Sorry! Apologies! 

I want to say how sorry I am that my blog posts look unfinished and showing half or just words from a complete text! I am so so so frustrated with this, beyond words. But there is something (Obviously) wrong, a major technical issue with Improveme plattform. I have raised The question a dozen times, and they say it’s going to be fixed…

I will continue to post in the meantime, until my patiences runs out. Pls bear with me! And u can always follow my instagram

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Daily Greatness Training Journal

I want to give a

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Intelligence Squared Festival – not to be missed! 

Don’t miss the Intelligence Squared Festival on Nov 5th if u r in London! 

A whole day where u get the chance to stimulate your mind and spark your Intelligence. 

Dive into thrilling and inspiring ideas, technologies, Speakers and topics. 

And check out the website for major ‘food for thought’ discusssions, debates etc: 

@intelligencesquared @vanityfair #foodforthought #empoweryourmind #knowhow festival #inspitation #intelligence #empowering

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Celebrate and Honor ‘Peace One Day’ Initiative tomorrow

Tomorrow is an important day: Peace One Day. 

An important, impressive and relevant Day that has come to life and thrives year after year thanks to it’s dedicated Founder and initiator: Jeremy Gilley @jeremygilleypod. 

Support Peace One Day tomorrow in thought, with a gesture, a meditation or by showing your support!

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Dance – Dance – Dance

Love this song! “Dance, dance, dance – can’t stop The feeling”

This song goes on repeat many times

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Phantom Of The Opera

It was pure delight to see the opening of ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ @ Cirkus in Stockholm. 

Wow, the scenography! 

Amazing, beautiful and compelling. Talented singers and actors, including a favorite talent: @Peter Jöback. 

This edition of this classic opera is a must see! 

#culture #music #opera @phantomoftheopera #kultur #scenography #peterjöback

Tack tlll @petreevent ✨

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Self Tanning – Great Colour and Organic

Hey, I’ve got a really good recommendation for a self tanning product I have just tried. It’s an oil and it’s certified organic! I’ve now tried it enough to evaluate it. 

It really is a great addition to the self tanning world. Easy to apply, no smell, no streaks or blotches and really does give a natural sun kissed look.

 It’s a keeper.

 #selftan #beauty #sunkissedtan #product #organic #selftanningoil #tanorganic #natural #ecocert @tanorganic

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Resistence, Intention, Flow

This quote resonated w me today.

Just finished a Yin/ Meditation yoga class and I felt resistence in certain poses. i also felt a slight feeling of disappointment when i couldnt do a pose as ‘good’ or as deep as I wanted to 

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Irresistable Liquorice Chocolates! 

A new addiction! Okey some yummy, delicious and must try goodies. 

This liquorice chocolates are both heavenly and devilishly (bec u can’t resist them!) delicious! 

The ‘fika’ version is the yummiest

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Winners – A Book On How To Succeed

Just bought the  book’Winners’ before l the flight back to Stockholm. The cover caught my eye and sparked an interest. Mainly as I (professionely) always am interested in people’s story telling and insights, reflections and mindsets of role models. Have mentioned before my plans if my own interview tv format that is based on this idea.

Flying is a perfect time to catch up on quality reading time, as this time easily gets lost in our daily ultra connectod lifestyle.

And I love to read.

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