dior life

IMG_4552IMG_4604 IMG_4561IMG_4617 IMG_4568IMG_4611 IMG_4630IMG_4614Here’s the latest addition to my skincare routine! I’m really excited about them but I haven’t tried them yet. The Dior Hydra Life collection is pretty new and I adore the packaging! So cute, simple and fresh! The Pink Clay Mask smells heavenly and the colour is so cute! I’m really excited about trying the Time To Glow Ultra Fine Exfoliating Powder that you mix with water before exfoliating too. I also got a free gift in Åhlens; the pretty little pink cosmetic bag but I’ll show you that in another post. Well, I just wanted to check in and show you these goodies. I’ve been to school most of the day, then I went for a walk and made my Mum and I a green pea soup that was really nice. It’s been lovely weather in Copenhagen today by the way – summery really. So I hope the weekend weather will be as fab as today!

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airport surprises

IMG_7426Palma Airport just made it to my list of top five airport solely due to the stock of Yves Saint Laurent! I went there and looked for some limited edition nail polishes that I haven’t been able to get my paws on (or the amount I needed). It looked like they didn’t have anything but the lady in the shop asked me and told me that they had almost all past limited edition YSL nail polishes! Incredible! So I got myself three. I got one more of my favourite “nuit blanche” nail polish and I got “nuit noir” and “savage pink”. I’ve regretted that I didn’t get the sparkly black nail polish back when I got my white fave and I’ve hunted for savage pink all over the world (seriously – Denmark, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, France and Mallorca too)! So happy to finally have found them all! Now I know where to go next time I’m short on YSL… Just took a shower after arriving home and soon I’m going back in tanning mode and I have to unpack all of my stuff too. But I enjoy that more  than packing actually because it usually means I get to look at new ins one more time!

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ysl fusion ink cushion foundation

IMG_1787 IMG_1794 IMG_1806I got this gorgeous foundation today! I’ve been looking so much forward to receiving it because it’s not even available yet – only in Asia. My Father got home today and he brought me this (plus my fave Tarte mascara but I’ve probably taken pictures of that before). Before, I was using the regular YSL ink foundation, which is basically my holy grail foundation. It has buildable coverage – I’d say medium with one layer and it’s matte. I’m not a fan of the “dewy look” because it really makes you look sweaty in all flash images. This reinvention of the fusion ink foundation in a little cushion box (which is also fabulous) is super practical as I can refresh without getting my hands dirty (and my face). It’s still the same foundation but in prettier and more practical packaging. I highly recommend it and I’m definitely getting more of these babies when I’m hitting Bangkok this summer. It’s launching in Europe stores in September (and I couldn’t possibly wait for that to happen). Can’t wait to hit the YSL beauty flagship store in EmQuartier!

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tra la la dior

IMG_0332Pink nails for  the win! I really like this Tra-La-La from Dior but I’ll always be YSL at heart… I haven’t had the time to take outfit pictures today since I’ve been to school all day long. But I’ll try to do it later this week! I had a levain toast, kiwi, passionfruit and tea for breakfast, then school and now I just got home. I’ve had a headache all day so I’m going to drink some water, have dinner, relax and probably go to bed early.

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dior lip maximizer

IMG_9543I finally got my paws on a lip plumper from Dior – the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. I’ve been using it all day and my lips already feel a lot fuller. The saleswoman also told me that you can use it as a treatment for fuller lips over a longer period of time. I’ll definitely try that if I have any events calling for plump lips coming up. It also has a discreet pink shine and tastes like peppermint. Not a difficult transition for a Burt’s Bees addict like me. Thanks Granny!

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pink & lush life

IMG_9206 IMG_9208New stuff from Lush! I got a magic wand bubble bar that makes my whole room smell like candy. I also got a really good dry shampoo that smells super fresh of grape and lime, it’s called “No Drought”. I wasn’t that fond of the REF dry shampoos I had before… I used them up almost immediately and I really don’t use that much. Looks like this one from Lush will last a while… Anyway, I also got two dusting powders; silky underwear (jasmine scent) and fairy dust (shimmer and candy floss scent) that I’ve already used a couple of times.They are quite cool. I think I’ll dust my bed with them soon too.

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estée lauder beauty kit

IMG_8643 IMG_8648 IMG_8649Look what I got as an advent present from my Grandparents! So sweet of them to still buy me that kind of gifts even though I’m “almost” an adult… It’s a beauty kit from Estée Lauder containing a lip gloss, night cream, day cream, eye cream and a cleanser. It’s perfect for my trip to London on Tuesday! Remember to check in on my blog as I’ll be updating as fast as possible and I’ve already planned a bunch of pretty outfits…

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