We hope the industry will notice these new discoveries

Chen, an assistant professor of physics, said. The researchers said that they can control the growth of this ordered array, and at the same time, this is the first time to show the electronic characteristics of individual grain boundaries-they found that the edges of single hexagonal grains in the graphene atomic lattice have clear Parallel directions, so that the direction of each crystal can be further found. The researchers used chemical vapor deposition to grow hexagonal single crystals from graphene “seeds” on copper foil in a gas chamber containing methane.

’We hope the industry will notice these new discoveries and consider ordered arrays as a possible method of manufacturing electronic components. Conversely, using a more regular ordered array can make the position of each crystal more predictable. The single crystal grain array will eliminate such problems. ’From the viewpoint of high-quality mass production achieved by silicon crystals, graphene is not yet in place, but the progress of this research can be said to be a very important step on the road to this development direction. Eric Stach, a researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the United States, said he was a professor of materials engineering at Purdue University..

The new research results confirm a theory that when one grain touches graphite electrode for arc furnace another, the flow of electrons will be blocked. Qingkai Yu was the first to use this research method as a researcher at the University of Houston.’ Currently graphene is manufactured on polycrystalline plates, but this polycrystalline plate is made by random Placed and irregularly shaped ’grains’ combined together.Xin Luxun: Researchers at Purdue University in the United States have developed a manufacturing method that can improve the graphene single crystal array to achieve a method and quality similar to that of silicon crystal production.

He is now one of the corresponding authors of this research project and an assistant professor at the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University.’ Purdue University Nanoscience and Technology Yong P. ’Using these seeds, we can grow thousands of very regular graphene single crystal arrays,’ Qingkai Yu said.

The quality of the EDM electrode is a key factor affecting the quality

Its potential is to reduce molds. After the parts are dried, they are put into a high-temperature furnace for sintering and copper infiltration to produce parts with a dense surface. However, the direct molding method is limited by the process itself, and the manufactured mold cannot meet the requirements of high-precision metal molds in terms of surface and dimensional accuracy, size specifications, and shape freedom.

Rapid prototyping has Graphite Electrode for steel industry three-dimensional lithography modeling method (SL), powder sintering method (SLS), melting condensation method (FDM), thin layer material manufacturing method (LOM), three-dimensional printing method (3DP) according to different forming materials and technologies. (6) The service life is further extended and the use cost is further reduced. In the process of new product development, reducing the cost and time required for mold manufacturing is the most effective step to shorten the entire product development time and reduce costs. Competitive rapid mold making methods are mainly indirect mold making methods that combine rapid prototyping with traditional molding processes such as casting, spraying, electroplating, powder molding, etc.

The quality of the EDM electrode is a key factor affecting the quality of the processed parts. Therefore, rapid mold manufacturing based on RP can be divided into two categories, namely: direct molding method and indirect molding method. The molded parts have the advantages of good accuracy and very cheap prices.

The process is as follows: RP prototype as a master mold → dipping hanging ceramic mortar → curing the mold shell in the oven → burning off the master mold → preheating the mold shell → burning the cast steel (iron) cavity → polishing → adding burning and cooling System → make injection mold for production. d) The gypsum casting method uses the RP prototype to turn into a gypsum mold, and then casts aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous alloy molds under vacuum, which can produce injection products in small batches.

Practice has proved that although there will be a lot of solder

Through production practice, metal heat shields are often not suitable for the vacuum brazing process in harsh environments. The metal substance from the solder will be deposited on the surface of the metal heat shield. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the heat shield and the attached solder material, the metal heat shield will bend and deform, which will eventually reduce the insulation of the metal shield Thermal performance.

The metal screen is easily damaged in the case of brazing alloy sputtering, resulting in the formation of holes on the surface of the screen, and heat will be transferred out of these holes. Of course, using a thicker metal screen, especially a molybdenum alloy screen, will extend the life of the metal thermal field, but it adds considerable cost. A better solution is to use graphite materials to make the insulation parts.

Practice has proved that although there will be a lot of solder deposited on the surface of the graphite insulation material in the brazing process, the melting of the solder and the graphite insulation material will not occur. Fusion phenomenon. Although some people may question that graphite materials are easier to absorb moisture than metal materials, moisture is very harmful to the brazing process, but practice has shown that the repeated heating and cooling of the thermal field will well exclude the moisture in the graphite insulation material.

According to the shape of the furnace body, the thermal field bearing component is usually composed of one or more round steel rings. The material is usually stainless steel instead of ordinary carbon steel. Although stainless steel increases the cost, it greatly increases Its durability. In most vacuum furnace designs, there are gas nozzles all around the stainless steel ring. Therefore, the thermal field bearing component also plays a role in allowing the gas to spread all over the entire workpiece.

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