your mind to deploy a pre-terminated system, one thing you shouldn’t miss is that the planning process typically requires more time upfront and more detailed analysis to determine specific cabling and termination routes along the cable trays and within the cabinets. Once the detailed plan is formulated and approved, the system’s cabling and connectivity components are manufactured and tested at the factory to ensure they meet all applicable industry standards prior to delivery. The next part will go on to talk about the how to select the suitable pre-terminated solution.


How to Choose the Pre-terminated Cable

Pre-terminated cabling solutions are ideally suited for data center environments where the cable routes are well defined and where the time for deployment, ease of installation, network reliability and manageability are paramount. When selecting pre-terminated cable assemblies, be sure to use a reliable provider that can offer services such as guaranteed cabling performance, design assistance, certified contractor training, and the ability to support large quantities of assemblies in the required delivery window. Make sure the pre-terminated copper or optical fiber purchased through a manufacturer uses components that have been tested and verified by a third party to exceed TIA and IEEE standards. The manufacturer should also provide 100% testing in a quality-controlled environment before the cabling is shipped out to the worksite.


Pre-terminated cables are the plug-and-play solution for links between switches, servers, and patch panels in the data center. As the computing environments and business needs of organizations differ widely, not every enterprise will find the benefits of pre-terminated systems outweigh the investment. Field-terminated copper and fiber cabling and connectivity systems are generally less costly to purchase in terms of the various components. Just to find a suitable solution system for your own network. Providing reliable quality, advanced testing system and favorable price, progress of FS.COM has never stopped. We offer a variety of pre-terminated optics including the breakout patch cable, pre-terminated trunk cable and adapter panels. Fiber optic cables like SC fiber patch cable and LC to LC patch cord are also needed. If you have any requirement of our products, please send your request to us.

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