SFP+ Direct Attach Cable Solutions From Fiberstore

To accommodate the ever-growing number of operating systems and applications that need more bandwidth, to meet the growing demands for faster processing speeds, low power server inter-connect and I/O consolidation deployments, Fiberstore SFP+ direct attach cables (DACs) deliver lower power, lower latency and higher density for today’s Data Centers and Storage Area Networks.

SFP+ Direct Attach Cables

SFP+ direct attach copper cable includes SFP+ direct attach copper cable and SFP+ active optical cable (AOC). The former, also known as twinax cable, is a SFP+ cable assembly used in rack connections between servers and switches. It consists of a high speed copper cable and two copper SFP+ modules. While the latter, SFP+ active optical cable, is designed to support single channel, high speed data link applications. This cable is a full duplex construction capable of transmitting data at rates up to 10Gb/s and supporting signal transmission at distances between 1m and 100m.

SFP+ direct attach cables allow hardware manufacturers to achieve high port density, configuration and utilization at a very low cost and reduced power budget, providing a cost-effective solution over fiber optic cables in short reach applications. Their design allows for serial data transmission up to 10Gbps in each direction.

Fiberstore SFP+ Direct Attach Cable Features

As a low cost, low power consumption and low latency solution that is ideal for high-density, in-rack 10Gb/s connections between servers and switches, Fiberstore SFP+ direct attach cables are made of rugged twinaxial cables that are connected directly into SFP+ ports. These cables are hot-removable and hot-insertable, meaning that you can remove and replace them without powering off the switch or disrupting switch functions. They use high-performance integrated duplex serial data links for bidirectional communication with data rates of up to 10 Gbps. While meeting the ever growing need to cost-effectively deliver more bandwidth, Fiberstore SFP+ direct attached cables are really a good choice for your high-performance networking connectivity.

Fiberstore SFP+ Direct Attach Cable Types

SFP+ direct attach copper cable generally falls on two types mentioned above: SFP+ direct attach copper cable and SFP+ active optical cable.

  • SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable

This cable assembly is then divided into two kinds: passive and active versions.

SFP+ Passive Copper Cable—SFP+ passive copper cable assemblies offer high-speed connectivity between equipment with SFP+ ports. They are compatible with hubs, switches, routers, servers, and network interface cards (NICs) from leading electronics manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, etc..One of popular Fibertore SFP+ passive copper cable products is CAB-SFP-SFP-5M module. Fiberstore compatible Arista CAB-SFP-SFP-5M is SFP+ to SFP+ passive copper cable assembly used to establish a 10G link. The figure shows what a CAB-SFP-SFP-5M module is.


SFP+ Active Copper Cable—SFP+ active copper cable assemblies contain low power circuitry in the connector to boost the signal. They are generally used for end of row or middle of row in data center architectures.

  • SFP+ Active Optical Cable

Fiberstore SFP+ active optical cable is fully compatible with industry standard SFF-8431 Pluggable (SFP+) interface requirements and performance. It offers reliable signal transmission in applications that require cable lengths usually up to 7m, as well as an option to reduce cable bulk and weight. Actually, active optical cable can also be applied for 40G links. Like Finisar FCBG410QB1C10, Fiberstore compatible Finisar FCBG410QB1C10 is used for 40-gigabit link between QSFP ports of Finisar switches within racks and across adjacent racks with cable lengths up to 10m.


Fiberstore SFP+ direct attach cables deliver enhanced availability, agility, and security, which are fully compatible with major brands, like Cisco, Juniper, as well as Finsar and Arista (mentioned above). You can visit Fiberstore to learn more about SFP+ direct attach cable solutions.

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