studying essentials

IMG_9524IMG_9520These days, I can be found in front on my Mac and my biology book… I have two exams in January that I’m studying for. Some of my studying essentials are shown above; my Moleskine calendar, Burberry watch, Lamy fountain pen, MAC lipstick, Mac and pencil case. I also recently got a new scented candle called “Himalayan Musk”, it smells so good! There are also some Oroes in the picture – it doesn’t have to be Oreos, but I usually snack a little bit and drink some tea to make the studying cozier. I’m leaving for dinner at my friend’s house soon, which will be a nice break from the books.

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satchel bag & academic books

IMG_3959I was in school for two hours this morning and afterwards I bought new books for the first semester in Academic Books. I’m currently blogging backwards to let you know what I’ve been up to during the weekend (sorry for not really blogging during the weekend but starting at the University has been quite hectic…). My school bag is from The Cambridge Satchel Company.

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