dior & burberry details

IMG_8243So I’m on my way to Charlottenlund Fort to have dinner with my Grandparents and sweet sister. I really look forward to some hot moules because I just finished school and I’m rushing to the restaurant. Hope you had a nice day! Mine was rather long and I’m quite sleepy right now… Sunglasses are from Dior and watch from Burberry.

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sunglasses selfie

IMG_6578I’m considering to get a pair of golden Ray Bans with rose or green details. Or perhaps the Dior So Real sunglasses. They are so dreamy! Particularly in Havana or all silver… In this picture, I’m trying on Ray Bans in the airport, trying to kill some time before my flight left for London. Also wearing Burberry watch, Carré jewellery and The Kooples jacket.

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sunglasses rule

Sunglasses selfie. Please remember to let your eyebrows show when you wear sunglasses, otherwise it looks really weird.
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london calling

Tomorrow I’ll be going to London. I really look forward to spend a week there since I haven’t been there in such a long time. I’ve been there lots of times but I never get tired of my favourite city. Love London! I’ll blog backwards when I get home again next sunday.
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