harness racing in charlottenlund

IMG_3896IMG_3874 IMG_3891 I really enjoy going to different kinds of horse races and I’ve been watching harness racing several times. It’s quite cozy to watch the horses trot (or gallop – even though that might be a bit too scary for me – two of the riders fell off their horses last time I watched) and bet a bit on the races if the weather is nice. And it was pretty nice today when my boyfriend and I went to watch harness racing at Lunden in Charlottenlund. I almost won all the money I played for back (I’m definitely no expert haha). Lunden celebrated their 125th birthday today so they sold some pretty delicious fish and chips. The horses were so stunning, I find horses such impressive creatures… Anyway, now we’ve just gotten back home and we’ll start cooking dinner together soon.


Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

Faux Fur: Ilse Jacobsen.

Bag: LV.

Mittens: Primaloft.

Jeans: Rag & Bone.

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