SIME 2015: VR & AI or Human Experience

Great conversations and insights at this year’s edition of media/tech event SIME. 

  The theme for this year is Exponential Transformation – taking a deep into Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence vs The Human Experience.#sime2015 
* New innovations is new form of partnership. 

* Endorse: Be Better/ Do Better / Look Better strategies in your services, products and businesses

* How can we creat a hybrid Economy?

*Machine Learning is The Future of computing.

* Automatisation – Robotics – Shared Economy will this have an impact of 1/2 the mid skilled ‘human’ jobs will disappear? 


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PORTER – October issue is here!

Wheyhey, the October edition of glossy mag Porter is now out in the newstands! I love this magazine. Always filled with interesting interviews, insightful articles and inspirational & cool fashion. Great weekend chill reading. Check it out!

porterActress Marion Cotillard is cover girl.



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Good Morning!


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Walking and Call To Action

 Took a brisk walk in Hagaparken on my lunch break – so refreshing. 

And while walking I was listening to motivational guru Anthony Robbins and his 30 Day Program: ‘Personal Power’. Great stuff and an incentivizing Call To Action in your life if u need it. 

Highly recommend it! So rewarding, inspiring and empowering. You can find the full 30 Day program on Youtube- (under For ex ‘Life Student’). 
Enjoy this Tuesday bloggy friends

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Smoothie Inspiration

Good morning!

Hope you woke up with energy and have a good start to a great day!

If you are feeling some lack of energy or maybe just want some healthy inspiration, then check out ‘simplegreensmoothies’ on instagram. Lovely pics of yummy smoothies and green juices.

Or how about these for some healthy inspiration:


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World Pasta Day

Did you know that on Monday, Oct 25, it’s World Pasta Day?

  This day was founded in 1995 at the World Pasta Congress by 40 international pasta producer and is celebrated annually around the world. World Pasta Day emphasizes that pasta is a global food that is eaten on all continents. Ideally, the World Pasta Day is celebrated with a plate of pasta. More info: 
 And on Monday ‘internationella Pasta Dagen’ will be celebrated in Sweden for the first time.

My all time favorite Italian restaurant with The best pasta dishes, (best dishes/ menue all around) is Mancini in Stockholm. The service, the atmosphere, the food, the wine selection is outstanding. A favorite place for both me and my boyfriend, we both Love it and it feels like we are dining in Italy everytime we walk into the restaurant and are warmly greeted by 

Mancini is a must visit! Make sure you make a reservation as Mancini is fully booked nearby every day, both for lunch and dinner. 

 Mancini:  Tunnelgatan 1a tel: 08-215310

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The beautiful colors of Autunn

Good morning bloggy friends! 

Such a beautiful autumn morning. Love autumn with It’s flourishing of a palette of colours and the sun shining and showering us with d-vitamin. 


 Pamper yourself with a nice walk or run in nature. It’s always soothing and nourishing for the body, mind and soul to connect with nature. Be in our element.

Hug a tree! I know You might think “hug a tree serioulsy?”. Yes seriously, try it you might like it

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Chill’in weekend


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Tea Pigs an addiction

I am more of a coffee drinker than Tea. 

But I’ve found a Tea brand that I am in love with and It’s almost replaced coffee.

The brand is TeaPigs. And my favorite taste is Liquorice and Pepparmint – it is sooo yummy! Totally addictive with a great and lasting taste that one’s tastebuds yearns for:).

Teapigs uses quality whole leaf only and a biodegradable ‘tea temples’ (the tea bag), alongwith pure ingredients. for example my favorite L&P tea contains pure liquorice root with whole pepparmint leaves – and this is The reason for it’s irresistable taste. (And the package is made of sustainable sourced cardboard.

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Rise n Shine!


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