je m’appelle anemone

IMG_5395 IMG_5478 IMG_5492 IMG_5436 IMG_5541 IMG_5513 IMG_5404 IMG_5379 IMG_5565 IMG_5441 IMG_5391Hi dear followers! I have an important announcement today – I’m moving my blog to Nouw so please click on the link below to keep reading my blog! I’ve been really busy today because I had housewarming in my new apartment, so pics from that and the weekend with my boyfriend in general are coming up! These pics were taken a while ago, we have a family tradition where we take photos of my sister and I in the anemones every year. So we’e been doing that ever since I can remember! I’m wearing pants from Fairy Dust, top from Brandy Melville, Paddington coat from Burberry and sunnies from Fendi. Thank you so much for reading my blog here at Improveme and please continue to follow me!

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