Best Coconut Water drink

There is only one way to drink healthy coconut water: directly from the Coconut! 

All that’s missing is the sea, white beach, hang mat and the sun

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I Am Not Your Guru

Have any of u seen the movie ‘I am not your Guru’, following the work of world reknowned coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins and his ‘Date with Destiny’ seminar. It has just been released on Netflix and I saw it the other day.  

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Boost Your Antioxidants – Matchalicious

Enjoying a delicious Matcha Latte. My favorite alternative to coffee. Really yummy and healthy (i choose creams Oat Milk). Matcha Tea is packed with antioxidants! I just bought the Aiya Matcha Tea from Japan – said to be one of the finest.

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Quote Of The Dat

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Rock Your Day With Affirmations

Hi bloggy friends, hope you all have enjoyed a lovely weekend! Ready to rock for a new week? 

Remember, eventhough you may feel resistence, feel tired, wanna snooze, melancolic, longing back to your relaxing vacation instead of (maybe) heading to first day of work or studies – remember that it’s all based on your perspective. 

How you choose to approach and handle a negative feeling. You cab always choose to change your perspective and attitude towards the negative feeling. You actually have that power. Try it. If u can think negatively about something, You are of course also able to think of it out of another perspective. I am not saying it is easy.. Just saying try it. Try one simple step: Smile. Feel gratitude for a new day or something that resonates with you.

If you at least reflect over the fact that you are thinking in a negative pattern, this allows you to also contemplate over the fact if this negativity is ‘real’, justified, does it give or drain you of energy or does it actually give you any sense of direction and action? Or is it just a habitual feeling that u tend to access from tlme to time with no real relevence to a cause? 

Just reflect on it. And maybe you will feel that at this very moment a negative or gloomy aspect, (of for ex waking up, going to work etc), is a feeling that has no relevence to an actual fact, circumstance or happening.. And that u just as well can shift perspective and let go of the feeling.

It ain’t easy, I know. We all know this. But there is a rewarding feeling in at least taking notice to what is happening inside you, your thoughts, a returning thought pattern etc… It’s when we start to listen and reflect over this that we actually get insight and we can actually choose an alternative approach or just observe, to learn.

It’s called Mind Power.

And a light, but that can also have a great impact upon continous repetition, is working with affirmations.

I try and do it 10 min before I rise out of bed in the mornings. Either my own made up affirmations or I check for inspiring ones on Youtube channels.

Affirmate yourself away!

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Fabulicious n Tasty Homemade Dessert

I am at our wonderful country house and really enjoying the chill and relaxing way of just being here. I love, and thrive, being in and near nature. The fresh air, the tranquility, the beauty of nature, the birds singing, the shifts of seasons, the long walks with my dogs etc.. And also the enjoyment of cooking, as we have organically grown food, veggies, eggs etc.. Food just tastes better here. 

My boyfriend longed for a Sabaglione dessert so, with the help of my natural born cooker of a mother, I made a really tasty n yummy dessert! And it was actually quite easy :-)

Voilà!Homemade Sabaglione dessert a la Sabinije – Yummy! 

#dessert #peaches #blackberries #wildredcurrants #amarettocookies #homemadesabaglionecream #homemadelemonspongecake #ownorganiceggs #sundaytreat #countryhouse

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Organic Eggs – It’s A Keeper

Our organic eggs – the crown morning jewelof a breakfast. 

Fresh organic eggs, directly hand picked from our free range n happy chickens

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Yummy breakfast

Yummy way to kick start a new morning after pranayama breathing exercise.

 Just mix your favorite yoghurt and mix with goji berries, blue berries, peanut butter and flax seeds or the tastes that tingle your tastebuds

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Costa Rica Guide: Yoga Session w Yoga Master Stefano

Awesome 90 min Vinyasa Flow Krama yoga class today with yoga master Stefano Allegri @Florblanca Resort in Santa Teresa.

Stefano moved from Milano, Italy to Costa Rica 25 years ago after he feel in love with the country and it’s healthy lifestyle and yoga prominence.

He gives soughtafter classes at Florblanca Resort for hotel guest, and external guests may also attend. The yoga class is 14 usd.

Today Stefano led a vinyasa flow karma yoga, which was as demanding as it was rewarding. I really enjoy Stefano sharing his thoughts, knowledge and impact of the yoga postures alongside instructing. His focus is on anatomy and alignment of the body, based on each yoga student practicing yoga from their individual need, capacity and limitations.

2-3 months per year Stefano stays and evolves with his own yoga masters, Master Tim Miller and Master Richard Freeman, and most recently Master Matthew Sweeney,  to constantly keep evolving.

Stefano also practices and teaches ‘The moon sequence yoga’ developed (from ashtanga) by Matthew Sweeney.

“The five sequences displayed in my book (of the same name) are interconnected asana practices in increasing order of difficulty. Vinyasa Krama is also my attempt to provide useful and interesting Asana variations to practitioners and teachers of any tradition, age or ability. These flowing sequences, guided by the quality of your breath, will bring balance to your regular practice, particularly if it has become stale, painful, or incomplete in some way. They will inspire and guide your practice to new heights, bringing fresh light and awareness to each and every moment” – Qoute Matthew Sweeney

Short info on Chandra Krama: The Moon Sequence

In practicing Ashtanga Yoga your attention will gradually move from gross to subtle. You will tend to feel the physical aspects of your body first, and then eventually, with ongoing practice, feel the more subtle aspects of your body.

The slower you move, all the way to sitting still in meditation, the more subtle is your awareness. The faster you move, the more gross your awareness. However, when doing a faster Vinyasa practice you move energy and tend to release physical blockages more readily. This leads to greater ease in the body.

A balance to the demands of the Surya based Ashtanga is to regularly practice meditation and to practice a softer, gentler Asana practice from time to time. I consider Chandra Krama (or something like it) to be essential for all Ashtanga practitioners, men and women. This sequence will help you rebalance energetically, psychologically and physically. In particular, as over 80% of Ashtangis are women, the need for a sequence that is focused on menstruation, ovulation and the phases of the moon is absolutely necessary.

The Moon Sequence takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body (evidence of the Rajasic elements of the Ashtanga practice) particularly for students who work too much, or too soon on the jump throughs and jump backs. It places more emphasis on the lower body, the hips, and a soft and stable abdomen. For women, excessive practice can disrupt your menstrual cycle and can add to difficulty having children. Even if the latter is not what you want, an intensive Asana practice without a sequence like Chandra Krama will usually lead to some kind of imbalance, physically or otherwise.

The Moon Sequence is intended to help awareness of the cycles of the Moon and encourage your intuitive faculty.

You can read more about this in ‘Yoga Temple‘. check out for interesting and enlightening reading.

Read more about Stefano Allegri

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Costa Rica Guide: Fab Spa Treatment in Santa Teresa

Recieved a divine, therapethic, nourishing spa treatment by the lovely Maria, who runs the spa of Hotel Tropicano Latino in Santa Teresa.
Maria with the ‘magical hands’ works with purely organic products made by local products.
My wrap and scrub was freshly made with fresh mango, coconut, almond and sea salt. Heavenly.

The food is organic, healthy and delicious.Offering a unique mix of high quality local fish, meats and vegetarian dishes. And a great offering of healthy and essential super food smoothies.

Hotel Tropico Latino prides itself with working with an organic, healthy and sustainable cuisine. The chef Randy Siles, namned the ambassador of the sustainable and healthy cusines plan for Costa Rica (!), has a fusion style called ‘Author’s Cuisine’, a style that let’s Randy create original recipes that are absolutely yummy!

Hotel Tropico Latino’s bungalows are stylishly designed, with a tasteful and harmonius interior, built with exotic hardwoods and with the luxuries needed. The bungalows are surrounded by lush tropical gardens, immersing yourself in an beautiful natural environment, enjoying the wildlife of Costa Rica right outside your window.
The sounds of iguanas, hummingbirds and howler monkeys are familiar and intriguing sounds to wake up to and to fall asleep too. The wonders of nature.

The spa is a haven of pampering, natural and organic and freshly made products, a inticing menue of spa treatments and really cute and soothing spa treatment rooms that all face the ocean. To the harmonic beats of the ocean you experience a blissfull massage, scrub or facial.

If visiting Santa Teresa don’t miss this haven of a gem.

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