je m´appelle anemone

salmon balls at the union kitchen

Image 10My BFF and her boyfriend came to meet me here in Copenhagen and we had a really nice time. We had lunch at The Union Kitchen and I had salmon balls with avocado and grape salad. Trying to stay semi healthy… Then we went shopping and I didn’t really get anything but I bought a Chanel perfume for my boyfriend because they have a sale in Magasin this weekend. Anyway, it was really nice seeing my BFF and meeting her boyfriend and now I’m really tired and heading to bed. Looking forward to a nice, efficient and relaxing weekend.

morning greens

Image 15Good Morning! Today we’re off to a little bit of shopping and I’m getting a facial tonight. Really excited about that. Having clear skin is so important to me but quite difficult when you have such a sweet tooth! Anyway, I hope you’ll have a good day and I’ll let you know if I get anything.

holy greens salmon & avocado

Image 3I decided to spend a couple of days at home because I don’t have any lectures. So I’m spending some time with my Mum, going for walks and today we got these salads from Holy Greens. I’ve been boycotting it for years because I tried one of their food smoothies and it was absolutely disgusting (no offence). It really tasted as if they had put a kilogram of cardamum in there (and I usually like cardamum but that was a tad too much). Anyway, they’ve taken the “food smoothies” off the menu and these salmon and avocado salads were to die for! Super healthy, tasty and filling!

danish design chairs

Image 8 Image 9We went to the Danish Museum of Art & Design this morning. The museum is really nice and the chair hallway was completely empty today (last time there was this whole tour in there so it was super crowded).  I think my absolute favourite Danish designer chair is the seven chair. So pretty - particularly luxurious in leather. My boyfriend and I are just chilling this weekend and we’re collecting some IKEA furniture, going grocery shopping and going to get him a gym membership.

botanical vibes

Image 12Hey! My boyfriend and his Singaporean friend are staying with me for a couple of days so I’m going to school and playing tourist guide in my free time. Today we went to the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen, Christiania and Copenhagen Street Food. Now we’re just chilling and watching some Chef’s Table on Netflix, which is a really interesting show if you’re into gastronomy. The trouble is that I want to go to every restaurant in the show…


Sunglasses: Fendi.

Choker: Brandy Melville.

Leather Jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren.

Jeans: Dr. Denim Jeansmakers.

Boots: Uggs.


Image 11 Image 14Here are some pretty little corners in my apartment. These cute little Kähler vases are perfect for small spring flowers such as these Snow Drops (in Swedish). And the big white Amaryllis are the flowers I got the other day. I thought Amaryllis were only sold around Christmas? Anyway, today I’ve had the day off but I went to a meeting in the morning and later I have some extra Biochemistry lectures.

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