happy easter

Image 5 Image 13Happy Easter! I’m actually just relaxing at home this weekend because I needed to take a few days off. So what I’ve been doing is pretty much going for long walks and tomorrow we’re going to go on a small trip. Today I’ve baked lots of stuff too and afterwards my boyfriend picked me up to go shopping (he got three pairs of jeans and I was a little scared that he had a silent stroke or something) and when we drove home, it was snowing like crazy! It’s April and I cannot tolerate snow at this point. I mean it was so warm and spring-y a couple of weeks ago and now it’s cold, raining and snowing… We had dinner at my place, watched “The Killing” and ate the Pavlova I baked today. Now I’m super tired so we’re going to bed.

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christmas baking & a little present

ImageThe Christmas Party was really fun last night! I forgot to take a picture of my outfit but then I’ll just recreate it some other day… I’m on my way to my boyfriend’s family’s annual Christmas baking preparations and I’m bringing them this pretty little white flower. Christmas baking is really cozy but I’m not a fan of many of the products such as marzipan and dark chocolate. However, I love “knäck”, which is a Swedish caramel with almond bits in it that has the shape of a petite muffin. And I also really like “lussekatter”, which is more like a bun in the shape of an S with saffron inside. Anyway, tonight we’re going to see Tom Ford’s new movie (SO excited!) and I think it’s going to be really aesthetic and a bit creepy! I’ll tell you more about it later if it’s worth watching!

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frederiksdals christmas market

Image Image 4 Image 1 Image 2We went to Frederiksdals Christmas Market today, which sort of is a tradition in my family. I really appreciate it because it’s always very cozy and pretty, there is delicious food and pretty nice things to buy. We bought sourdough bread and juniper berry must (which is pretty close to Swedish Christmas must) as always. We also walked around the farm and the country house where they have decorated the house with both new and old style Christmas decorations. Now, we’re off to the neighbour’s for some Christmas porridge and Swedish “glögg”.

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spring sunset

8 IMG_4965This is probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed and taken a good photograph of. And you know how the iPhones usually don’t really reflect all the shades from real life… Sunsets like this one are really to die for. I adore the colour palette with all the yellows, oranges and reds.

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anemone season

IMG_4533 IMG_4535Anemone season is a bit early this year because southern Scandinavia has actually been surprisingly warm. When I wake up in the morning, the view is stunning because the forrest floor is literally covered with green leaves and little white flowers. I really love Anemones and that’s also the kind of flower I’m named after. They are so beautiful and fragile.

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turtle saviour

4 IMG_4779Yup, that’s me – the turtle saviour! While on a little relaxing evening walk I spotted this little cute turtle in a pond (where it’s definitely not supposed to be) and that started a small rescue mission. I can’t believe anybody would actually dump their pet turtle in a pond where it has no chance of survival whatsoever! Luckily we succeeded and the turtle is safe and sound!

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harness racing in charlottenlund

IMG_3896IMG_3874 IMG_3891 I really enjoy going to different kinds of horse races and I’ve been watching harness racing several times. It’s quite cozy to watch the horses trot (or gallop – even though that might be a bit too scary for me – two of the riders fell off their horses last time I watched) and bet a bit on the races if the weather is nice. And it was pretty nice today when my boyfriend and I went to watch harness racing at Lunden in Charlottenlund. I almost won all the money I played for back (I’m definitely no expert haha). Lunden celebrated their 125th birthday today so they sold some pretty delicious fish and chips. The horses were so stunning, I find horses such impressive creatures… Anyway, now we’ve just gotten back home and we’ll start cooking dinner together soon.


Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

Faux Fur: Ilse Jacobsen.

Bag: LV.

Mittens: Primaloft.

Jeans: Rag & Bone.

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