dean & deluca dreams

IMG_9023 IMG_9073Since I’m currently in my sweatpants and hair in a messy bun studying, I thought I’d look through my olds drafts and look what I found. Time for a little throwback to Bangkok this summer. I really miss spending time and having fun with my sweet little sister and BFF! And I miss having a slight tan and having time to dress up!

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isao love

IMG_9528 IMG_9529My Dad and sister are heading home today! It’s actually quite sad because it means that summer is almost over. Well, not really though. So today I’ve mostly been packing for Ho Chi Minh tomorrow and then we fetched some sushi from ISAO.

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rocket bangkok

IMG_9221IMG_9196 IMG_9223 IMG_9239We’ve actually been to a rather large cultural park called Ancient Siam today but since I’m really lacking space on my Mac, I’m posting some pics from earlier. My BFF and little sister went to a café in Thong Lor here in Bankok, that’s called “Rocket”. The place is pretty cool and definitely has the Scandi vibe. The drinks there were probably the best thing about the place – delicious and pretty!

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barbie nails

IMG_9742 IMG_9744 IMG_9748My Barbie nails are still going strong even after the Maldives. Tonight we’re having dinner with my Bangkok BFF and then we’re probably heading to Octave for some rooftop cocktails and then to Sing Sing Theatre for some partying. On Sunday my sweet little sister is travelling back home and then my boyfriend and I are off to Ho Chi Minh! I’ve never been to Vietnam, so if you’ve got any recommendations, then please comment!

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crescent moon & blonde hair

IMG_9986Hey guys! I’m currently packing for the surprise vacay we’re going on tomorrow! I’m really excited and I love (good) surprises! Soon we’re off to Dean & Deluca to have some dinner. I’m obsessed with their truffle fries and New York Sodas! My hair is finally getting more summery blonde, it always changes quite a lot with the seasons. Hopefully I’ll get a nice tan at the surprise destination. I’ll keep you posted on our adventures!

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burberry, gucci & dior

IMG_9609 IMG_9617 IMG_9629Just some pics I snapped from our lunch at Dean & Deluca yesterday. I adore their marble tables there, they really make for great inspo pictures. These things are pretty much my everyday accessories that I’m the most obsessed with at the moment; my beloved Burberry watch in gold and silver, my perfectly pink Gucci wallet, my silver mirrored Dior So Real sunglasses, my Barbie pink stiletto nails and (it might as well have been a detail since I’m always drinking them) Dean & Deluca single shot ice lattes. I woke up this morning and spent most of the morning with my iPhone and Mac and then my sister woke up and we basically watched American and a really entertaining and confusing Korean TV-series. I really need this cold and cough to disappear before we’re heading on our surprise vacation this week! I’m super excited!

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moon bar love

IMG_2459 IMG_9690 IMG_9701 IMG_2449 IMG_9761 IMG_9751 IMG_2454Well well, today is the last day before my BFF goes home tomorrow. It doesn’t quite feel like she’s going home but it’ll probably be quite empty tomorrow morning before my sister gets up – luckily, she’s still here! I’m really going to miss her and all the fun things we’ve done so far. Anyway, today we went to Emporium and EmQuartier to have a look around before having a long lunch at Dean & Deluca and doing some grocery shopping in Gourmet Market. I had to get a nasal spray because I have a pretty bad cold (probably a result of the long flight and all the super cold AC), luckily it’s not that apparent. Then we went home and got ready for Moon Bar. It’s my favourite place to spend my “last nights” in Bangkok because it’s quite peaceful, cozy, luxe and impressive. We had a couple of drinks there, both were really nice and we got there around 17 or 18 and left around 20. That’s the best time for going there – you get to see the Bangkok skyline during the day, sunset and night. Also, I’m still totally obsessed with my new stiletto nail extensions and my So Real Dior sunnies.

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