My Patience Is Running Out

Once again, dear bloggy friends I apologize that my blog posts are only haft published! It is so disappointing and frustrating

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Green Rabbit Tastebuds

I love testing new cafés that one randomely pass by, come rekommended or read about in the White Guide. It’s fun to explore a city, (specially your own hometown) by checking out new cafés and restaurants and challenging a habitual choice.

Today, I passed by bakery Green Rabbit and tried out their freshly made bread with homemade, free range chicken and pickles and a coffee with Oatley milk.

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Reflect. Breathe. In Awe of Nature and Existence

During my morning walk this morning. I stopped. Surrounded and in awe of the beauty of Nature. Of the crisp, fresh air that I was breathing in, that smelled so… freshly nature. And I stopped to reflect and note down my thoughts in this moment, fully present: 

The wonders, colours, harmony, perfection and beauty of Nature

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The Source of Health – Daily Routine

This is part of my everyday routine, mixed together in a shaker with lemon water, freshly sqeezed juice och Oatley Milk (depends on my mood).

Plus I always add a spoon of oil. Flavor of the week is Hemp Oil – Oils are an important source for omega oils = fuel for the brain. 

I favour Sun Warrior products as they are pure, natural, sprouted and fermented. 

This one ‘Classic Protein’ is with a complete Amino Acid Profile. 

#protein #aminoacids #chiaseeds #ashwaganda #cordyceps #msn #maca #curcumin #hempoil #healthylifestyle #nutrients #lifeessentials #sprouts #fermentation @sunwarriortribe 

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A healthy lunch must do!

Yummy healthy lunch! Spicy broccoli burger with sweet potatoe and loads of greens

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Yummy Chocolate (Organic) Snacks

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Mindful Monday


Hej y’all awesome bloggy friends!

How are you? Ready for a new week? Any plans, goals, visions, intentions for this week?

My intention and goal for this week is to make it a ‘mindful’ week. Being mindful, as being mindful about my time, my energy and where I put my focus. 

The way to do this is to practice mindfulness in my everyday life. I am doing a mindfulness course with Minds Unlimited. The first step in their Mindfulness education program ‘The Gap’.

This week we are to have the words ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Trust’ with us in our daily lives. In a meeting, at home, Interaction with people, going to the gym – all aspects of Your day to day life. 

So I kickstart the week by energy loading and pampering my body and mind with great food and nutrients.

Brunch @ Doctorsalad 

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Sorry! Apologies! 

I want to say how sorry I am that my blog posts look unfinished and showing half or just words from a complete text! I am so so so frustrated with this, beyond words. But there is something (Obviously) wrong, a major technical issue with Improveme plattform. I have raised The question a dozen times, and they say it’s going to be fixed…

I will continue to post in the meantime, until my patiences runs out. Pls bear with me! And u can always follow my instagram

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Daily Greatness Training Journal

I want to give a

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Intelligence Squared Festival – not to be missed! 

Don’t miss the Intelligence Squared Festival on Nov 5th if u r in London! 

A whole day where u get the chance to stimulate your mind and spark your Intelligence. 

Dive into thrilling and inspiring ideas, technologies, Speakers and topics. 

And check out the website for major ‘food for thought’ discusssions, debates etc: 

@intelligencesquared @vanityfair #foodforthought #empoweryourmind #knowhow festival #inspitation #intelligence #empowering

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