Carp Fishing Terminal Metallic Part

The target fish for fishing is mostly crucian carp

The float configuration should be thin and small, which can increase the sensitivity of the entire movement, and also consider the lightness and weight of the bait. One is to facilitate the crucian to find the target, and the other is to attract and stimulate the crucian to bite. The boundary area between deep and shallow.

The choice of weather The weather in early spring is characterized by hot and cold temperatures, so it is better to choose the following weather when you go out fishing: In such weather, the temperature is generally higher and more stable, and the crucian carp is active and foraging is relatively normal. The size, softness and hardness of the bait The bait is small, soft and easy to eat, while the big and hard crucian is difficult to eat, so the food is shallow, so you should lift the rod later.

The rod is thin, light and soft to enhance the feel; the thin line can increase the concealment and sensitivity, other fishing products Suppliers . The length of the brain line The short brain line has high sensitivity and the brain line length is slower. If you don’t have fish for 1 hour, you should give up.

Fishing in normal sunny days, deep water in the morning and evening, shallow water about 1 meter should be fished from 10 noon to 15 pm. The long brain line should be lifted a little earlier, and the short brain line should be lifted a little later. If the choice is not appropriate, it is very likely to become the ’air force’.8# can be used for fishing in aquatic plants. Three white feather stalks are used for loose drifting.

The target fish for fishing is mostly crucian carp. The bait should be kept fresh from start to finish. The strong wine fragrance diffuses quickly in the water and has a strong attraction. The choice of fishing spots has always been highly valued by anglers, especially in the early spring when the crucian carp’s range of activities is not large.