apollo kantine

Image Image 2Hi lovelies! I only had one hour of school today, so right after I went home and watched an episode of “Big Little Lies” and then my boyfriend and I went to have lunch in Apollo Kantine. We had a veggie lasagna with a little beet salad and bread. It was super, super cheap and really good (and way too much food for me). It’s located in “Charlottenborg Kunsthal”, so the crowd was quite hip and artsy. Afterwards, my boyfriend and I continued our walk before going to the gym (leg day). I’m just about to study and after that, we’re making tacos and watching some more episodes.


Sunglasses: Fendi.

Shirt: Dsquared2.

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pink buttercups

ranunculusHey pretty peeps! I just got home from school, had some kiwis and then I went for a walk and found these over the top gorgeous pink Buttercups or Ranunculus. I just got home and had dinner and now I’m going to study for a while and go to bed early. Over and out.

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morning greens

Image 15Good Morning! Today we’re off to a little bit of shopping and I’m getting a facial tonight. Really excited about that. Having clear skin is so important to me but quite difficult when you have such a sweet tooth! Anyway, I hope you’ll have a good day and I’ll let you know if I get anything.

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colourful flowers in copenhagen

Image 6I love going home from University and watching all the spring flowers coming into the flower shops. They are so pretty! Ranunculus are some of my absolute faves and I don’t think I’ve ever seen red Ranunculus before? So cool!

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father’s boy

IMG_6732Here’s a little pic from yesterday. My Mum and I went shopping and had some coffee and a waffle at Fars Dreng (Father’s Boy in English). It was quite nice – I think I’ll try an avocado sandwich there next time since they’re a bit more famous for their healthy foods. I also found the perfect China cabinet for my bathroom. It’s light pink and I think all my Nomess makeup organisers fit in there. I’m so in the mood to buy tons of Decléor skincare products, YSL makeup and Balmain hair products to fill it with!

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hyacinths & rainy days

IMG_6375Hey pretty people! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged much but I’m quite busy with the new course, work and a pretty big blog surprise! I was home all weekend and relaxed, went for a small shopping spree in Copenhagen where I passed by these delicate hyacinths. I love that there are coming more and more (and cheaper) flowers with spring. Right now, I’m updating my blog a little bit and then I’m going to study, do some yoga and have dinner. I’m also waiting for my new Smeg fridge to arrive! So excited!

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IMG_6306I took a walk today after school and there are so many Erantis flowers everywhere. My little sister’s middle name is Erantis and I miss her so much! I wish I was in Bangkok too relaxing, shopping, tanning and having drinks in rooftop lounges…

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