About The Forensic expert

下面Fanessay为大家分享一篇essay范文–About The Forensic expert,本篇文章所讲述的有关的内容是关于法医鉴定人方面的,可以供同学们了解下。作为法医鉴定人,就是必须要具有医学专业方面的知识和法律的专业知识了,但是从医学院的法医专业本科毕业分配到相关的单位。对于专门要从事法医检验的鉴定的工作,除此之外,法医鉴定人是除了要有丰富的医学的医学知识之外,还需要经过严格的审核程序的,这样才能上任。



Only by having a solid, rich professional knowledge and obtaining the forensic appraiser’s qualification can win the recognition of the judicial organ, so as to win the trust of the appraiser.



Forensic expert witnesses in our country, must have a medical professional knowledge and legal expertise, usually from the medical college of forensic professional undergraduate course graduation allocated to judicial organs, the method of unit, specializing in forensic examination identification; Part is from experienced clinicians transfer, and after a period of appraisal work, accumulated certain experience, by the relevant department acquired after the examination and appraisal of the surveyor, made a conclusion to the courtroom cross-examination of the object. The grant of the right of forensic appraisal: besides the abundant medical knowledge, it will be obtained through strict audit procedure, which will help ensure the correct implementation of the conclusion. Only by having a solid, rich professional knowledge and obtaining the forensic appraiser’s qualification can win the recognition of the judicial organ, so as to win the trust of the appraiser.



The principle of strict procedures All the forensic identification of the judicial organs shall entrust and should not accept private commissions, ensure that the surveyor under the judicial organ, working within the limits prescribed by law, to ensure that a conclusion of law, seriousness, avoid injustice caused by entrusted private or new appraisal. Upholding this principle is an effective legal protection for the connoisseurs themselves.



Be practical and realistic, scientific appraisal, without the case interference principle First, after received the entrust of judicial organs, the expert to be expert witnesses the damage characteristics and the location of a detailed description, recording, when necessary, and a fixed camera, this is the basis of the appraisal work. Secondly, collect reliable facts, medical records and auxiliary inspection materials. The third is to analyze and demonstrate the scientific method and medical theory of all materials possessed, and make a conclusion based on the standard of human injury and disability. Fourth, standing in the legal, scientific and just position, not acting for the human, not for the power, not for the money, not for the cause of the interference.



It is an important task to distinguish between the true and the false. Of all the materials carefully scrutinized by the surveyor, the relationship between the scientific analysis with the injury, can explain from a medical point of view, is in line with the disease occurrence and development rule, when unable to explain or appear antinomy, carefully analysis the reason, under the supervision of the surveyor when necessary for review, to ensure that be used as identification based on the authenticity of auxiliary examination.



According to the regulation of the justice department about the rights and obligations of expert witness, appraiser shall have the right to make your own appraisal according to actual condition, disagreement, retain personal opinion, refused to answer has nothing to do with the identification problem. In the case of unqualified identification, the identification must be refused and the principle and position should be adhered to.



Identification according to the program, check yourself Facing by the surveyor and the family member, an appraiser should always be carried out in accordance with the procedures, damage must personally check of the appraiser, clear whether have damage, determine its authenticity and distinguish cheating or pretentious. To record or photograph the damage, and make a preliminary estimate of the damage. To make the family members of the connoisseurs feel conscientious and meticulous in their work.



Scientific answer by consulting problem of expert witnesses and their families By expert witnesses and their families for their injury is concerned, there may be consulting some questions related to their injury, expert witnesses should be paid attention to on the basis of the theory of science of forensic science, using the popular language, make the consultants are easier to understand. In response to a consultation, want to give them some consulting the obligation of the principle of expert witnesses, expert witnesses and should bear the legal responsibility, make them understand that forensic identification is a very serious and serious scientific identification, a conclusion is a fair and objective scientific basis. In order to make the appraiser and the family member fully feel the knowledge, level and impartiality attitude of the appraiser, he obtains the trust of the connoisseurs and the family members.



The attitude of the service should be smooth in the process of forensic medicine appraisal. The attitude of the expert is one of the factors that the appraiser should pay attention to. By the surveyor will often by appraiser expression and tone to predict their own injury appraisal conclusion, and through the subtle movements, the expert evaluation of expert service attitude and technical level. Expert witnesses in the face of the first identified by the parties, if too much serious expressions, board face, blunt speaking, can make the victim after the original state of mind has been complicated by the surveyor fear or produce various psychological suspicion, resulting in a mistrust. This is also one of the reasons for the reappraisal.



People’s feelings about anything, with obvious subjective factors, are influenced by the state of mind at that time. Therefore, whether the connoisseurs have good psychological quality will have a certain effect on the appraisal conclusion. People are very concerned about each other’s character in the process of interaction. Because by understanding their personality, they may predict the person’s attitude toward the person. This is the reason why the connoisseurs and family members pay special attention to appraisers when they interact with them. By an appraiser and the family member in the contact person, the most is to understand their psychological damage is what degree of injury, the injury in the case of dealing with each other what kind of legal responsibility and what impact to oneself, hope the surveyor to make an objective and fair appraisal conclusion as soon as possible or to own appraisal conclusion, their concerns are always want to give a satisfactory answer. The connoisseurs are always trying to tell the whole story to the expert in the process of stating their own harm. At this time, the connoisseurs should understand the mind of the connoisseurs and patiently listen to the confidants or the family members. Because it can win the trust of the connoisseurs and understand the case comprehensively, it is helpful for the appraiser to make the correct conclusion. If by the surveyor or families face a irritable, impulsive expert witnesses, and time is tight, work, can show the impatient mood, even interrupted by the surveyor, expert witnesses the impatient personality, is likely to lose trust by the surveyor, lead to new appraisal. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary re-identification, the appraiser should conscientiously carry out personal character cultivation, overcome the bad character of impatience and impulsiveness, and develop a good character. Because good psychological quality is the basic quality that forensic expert should have.



To sum up, the surveyor in forensic medicine appraisal process, solid forensic science theory knowledge, strong ability of identification, flexible work skills, strong principle, good psychological quality and good image, is the quality of the forensic expert witnesses must have, is to measure a forensic expert witnesses the overall quality of high and low standard, is also the foundation of make a scientific appraisal conclusion.








Tobacco is vital to the economy of some rural communities. It is helpful to develop the economy. However, the negative of the tobacco is also huge and needs to pay more attention. According to the Supreme Court precedent, it is no doubt that cigarettes should be illegal. Cigarettes generate risks in the serious public health. It causes widespread health risks, which including blindness, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and lung disease. Depending on the research, there are 599 additives contain in the cigarettes, and most of the additives are the toxic chemicals and carcinogens. The most important thing is that the addiction to nicotine. Most of the people cannot escape from the addiction. On the other hand, secondhand smoke is also has great influence on the health. Even for non-smokers, they will expose to at least 250 toxic or carcinogenic chemicals, depend on the research. If the government cannot be restricted or prohibited dangerous and addictive substances is both personal and public health risks, they may lose the basement to perform other anti drug laws.



According to the estimation of the centers for disease control and prevention point out, there are $97 billion cost for American tobacco, and there is almost $96 billion lost in medical costs. It is necessary to control the high health cost of cigarette. The most effective activity is to control the product of the cigarette and improve the education of the dangers of smoking.



Even though the cigarette industry thrives with health warnings of their product, because of the addiction of nicotine, most people can not control themselves to live without the cigarette. The health warning is indisputable but the effect is poor.



In order to resolve those problems as the business issue in society, it is necessary to improve the advertise about the dangers of smoking, at the same time, find some substitute. It is no doubt to forbid smoking in the public area, in order to reduce the influence of the secondhand smoking. For some people, the government and the health care center can provide some medicine for free to help people give up on smoking. Of course, control the product of the cigarette is the most useful.




About the Recycle

今天Fanessay为大家分享了一篇assignment范文–About the Recycle,本篇文章所讨论的有关的内容是关于回收利用问题方面的,可以供同学们了解下。相信大家都知道其实世界很多的资源都是不可再生的,但对于那些不可再生的资源,我们所需要做的便是回收利用的问题了,只有这样才能更加环保,减少一些污染。大家也清楚,走在大街上,有很多的垃圾桶都实行了垃圾分类回收了,但是许多人都对这个工作不以为然,这便是不利于资源的回收利用的,而这也需要从每个人做起。



The idea of recycle had not appeared since the recent century because apparently, as the society is developing fast, it needs people to understand what they need to do in order to improve it. For the idea of recycle, it is in fact one of the methods that human beings take to make sure the world is better.



There are a variety of ways in order to define the word recycle. In fact, according to the most common definition, people think of recycle as a manner to turn the waste or the useless material into the useful ones so that people do not have to throw away useful materials. The most common form of recycling is in the recycling of cans and bottles. Although it is mentioned that the idea of recycling has been put into practice recently and it was carried out in the twenty first century. However, it is not true because the idea of recycle actually dated back to thousands of years ago.



In fact, even in the 440 BC when Plato as well as Aristotle was alive, the great scholars at that time had already promoted the idea of recycling. Therefore, it is obvious that recycle was not a new idea that only is brought up and needed in the recently century.



In the past, because the resources are not as abundant as nowadays, it means that human beings need to cherish every single resource that they have. Therefore, very few people would easily throw out the cans or waste dumps on the street as they understand that they should not waste the scare resources that they have.



In order to have more new material, they will recycle those things that they have used in the period of time before the industrial revolution. For example, people tried to melt down the scrap bronze that they have used as they did not have enough so they did not want to get virgin material.



I firmly support that the public needs to do the job of recycling because it is necessary to make sure that our environment is good and clean. In fact, recently, it has been heatedly debated about whether recycling has more advantages or more disadvantages. For those who believe that it is not important to do the recycling, it should be noted that they should not feel overwhelmed by the term of recycling. The truth is that recycling is nothing but a process in which the industry or people intend to make use of the old or discarded products. After that, they tried to make them into the new products. I once joined a team of people to help our city with recycling.



At that time, my friend had organized this activity. In that recycling activity, it was not too special because it has the same process of many other recycling activities. Firstly, early in the morning, I gather with a team of people who are the supporters of protecting our street and environment in a neighborhood. This neighbor was a bit worse when many other neighborhoods in the same city so it is no doubt that less street cleaners had been hired to clean that area.



As a result, there were many used bottles, tins, cans and paper being thrown around on the street. What is worse, in their trash can, it looked like that the trash has been separated but when we actually opened the can to check it out, it turned out that there was nothing there in the can to separate different types of trash. So, apparently, the trash in the can was mixed together whether they could or could not be separated or not. In that recycling activity, I helped the people on the street to pick out the trash that belonged to the group of the unrecyclable products and I also helped others to collect all those things that can be recycled. After we had been working for 4 days, the street in that area look much cleaner and at the same time, we had gather more than tons of recyclable products like the tins, cans or the bottles to ship them to the recycling company.



I think this activity is very meaningful not only in helping the particular street to look cleaner. At the same time, it helped the entire community to protect the environment better. In fact, the most important reason why I wanted to support the process of recycling is that it helped the world look cleaner and better. Also, as long as the materials are recycled in the world, in the world, more resources could be saved or being made sure that they are not wasted. In the rapidly developing economy, more trees are being cut down because of the need of people to build up the products and to use the paper. However, with the increasingly fast development of the economic, the need of paper and other products that are made from trees will rise more and more rapidly. Therefore, people had better make good use of recycled paper which can be used for many times so that human beings can save more resources and avoid deforestation. From this example of recycled paper, we can also reuse a great variety of many other kinds of natural resources in this way.



In addition, it is very significant to support the job of recycling  because it can reduce pollution. Nowadays, the problem of pollution, especially industrial pollution, is becoming more and more serious for the reason that a great number of factories are producing different kinds of products day and night. What is worse, it is reported that industrial waste is the largest part of all kinds of waste which result in the terrible pollution. In the past, there were some people who picked the industrial waste and sold them to recycle bins. By doing this, they could earn some money to make a living. To be honest, though the people were poor and they had to earn money by doing that, it is an extremely good way to reduce pollution and promote recycling. It is helpful to recycle industrial waste to reduce pollution step by step. For instance, we can recycle cans, plastics, chemical and so on. We may used to use them once and then just throw them away without any hesitation. But from now on, we had better reuse these materials so that we can do our best to cut down pollution.



Besides, recycling greatly helps to save the natural resources. If people do not recycle the old and used materials, people have to make new products by obtaining fresh raw materials that are below the earth. Then people will extract and mine the resources continually. If every single person can recycle the materials that have been produced, not only can it do good to  the conservation of the important natural resources, but also it can protect the natural habitats, which has significant meaning for future. We should save more natural resources for future use, such as water, wood and minerals. With more advanced technology in the future, human beings are able to use the natural resources that we conserve today more scientifically and efficiently, which can make these natural resources to be used more meaningfully.



However, there are still some opposing views that recycling has some disadvantages. Some people argue that it will cost a lot of money during the process of recycling. People need to establish new recycling units, which will cause huge cost. People have to buy different vehicles that have many practical functions, upgrade the equipment that are employed, and also train some workers who are in charge of the programs of recycling, as  well as the maintenance of late work, all of which will cost a good deal of money. It is true. But it is more important for us to take a long-term view for the issue of recycling. We should not focus on the present cost only. Instead, we should consider that what benefits human beings can acquire after we spend the money on the whole recycling unit. Actually, in the long run, the money we spend is a kind of investment for ourselves, our descendants and our future. In other words, we pay before we gain. Therefore, it is beneficial for human beings to do the job of recycling.



In conclusion, I think it is necessary and important for people to do the job of recycling. During the process of recycling, it is helpful to make our environment more cleaner and beautiful and reduce industrial pollution. Also, it is useful to save natural resources for future, which attaches great significance to the sustainable development. And I firmly believe that there will be more and more people taking active part in the job of recycling.



About the impact of electronic commerce

下面是小编fanessay给大家分享的一篇assignment范文–About the impact of electronic commerce,本篇文章所讲述的有关的内容是关于电子商务的影响,可以供同学们了解下。在现今这个随着互联网发展的社会中,现代信息技术一直在迅速的发展,便出现了电子商务这一个新型的商务交易模式了。对于现在整个实体经济、虚拟经济的弥合,电子商务的出现与成熟无疑就是满足了全球的一体化的方向了。现实经济生活中,想要提升国家整体的经济的综合实力,就要充分推进电子商务的稳定发展,实现实体经济与虚拟经济的整体的进步。




E-commerce from the present to the present, has a complete set of operating methods and principles, all industries in the world have given a connection and sharing information platform, in the international trade plays an extremely important role. At the same time, also covers a comprehensive range of products, sales, as well as various types of financial products, services, business. Therefore, e-commerce plays an indispensable role in the development of real economy and virtual economy in the new era.



With the rapid development of modern information technology represented by Internet, e-commerce is a new mode of business transaction. The emergence and maturity of e-commerce satisfies the general direction of global integration, and has a vital role in the full recovery of the real economy and virtual economy. In the real economic life, fully promote the stable development of e-commerce, can enhance the overall economic strength of the country, to achieve the real economy, the overall progress of the virtual economy.



E-commerce provides impetus for the development of real economy and virtual economy. E-commerce is an important content of the development of network economy. E-commerce from emergence to today, has a complete set of operating methods and principles, the development of electronic commerce with the economic form of the past and the real economy, the form of virtual economy is not the same. The real economy and the virtual economy include industry and agriculture, information and knowledge industries, and their relationship with the level and geographical span is covered by the network. The operation mechanism of e-commerce is simple and efficient, which pushes the world economy forward rapidly. E-commerce in all industries all over the world has given a connected and shared information platform, in the international trade plays an extremely important role, all transactions can be reached on the network, improve the efficiency of business communication. At the same time, also covers a comprehensive range of products, sales, as well as various types of financial products, services, business. Therefore, e-commerce plays an indispensable role in the development of real economy and virtual economy in the new era.



E-commerce is the intermediary and bridge between real economy and fictitious economy. The real economy mainly revolves around the physical form or the service form commodity economy, including the agriculture and industry, the logistics, the service, the project and so on, also includes the education, the art, the music and so on the cultural value industries, relates to people’s daily life every detail, is the social existence cornerstone. Fictitious economy grows up in the internet age, the big scope enters our vision, the main presentation form is securities industry, banking, foreign exchange and so on. Therefore, if the real economy wants to continue to develop rapidly, it is necessary to rely on electronic commerce to open its own channel of capital, in order to obtain a greater amount of liquidity.



At present, the electronic commerce has formed to the real economy, the fictitious economy function mechanism, this mainly manifests in the following two kinds of ways:



E-commerce in the Internet to develop a key modern economic operation mode, the physical market part of the migration to the Internet, the great information flow through the network quickly, accurately and completely show. Sellers can achieve shop in the short term, and then send orders according to demand, not only save time, energy, but also improve service quality. The operation of E-commerce, stored on the server tracking order information, so that the logistics operation more efficient and more secure. The continuous progress of electronic commerce makes the possibility of Cross-border financial products trading, which has a good impetus to the expansion of virtual economy.



The proportion of the information industry in the overall economy has continued to expand, making the higher productivity of Internet products and services into various industries, forming a new pole of real economy and fictitious economic growth. The digital technology has created the electronic commerce, while the electronic commerce promotes the digitization product, the technology innovation and the development, the technology and the economic form mutually impels has formed the benign development pattern, the electronic commerce is promoting another round world industry structural optimization.



There are structural risks to the existing trading technology model. Internet communication technology increases the risk of structural imbalances in the virtual economy. The solid economy is fully operational, making it easy for the Internet communication to advance the real economy and create new growth for the world economy. But in the fictitious economy, only involves the operation Way of the sale, therefore the Internet communication technology can make fictitious economy regardless of time, the place can trade, the currency circulates fast, but some high-frequency speculative capital also has the overflow space. This makes the real economy and the virtual economy appear unbalanced.



There are still loopholes in the tax mechanism of e-commerce. The emergence and growth of e-commerce, so that the absolute reduction in the form of previous transactions, the current tax mechanism has been impacted, tax authorities in the collection and electronic aspects of the pace of E-commerce, easy to form Internet transaction tax loopholes, so that the tax losses. The system of the real economy related to electronic commerce, the tax system brought by the fictitious economy, the industry support, the department supervision and so on need to be perfected. The characteristics of the large volume, the whole nature and the continuity of the fictitious capital are very obvious in the securities trading. If the virtual Capital Network transaction information can not be collected, stored, evaluated, supervised and identified in time, it is easy to form information asymmetry and increase the risk of virtual economy system.



The corresponding policies and regulations are still to be perfected. The relevant laws and regulations on electronic commerce in China are still to be perfected. The UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce was developed by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law in 1996. Subsequently, many developed countries and regions such as the United States launched the Global Electronic Commerce Framework, electronic signature law, the European Parliament adopted the Electronic Commerce Directive and electronic signature directive. Singapore, Hong Kong, China also has a corresponding E-commerce law. The Chinese mainland has not yet made the electronic Commerce decree based on its own situation, which has greatly influenced the development of E-commerce in mainland China.



Logistics supply chain faces new challenges. Unlike the traditional economic trading chain, e-commerce makes the real economy and fictitious economy expand continuously, which is more difficult to grasp in quantity and time. Therefore, the development of the logistics chain has a more stringent restrictive conditions. At present, the logistics chain based on e-commerce still has a serious challenge in the face of the real economy development, the overall operation cost of logistics is larger, the policy restriction is much, and the electronic commerce encounters the bottleneck of the big development. Therefore, although the electronic commerce promoted the real economy to move forward, but still is restricted to the general backward logistics chain problem.



Perfecting the economic and trade environment and legal environment of electronic commerce. Despite the advantages of E-commerce to accelerate the real economy, virtual economic progress, but still in the level of maturity. The economic and trade background of domestic e-commerce model still needs to be improved, so we should create a good environment for the development of e-commerce, improve the policy and legal system, accelerate the matching of production factors, and promote the continuous improvement of electronic commerce while ensuring the rapid and stable economic progress of the whole economy.



The use of international network resources, the establishment of efficient wind control mechanism. Compared with the developed countries, the level of domestic electronic commerce has not fully promoted the real economy and the fictitious economy, especially in the virtual economy field. Therefore, we need to make use of the global Internet advantage to continuously upgrade the existing database and related facilities of domestic electronic commerce and complete the connection with the international market. We should continuously search and collect relevant information on the Internet, push local data outward, and realize the sharing of global data information. In addition, we should strengthen the maintenance of the brand, formulate relevant policies and regulations, and effectively maintain the interests of the real economy enterprises and fictitious economic enterprises in electronic commerce. At the same time, the characteristics of E-commerce itself, resulting in a specific risk in the real economy, virtual economy, so need a sound and complete risk early warning system, E-commerce links to reduce the risk of the acceptable range.



Actively introduce foreign advanced technology, support domestic scientific and technological innovation platform. Continue to increase the introduction of Internet technology, enhance the industrial base of investment, promote the Internet technology in the real economy and the virtual economy share. Focus on and explore the potential of large data in E-commerce, attention to information security. In the real economy and the virtual economy innovation platform is very important, should strengthen the domestic science and technology innovation Platform support strength.



Improve tax administration efficiency, streamline institutions, and get through the obstacles in the logistics chain. The establishment of a sound and real economy related to various road network, railway network, aviation network fee policy, reduce logistics costs. As soon as possible the introduction of E-commerce Logistics tax scheme, to promote e-commerce this kind of new trading mode of progress, break through the bottleneck of logistics network. When the virtual economy is weak, it is reasonable to reduce the transaction fees of fictitious economy. When the fictitious economy is obviously too fast, the virtual economy fee and stamp duty are levied through the form of international cooperation to prevent the rampant speculative trade and maintain the structural balance of the fictitious economy and the real economy. For the real economy, logistics links are more critical, we should speed up the simplification of the tax system and fee system reform in the logistics link, and streamline the organization to realize the smooth flow of the logistics network.





The campus culture and employment culture

下面是Fanessay给大家分享的一篇essay范文–The campus culture and employment culture,本篇文章所讲述的内容是有关于校园文化与就业文化所融合方面的,可以供同学们了解下。一个高校的校园文化与就业文化的关系是共同发展与相互依存的。在未来的日子,高校的发展是需要校园文化与就业文化所融合,这样也才能够把校园文化的精神涵养扩展开来,而目的是为了强化校园文化的建设。不仅如此,还能提高毕业生们的就业的范围,并使得可以更好的发展内涵,这也是一个高校着重强调要加强文化建设的原因。




The University campus culture and the employment culture have the common development, the interdependence important relations. Promoting the organic integration of campus culture and employment culture in colleges and universities plays an important role in the construction and development of colleges and universities, at the same time, it can effectively promote the application construction of campus culture, help the university to realize the goal of talent training, and also plays a key role in improving the comprehensive quality of college students



The college students should strengthen the study of theoretical knowledge and master the practical skills, and should also pay attention to cultivating the students ‘ employment atmosphere in campus. College students are about to end the university life, will soon go to work, this period should be for the future development of a good foundation, so that they have a strong sense of professional responsibility, progressive dedication, good moral quality and innovative thinking ability. To improve the level of campus culture construction is the best way to strengthen and improve college students ‘ work, and also an important measure to improve the scale and level of school running, and to play an active role in the healthy growth of students. At the same time, the construction of campus culture should pay more attention to the campus employment culture, and strive to create a good cultural atmosphere of employment, will play an important role in the construction of campus culture.



To create a more harmonious campus culture, its main content is to create a more harmonious campus culture atmosphere, and the formation of this kind of campus culture atmosphere should be closely linked with the construction of employment culture, and the employment culture work of colleges and universities directly affects the campus culture construction. Especially in the present situation, colleges and universities should take the initiative as the strong role of campus culture, create a harmonious atmosphere of campus culture, so that students healthy and smooth growth. Especially under the current extremely tense employment pressure, colleges and universities should actively explore the implementation of campus culture and employment culture double construction work, through various forms of employment guidance work, to guide students to establish a good professional ethics concept, at the same time can enrich students ‘ campus cultural life, so that college students to obtain greater education and enlightenment, and from their own practical actions to start, with full enthusiasm to meet all kinds of challenges.



In many modern universities, there will still be excessive pursuit of high “employment” phenomenon, many schools only rely on data to speak, and did not really explain to the students all kinds of professional field of knowledge and ideas, did not allow students to establish the correct professional values, leading to the cultural atmosphere of the university has not formed good. In the course of campus culture construction, we should pay attention to guiding college students to form a positive career concept, establish a good sense of professional ethics and pave the way for the development of life.



Nowadays, many colleges and universities ‘ campus culture has been regarded as the spirit of a university culture, it is a comprehensive expression of traditional culture and modern style, which can reflect the educational environment and cultural atmosphere of colleges and universities objectively. The employment atmosphere of colleges and universities mainly lies in creating a kind of employment culture atmosphere which suits and adapts to the development of university culture, and its development can be influenced by the good campus culture. Therefore, the relationship between the two should be mutual promotion and tolerance, but also conducive to the development of the cultural atmosphere.



With the increasing number of colleges and universities, graduates ‘ employment pressure has remained very serious for many years, each university should conform to the requirements of the Times development, and scientifically plan the cultural influence of the campus. In the course of the construction of colleges and universities, we should strengthen the work of publicizing the employment culture, so that the employment culture will become an important aspect of the cultural construction of colleges and universities. It is necessary to attach importance to the construction of employment culture from the management, to strengthen the construction of employment culture from teaching, and to standardize the system gradually, and to promote the mutual development of campus culture and employment culture.



Colleges and universities should pay special attention to the exemplary role of campus culture, actively promote the scientific development of employment culture, form a kind of employment-targeted campus way, this form of formation is the need for continuous accumulation and improvement, so as to reflect the common goal of teachers and students. It is the power source of all universities and the foundation of campus culture. To cultivate the spirit of campus culture in line with its own school characteristics should attach great importance to the construction of campus culture, but also to include the employment culture atmosphere, so as to obtain the rapid development of employment culture. Colleges and universities should also make full use of their own advantages and establish a “spirit of employment” in line with their own school characteristics. In order to give full play to their unique advantages, the school spirit to show their own ideas and spiritual characteristics, at the same time to create a campus culture in line with the characteristics of the spirit.



Colleges and universities should give full play to the role of the organization of the society, so that students in the community continue to strengthen and improve, through the activities of various groups of students, can enrich students ‘ extracurricular cultural life, but also to create a positive cultural atmosphere. The continuous integration of campus culture and employment culture can bring many opportunities for students ‘ communication and development. Through the various forms of employment guidance activities held by students ‘ associations, it can produce a positive guiding role for students, cultivate students ‘ sense of employment, make campus a good employment atmosphere, and create a good internal environment for the integration and development of campus culture.



At present, the employment situation of colleges and universities in our country is still grim, so, every university should combine the characteristics and requirements of its own school, to reposition the campus culture, and to scientifically plan the construction of employment culture in colleges and universities, at the same time, we should pay attention to the construction of campus culture, strengthen the guidance and publicity in the field of employment, both in management and teaching should pay attention to the employment culture propaganda, so as to make the employment culture more normative and scientific, so as to better enable the employment culture and campus culture, The goal of achieving common prosperity.



Colleges and universities should increase their support to the employment culture, and should play the leading role of campus culture. Let the university form one kind takes the employment culture as the leading direction, the employment culture formation has own unique superiority, is the university development endogenous impetus, this has the important function to the campus culture development, plays the irreplaceable realistic significance in the campus culture construction. The organic combination of employment culture and campus culture is an important measure to promote the progress of modern universities. The construction of campus culture cannot be achieved overnight, it needs to undergo a long process of accumulation. This is a big challenge for some schools that have been built later, but these schools should also face difficulties give full play to their own advantages, as long as the school attention, can be in the whole school to form a good atmosphere, this atmosphere can fully play the role of schools, so that the school will have a strong spirit of the times, with their own unique perspective to observe their own school concept. Promote the realization of brand effect and competitiveness, so as to realize civilized and healthy campus culture environment.



The organization of organizations in universities is the stage of realizing students ‘ self-development and the important organization form of building campus culture. The various organizations in colleges and universities should be guided by the extracurricular cultural activities, enrich the students ‘ extracurricular cultural life, and create a positive atmosphere of the campus culture. Schools can be organized through the Organization of employment and entrepreneurship guidance activities, so that university students on entrepreneurship and employment of all aspects of knowledge to explain. In this way, we can form the integration of the culture of the community and the employment culture, which has great benefit to the students ‘ all-round progress, and also can improve their own quality.



Through the above analysis, can see the integration of campus culture and employment culture, can expand the spiritual connotation of campus culture, but also to strengthen the basic purpose of campus culture construction, but also to improve the employment range of graduates, so that the connotation of a better development. To achieve the effective combination of campus culture and employment culture. However, the integration of university campus culture and Employment culture is a long-term key project. Colleges and universities should look to the future, the students ‘ sense of employment in the teaching process in advance infiltration into the daily life. This will form a positive and healthy university environment, but also conducive to the development of university graduates, will certainly have a profound impact on the development of colleges and universities, will make the harmonious campus, harmonious society to build a more healthy and orderly.




About Globalization and Environment

今天Fanessay给大家整理一篇essay范文–About Globalization and Environment,本篇文章所讨论的有关内容是指全球化与环境,可以供同学们学习下。在现今这个全球化的过程中,不仅仅会影响到社会行为和文化,更重要的是,它还对环境也产生了重大的影响了。而根据一些学者所表明,环境的退化是因为全球化进程所影响的,这其中便有着直接的关系,主要原因是因为现今的经济活动的迅速发展,致使了大量的资源都被消耗了,而也在一定程度上,破坏了生态环境。



Due to the development as well as the progress in technology invention, the world that we are living in right now is becoming more connected than ever. Almost all nations cannot avoid the impact of globalization because once we close the gate of our nation to refuse the progress and cooperation with others, we will be lagging behind and be put in the lower hand.



The profession of globalization is not only about cooperating with other nations in military drillings or in economic trades or import and export. On the contrary, it is a phenomenon that extends from a very wide perspective and a wide angle. In fact, it also has influence on the world views of people in different places due to the exchange of different culture. What is more, the ideas or the cultural behavior will be changed because of the exchange of products or movies, which means that the nations that take part in the process of globalization will make a progress in some way.



However, it should be noted globalization does not only have impact on the social behavior and the culture itself. What is more, it has a deep impact on the environment.



A lot of scholars have proved that the process of globalization is directly linked to the environmental degradation because the rapid development of economic activities means that a lot of resources will be used up and natural resources will be taken away. That includes the use of recourses such as water, soil and air. In addition, it includes the problem of the extinction of the animals.



The majority of people would agree that globalization has a lot of negative impacts on the environment and it also causes a lot of environmental problems. It is indeed true in some perspectives because it has serious negative impact on the climate change.



According to the statistics, the GHG emissions, which means the Greenhouse gas has been increasing since the twenty first century in which the majority of nations cooperate together to develop their own economics. The increase of the greenhouse gas is very concerning because it will directly cause the deterioration of our climate change. There is no doubt that the climate change is considered to be one of the most serious environmental problems because the consequence is entirely unpredictable.



However, the greenhouse effect directly leads to the climate change because the emission from the industries or the cars will cause the temperature to rise up quickly.



It has been well known that the climate greenhouse effect is one of the “products” that are created from the human beings apparently because it is accumulated by some gases such as the carbon dioxide.



In fact, the reason why the emission of carbon dioxide has been rising up is because of the human being’ s development in economic activities and the mass production of different products in the industry. The number of the new industry that comes up every year is very shocking because almost every day, in a province, thousands of industries or companies go bankrupt while almost the same amount of the companies and industries are built up. It is certain that all these new industries have caused the large amount of emission of the carbon dioxide as well as other gases that lead to environmental problems.



In fact, the development of all these industries is due to the past pace of the globalization. Since the first industrial evolution, at that time, people in the developing nations were still stuck in the poverty that is caused by the wars. However, in a lot of the developed nations such as America, France, Spain or Sweden, people started to build up factories where the machines were produced. These activities in fact also caused serious problems in the environment.



On the contrary, when the wars were finished and when most developing nations have also started to open up their nations to cooperate in the global field, most of these industries that cause serious climate change and environmental problems were moved to the third world nations such as China, India, Mexico and Pakistan.


However, because of the urgent need for these third world nations to develop its trades and economics, they have to accept the fact that highly polluted industries are moved to their nations. As a result, the businessmen in developing nations such as China and India do not care about the negative consequence of climate change and excessive emission of the gases in their countries. On the other hand, the investors in the developed nations understand that no matter how much they invest, they do not need to be concerned about being punished for polluting the environment in their own nations while most of their industries have been moved to other nations. As a result, the global cooperation between the first world nations as well as the third world nations has directly caused the climate change.



What is more, the reason why the emission of the carbon dioxide keeps going up is because of some major human activities that started up boom up after the process of globalization develops faster. For example, the industrial production of a lot of globally used products such as clothing, bags or small accessories does not only lead to the emission of harmful gases. In addition, the process of these productions causes the water recourse near the factories get worse and the animals in the river down by these factories is dying as well. It is apparent that the manufacturing of such products directly leads to the worsening of the water resources because the staff in these industry spills the polluted dying material down by the river in order to save costs and make more profits.



In fact, it is also caused by the globalization because in recent years, the competitions between different nations are getting fiercer than ever. As a result, the profit margin is shrinking and in this situation, the factories in the developing nations can only increase their margin by decreasing the cost even though they have realized that what they have been doing is at the cost the environment. Also, another human activity that caused the deterioration of climate change is the transportation and deforestation. Apparently, transportation and deforestation exist only depending on the globalization because in most nations, the population keeps going up and the land is not getting more. As a result, forests are cut down and damaged in certain areas such as the Amazon forest in Brazil.



Amazon forest is known to be one of the most famous forest in which there is an abundant amount of timber resources or other mineral resource. However, in the majority of developed nations which need timber resources and other mineral resource, they do not have them in their own land. On the contrary, the nation Brazil is in urgent need to develop its own economics so the officials or the agencies that develop these areas agree to offer the natural resource to these countries as there will be a win-win situation for both of them.



There are many ways to protect the environment although the government or the officials in different regions will need to bear certain costs. However, it will certainly generate a lot of benefits. We need to respect the environment first and let go of the idea of



Also, when the decisions of protecting the environment are being made, it is important to understand that we need to identity the potential benefits or disadvantages of different methods. For example, in certain regions in China, the use of coal was totally banned in the past, but the ban was lifted after it has been implemented for a month because the officials have realized that it does not work well as the citizens were not able to pay for the expensive bills for solar energy or other new energies.



According to the globalized research and innovation, it is reasonable to promote green energies and to apply to green technologies in productions and innovations. This helps to fight the pollution and the deterioration of climate change on a global scale. But what should be noted is that while people are promoting green energy, it is important to keep the traditional energy in the market as a large number of people might not get used to the new energy so well.



It is apparent that not all environmentally friendly technology is available to every citizen around the globe. For example, in remote areas where the economic development is slow and people are less open-minded, due to the low living standard, it is not easy for them to get access to the new and green energy. The reason is because the companies of green technology assume that they are not able to afford it. As a result, they might as well choose not to offer the green energy and technology to the people in the small towns.



It is true that globalization has caused some environmental problems. At the same time, people can make use of the global cooperation to help them tackle all these problems. In some countries in which the wind power and the solar power are abundant, it is recommended that they can offer to help other nations where they do not have sufficient wind power or solar power to support the green technology industry.


To conclude, the globalization has negative effects on the environment in the global scale. The most serious problem is the deterioration of climate change, which is caused by the large amount of GHG, Greenhouse gas emission. The amount of greenhouse gas has been rising up every year because of the global industries development and the deforestation, which directly caused the amount of oxygen to decrease in the air. What is more, the globalization has also led to environmental degradation because the rapid development of economic activities means that a lot of resources will be used up and natural resources will be taken away. Therefore, in order to turn the planetary ecological degradation that happened recently around, it is essential for the government to take proper measures to protect the environment. Stricter rules shall be applied to ensure that the investors of different companies will respect the nature instead of exploiting it ruthlessly. What is more, green technology and resources should be encouraged in a wider scale and well made use of.




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