lemonade mimosa

IMG_0224I had brunch at my house with my BFF this morning, which was super cozy and now I’m prepping for cocktails and pizza with a bunch of friends. My boyfriend is currently picking them up from the station and going to get pizza for all of us. And I’m prepping lemonade mimosas with lemon curd foam and kiwano seeds, Hugos and watermelon daiquiris. I really hope they taste good!

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white weekend vibes

IMG_6878It’s Friday! I have plans most of the weekends in September that are both fun and relaxing! Minus the weekend that my sister is travelling to Bangkok and she will be gone until Christmas, so naturally, I’m going to miss her incredibly much! Anyway, this is pretty much the white Moët vibes I want this weekend! Photo from Palma Airport (not my fridge unfortunately…).

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champagne saturday

IMG_7924I’m home and we’re enjoying some Palmer & Co. Champagne, which is so delicious and light. What are you up to? I’ve been studying all day and I’m going to study every day until my exam on Thursday and then I’ll celebrate “Midsummer”, which is a Swedish tradition before packing and heading to tropical and humid Bangkok.

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rhubarb cocktails

IMG_2012rhubarbcocktailsIMG_2016I’m multitasking in school at the moment; solving Genetics questions and blogging. Tonight I’m going to work and I only have two shifts left and then I’m done for the summer! I really can’t wait until Sunday afternoon when I’m officially done! And then I’m going straight into studying mode… Luckily I’m going to a party tomorrow night, so hopefully you’ll get some good outfit pictures anyway. These pics are from my sister’s graduation dinner. We had lovely pre-dinner cocktails in the outdoor lounge at Bantorget 9 and I bet I wrote about them before, but here they are. They were rhubarb/champagne and rhubarb/gin cocktails and it’s the first time I actually ever enjoyed a gin cocktail. I’m wearing a new dress and my beloved new So Real sunnies from Dior.


Sunglasses: Dior.

Dress: Copenhagen Luxe.

Jewellery: Carré, Maanesten & Chanel.

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happy new 2016

IMG_7482Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous evening and that 2016 will be a wonderful year with lots of blogging, travelling and shopping!

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fugu tea cocktails

IMG_4413Here are some cocktails we had at FUGU Cocktail Bar located at Gammel Strand. Their cocktails are either tea or coffee based, which is a quite funny idea that I particularly fancy as a tea enthusiast. I had the “Passionate Ice Tea” (upper right corner) and it was so fresh and delicious! We went so many places this afternoon and evening, and I’ll tell you everything about it during the next few days…

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strawberries & crémant

After I got home we had a very cozy mini xRays reunion. We had lunch in town, enjoyed coffee in the harbour, had strawberries and Dulong Crémant de Bordeaux in the early evening sun and then we grilled hamburgers. It has been such a summery day!
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