strandvägen 1

Image 15 Image 1 Image 17 Image Image 14 Image 18Who’s making me this breakfast? We slept in today and until now I have been cleaning and fixing lots of stuff while my boyfriend has been doing some physics. I’m currently baking and then I’m getting dressed to go for a walk, get some groceries (I need to empty a store for canned Ice Tea) and enjoy the lovely weather outside. The windows are open wide and I’m still kind of warm… Anyway, tonight we’re going to make some dinner and maybe go out for a cocktail or two. These pictures are also from Stockholm, from Strandvägen 1, where my Mum and I had brunch on our last day. It was so delicious and surprisingly inexpensive too. I really love that you’re just a road away from the harbour and we were able to sit outside, which is so nicely decorated and cozy. We both ordered freshly squeezed orange juices (so good!) and latte macchiatos. My Mum ordered a fancy sandwich and I had mini scones and fresh berries. The mini scones with lemon curd were delicious so I’m making that for my housewarming tomorrow. Stay tuned because pics of all my baked goods are coming up! By the way, I’m wearing my beloved Kenzo sweatshirt and Dior sunglasses in the pictures above.

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