lumière by patrick demarchelier

IMG_5650Image 16Image 12 Image 13 IMG_5656 IMG_5658IMG_5654Today we went to Fotografiska, which is my all time favourite museum. They have amazing exhibitions, a great shop, beautiful location and the café is lovely. They only display photographies and I’ve really been looking forward to seeing the Lumière exhibition by Patrick Demarchelier. Fashion photography is obviously an interest of mine. And the photos were absolutely stunning! I’m pretty sure you recognize some of the pics above (the Angeline Jolie ones and the rose hat?), they are just a small potpourri of my favourites from the exhibition. Fotografiska also had some exhibitions with Lennart Nilsson, Weegee and Cooper and Gorfer. There are just a couple of weeks left until the Patrick Demarchelier exhibition closes, so in case you visit Stockholm soon – it’s a must!

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taryn simon

IMG_3384 IMG_3387 IMG_3391Today my boyfriend left to celebrate Christmas with his family in Sälen. And I went to Denmark with mine to switch a skin that I got for a new piece of design furniture: the butterfly chair, do some Christmas shopping and go to Louisiana to see the Louise Bourgeois, Daniel Richter and Taryn Simon. My personal favourite of the three was Taryn Simon. Probably because I really like photography and I thought that the small stories of weird American happenings and places were really intriguing. Afterwards we had dinner at Louisiana, which is really nice.

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ordrupgaard monet & eliasson

Image 10 Image 3 Image 9 Image 5And more art! I told you I was going to have a super cultural week! We went to Ordrupgaard tonight to have dinner and watch the Monet exhibition and we haven’t been to the garden since Olafur Eliassons sculpture was installed there. The Monet pictures were naturally gorgeous and the background pastel colours and frames were beautiful too. It’s difficult to see but the background in the last picture is actually pastel pink. Earlier today, I went to pick up a gift that I got in the mail and a pair of sunglasses I ordered too. They’re from Fendi and hopefully I’ll get to show them to you soon in some café-ish setting.

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sophienholm birds

Image 6 Image 7My schedule this week is pretty full and I’m going to do lots of cultural things. After school today we went to Sophienholm to watch the gorgeous bird exhibition. My favourite paintings were these two (from above) by Carl Christian Tofte and The Feast by Michael Kvium. So pretty. It would be so dreamy to have one of these at home. Then we went for a little walk in the Sophienholm garden, which was really lovely. They had lots of flowers and stuff. Then we drove to Lyngby and did some shopping and got Jerusalem artichoke soup for dinner. It has been such a cozy autumn day!

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mario testino at gl. strand

IMG_7789 IMG_7791 IMG_7790Hey pretty people! We’ve had such a fun Saturday but more pictures are coming up of the other stuff we did. We went to Gl. Strand to see the Mario Testino exhibition, which was quite beautiful. My favourite picture was this classic one of Kate Moss. I really think it’s fun to see photography exhibitions. Did you know that I’ve had a couple of people tell me that I look a bit like Kate? I think it’s a really big compliment. Somebody even told me that I was the Kate Moss of my high school, which was rather posh.


Sunglasses: Dior.

Earrings: Dior.

Clutch: Zadig & Voltaire.

Dress: Terminal 21.

Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

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favourite spooky art

IMG_5466 IMG_5448Here’s my favourite spooky art from Es Baluard in Palma. Love whole art walls, particularly in simple colours. This is a bit too spooky to have at home for my taste. But I’d really like the tree sculpture. It’s so cool and really beautiful. I’ve been studying most of the day today.

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IMG_0884Hey pretty people! I’m sorry for not blogging in a while but I’ve been super busy with my evening classes plus a very important exam I just had… I am in London at the moment, but I’ll blog my way forwards to get my blog up to date again! I hope you’ll stay tuned! Pics are by Damien Hirst at Arken. I have a slight penchant for Medicine-related art.

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