7 Habits Of Emotionally Intelligent People

It has increasingly become accepted that emotional intelligence is an important factor in our success and happiness, not only at work, but in our relationships and all areas of our lives.

So what sets emotionally intelligent people apart? Here are seven habits that people with high EI have:

1. They Focus on the Positive

While not ignoring the bad news, emotionally intelligent people have made a conscious decision to not spend a lot of time and energy focusing on problems. Rather, they look at what is positive in a situation and look for solutions to a problem. These people focus on what they are able to do and that which is within their control.

2. They surround themselves with positive people

People with a lot of emotional intelligence don’t spend a lot of time listening to complainers and tend to avoid negative people. They are aware negative people are an energy drain and are not willing to let others exhaust their vitality. Because they always look for solutions and the positive in situations, negative people quickly learn to avoid positive people as misery loves company.

Emotionally intelligent people spend time with others that are positive and look upon the bright side of life. You can spot these folks as they tend to smile and laugh a great deal and attract other positive people. Their warmth, openness, and caring attitude leads others look upon them as more trustworthy.

3. They are able to set boundaries and be assertive when necessary

Although their friendly, open nature may make them appear as pushovers to some, people with high EI are able to set boundaries and assert themselves when needed. They demonstrate politeness and consideration but stay firm at the same time.

They do not make needless enemies. Their response to situations, in which there may be conflict, is measured, not inflated, and managed appropriately to the situation. They think before speaking and give themselves time to calm down if their emotions appear to become overwhelming. High EI people guard their time and commitments and know when they need to say no.

4. They are forward thinking and willing to let go of the past

People with high EI are too busy thinking of possibilities in the future to spend a lot of time dwelling upon things that didn’t work out in the past. They take the learning from their past failures and apply it to their actions in the future. They never see failure as permanent or a personal reflection of themselves.

5. They look for ways to make life more fun, happy, and interesting

Whether it is in their workplace, at home, or with friends, high EI people know what makes them happy and look for opportunities to expand the enjoyment. They receive pleasure and satisfaction from seeing others happy and fulfilled, and do whatever they can to brighten someone else’s day.

6. They choose how they expend their energy wisely

While these enlightened people are good at moving on from the past when things didn’t work out as expected, they are also able to move on from conflicts involved with others. High EI folks don’t hold on to anger over how others have treated them, rather use the incident to create awareness of how to not let it happen again. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,” is their motto. While they move on and forgive, they don’t forget and are unlikely to be taken advantage of again in the same set of circumstances.

7. Continually learning and growing towards independence

Highly emotionally intelligent people are lifelong learners, constantly growing, evolving, open to new ideas, and always willing to learn from others. Being critical thinkers, they are open to changing their minds if someone presents an idea that is a better fit. While they are open to ideas from others, and continuously gathering new information, they ultimately trust themselves and their own judgment to make the best decision for themselves.


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8 Things / Habits to give up!


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‘Suits’ is back!


Soon a new season of ‘Suits’ is out. Love this series!

And the hot, sexy character Harvey Specter is excellently portraited by actor Gabriel Macht. And today It’s Gabrielle’s birthday! So a ‘Happy Birthday handsome’ is called for

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World Economic Forum


World Economic Forum #Committed to improving the state of the world

The 45th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum has opened in Davos, Switzerland. This year attended by 1,500 business leaders from over 100 countries, more than 40 heads of state and government and 300 members of government will attend.

Davos is a truly global meeting. Not just in terms of the participants we engage and the issues we address but also the attention we attract around the globe. Davos convenes leaders from all sectors and regions but ultimately it is about all of us, citizens of a global village that is both moving closer together and drifting further apart.

How do we generate inclusive and durable growth in the face of dramatic oil price shocks, deflation and renewed prospects of currency crises? How do we manage global challenges from climate change to transnational crime in a context of rising geopolitical tensions? How do we respond to the rise of nationalism, populism and extremism that divides societies around the world? How do we speed up technical and scientific progress for growth and human development?

Follow World Economic Forum by checking out the live streams and Day to Day agenda – click here.


This year the programme features four big narratives and themes:

1. Society and Security

2. Innovation and Industry

3. Crisis and Cooperation

4. Growth and Stability



Check out  ‘Outlook on Global Trends 2015′ – click here.

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Politics and Life

Just read on TBI Vision that the swedish tv show Politics and Life has been appointed as ‘Show of the week’. Congrats!

The tv show Politics and Life is broadcast on SVT. In each episode you follow the conversations between the presenter (and psychotherapist) Poul Perris meeting with each of Sweden’s political leaders


Political ideas as formats are not the most straightforward sell in the world, but that has not stopped SVT International, the acquisition and sales arm of Sweden’s pubcaster SVT, taking this new format to MIPTV.

What makes the eight-part Politics and Life different from a regular political show is the tone and format, says SVT International programming sales executive Paulette Rosas Hott.

“Formats normally want you to win something or to compete in some way,” she says. “But this is just a conversation that follows the same schedule each week without interruption, but it was set up so it didn’t feel like an interview designed to catch the politicians out.”

Those conversations – which see psychotherapist and presenter of SVT format Par i Terapi Poul Perris meeting with each of Sweden’s political leaders (regardless of public appetite for their opinions) to discuss the moments that influenced their outlook of politics and society – have been making waves in Sweden since beginning their broadcast on SVT2 on January 19 (Sweden’s general election will be held on September 14).

“When you follow the interview, the drama around the figure makes more sense. You might not agree with why someone is how they are, but you can at least understand better,” says Rosas Hott. “There is no political agenda – it is just letting the leader speak without being questioned.”

SVT faced a backlash for including far-right politician Jimmie Åkesson but Rosas Hott says inclusion is part of the format’s appeal.

Ratings have been strong and social media reaction on Twitter and Facebook suggests younger demographics have tuned in.

The show: Politics and Life
The producer: SVT
The distributor: SVT International
The broadcaster: SVT2 (Sweden)
The concept: Party leaders reflect on what influenced their political persuasions in frank exchanges with psychotherapist Poul Perris

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Anders Borg till Kinnevik


Anders Borg har värvats till Kinnevik

Den forne finansministern blir vice ordförande i MTG-ägaren Kinneviks styrelse.

Det är bara att gratulera!

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Interviews Key Note Speakers SIME


Me and my photographer are ready, set, go for two days of Interviews with Key Note Speakers for SIME Social Impact.
2 days of inspiring, innovative, interesting and dynamic Speakers and relevant and interesting workshops. Check out SIME here

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SIME & Sime Social Impact Kick Off Tomorrow. Great Line Up Of Speakers!


This years edition of Sime and Sime Social Impact kicks off tomorrow at Cirkus in Stockholm

for a two-day event filled with great seminars and workshops, inspirational key note speakers and relevant topics!

Sime is Northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital opportunities with flagship events this year in Stockholm and Miami. Sime is about how digital opportunities can convert into new business, a better world and a lot of fun.
Sime brings together thought leaders, executives from different industries and entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities together with world class speakers, workshop leaders and experts. The Sime vibe inspires, challenges and touches every participant regardless if you are one of the 1800 participants at one of our flagship events or part of a Sime CEO dinner with 20 handpicked global CEOs.


Sime Social Impact - Embracing digital opportunities to make the world a better place.

Sime Social Impact (SSI) has been founded to mix 200 specially invited profiles from the non-profit and social entrepreneurial sectors with the 1200 business participants and top speakers at Sime Stockholm on 11th – 12th November 2014. The 200 invitees get free, exclusive access to the whole Sime Stockholm two-day main stage program, to business to non-profit networking and to custom-made workshops that focus on social and environmental change through innovative and groundbreaking work.
Sime Non Profit has evolved into Sime Social Impact from 2014 and thereby ready to lead – the new conversations on social change, international development, environmental sustainability, and related issues of progress and wellbeing.

The Challenge Competition - Every year, Sime Social Impact asks all attending non-profits organisations to send in a Challenge they face within IT, social media and all things digital that they need help solving. The companies participating are published on SSI website and they get access to the Sime network encouraging companies to take on a challenge.
This year, the most innovative challenge will win The Sime Social Impact Challenge Award, sponsored by Twitter! The prize? Twitter will help the winner to build a social media strategy during 2015, with the goal to attract thousands of followers!
This year I, Sabinije, will interviewing Key Note Speakers of Sime Social Impact – look forward to it! The interviews will be filmed and can be viewed after the event on SSI website.

Click here to read more about SIME

Check out Sime Social Impact here


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Inspirational Quote of the day

make change

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Moderator for Digital Health Days 2014

For more of my live interviews at Digital Health Days 2014 click here.

Earlier this year I was moderator and held the live webcast at this year’s Digital Health Day 2 day event at Stockholms Mässan. An assignment that lead to me being selected as the main moderator, together with Donnie Lyngonis, on the main stage at next year’s Digital Health Day 2 day event – which feels very rewarding! It always feels both inspiring and rewarding when organizers/companies/audiences are satisfied with and praise one’s work. I received a very nice reference quote from the project manager of Digital Health Days 2014 for my role as moderator:

Reference quote from Nima Jokilaakso – Senior Project Manager of Digital Health Days 2014:
“Sabinije von Gaffke has an unique talent in asking the right questions and making the right atmosphere on stage. Her skills were much appreciated as a Moderator at Digital Health Days 2014 @Älvsjö Mässan, where the topics were very specific and often complex, a task Sabinije handled well and with a tight schedule that she tackled outstandingly. 
Sabinije outperformed our expectations as reporter doing the Digital Health Insight webcast with live Interviews with key note speakers and conference founders. But don´t just take my word for it, watch for yourself on www.digitalhealthdays.se or on Youtube. We hope Sabinije is available again for next year, since we haven´t had enough of her.” – Nima Jokilaakso.

And today it was announced that I will have the pleasure of moderating the next Digital Health Days 2015 alongside moderator and collegue Donnie Lygonis. An assignment I really look forward to! It will be the biggest Digital Health Days event so far with a great selection of topics and line up of international speakers.

Save the Date!


After two successful events we are glad to announce that the next Digital Health Days will be arranged
23-24th of September 2015. We are happy for all the emails from you our supporters with suggestions of next year’s topics and speakers; the feedback is invaluable and much appreciated. 

Moderator Duo of Donnie Lygonis and Sabinije von Gaffke are ready to take the charge on scene and this time it´s going to be bye-bye panels and hello duels. If you are an activist and want to meet you nemesis on stage do discuss a burning topic in digital health let us know, the audience is ready for a hotter debate.
Patient in focus was one of the most appreciated themes for 2014, with E-patient Dave´s beloved and thoughtful talk being shared on Youtube and discussed on Twitter hashtag #dhd14, of which the latter peaked in Sweden with 2000+ tweets. Next year the patients are back, and if you are a patient representative there is a set of free tickets available. Send your contact details to info@digitalhealthdays.se and we will get back to you. First come first served!
Youthful entrepreneurs and Hackathons was another energy boost at the event this year. Together with UK trade & invest, EIT ICT Labs and Healthcare Denmark we made you peep in through the window to what is happing outside Sweden and meet fresh up-and-comers in Sweden.
For the coming event we intend to get more transoceanic inspiring speakers together with the British Embassy and the US Embassy. Besides the entrepreneurial catwalk we had the finals of the Health Hack Academy, where the teams had during the year participated in workshops and hackathon.
The winning team “Experentia” that targets mental health in the elderly population secured a seat in a pre-incubator program by Stockholm Innovation and Growth (STING) to ensure that their great idea gets the right backing to become reality.
Business Models for Digital Health products and services are both complex and diverse. This year you voted that business models are one of the most wanted and urgent topic in Digital Health, and there is clearly evidence for it.While investments in USA exceeded $1.9B USD with 195 venture deals in 2013 there is still hesitation from non-US investors on how the ROI will be achieved, and existing companies are having a hard time getting in the revenues needed for growth and solidity.
For established players such as in the pharma industry the question is rather how digital health fits in the current business models used. At the national e-health day in Sweden there was frustration about things moving too slow (Dagens Medicin 2014-10-22), we couldn’t agree more so let’s make sure 2015 is the year when things start moving.
Implementation on-scale Getting the first customers and early revenue is often the hardest but what happens if you have customers but you just won´t grow in a satisfactory way.
Anders Weilandt from Diabetes Tools told about this all too common situation this year and the company won the Medtech company of the year 2014 by MedTech Magazine and Leading Health Care. Congratulations Diabetes Tools! Now let´s use our combined effort to help Anders grow his company to the next Spotify or Skype. Digital Health needs it!
Can´t wait? Don´t worry, Health2.0 Conference in London is 10-12th Nov
Did you know that the discount still applies? It does. Just add the promocode DHD14 when you register.
Finally, we want to thank our speakers for their invaluable insights, our sponsors Abbvie and IBM for making this possible, our partners for their contribution to the event and, not least, YOU our guests for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for how we can transform the future with digital health.
See you in Stockholm next year for DHD15!

Nima Jokilaakso

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