orange beauty

IMG_1935I’m still coughing so while I was home I tried my orange Lush bath bomb and I really smelled like orange blossoms afterwards. And I’ve gotten some new Decléor products that I’m going to try to spoil myself with during these rather rough studying days.

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girls’ spa night

IMG_9271 IMG_9302My bestie and I had the most wonderful spa night this evening. We spent most of the day in Thong Lor and Ekkamai with my sister. We went on a café hunt and I’ll tell you more about that later on. Anyway, we had some Lebanese food at Nadimos before going to the Japanese spa for treatments. We went to Onsen baths before a three hour pampering consisting of 60 minutes vanilla body scrub, a 90 minutes aroma therapy massage (I chose eucalyptus scented oil) and then 30 minutes herbal compress. I’ve never tried that before and it was quite nice – the herbal compress can be a little too hot but the staff was really super nice and considerate! Definitely going back soon! Our package ended at 11 pm and it was delightful – that’s why I look like a drowsy owl in the last picture. The first one is me in a teak bath that smelled so, so good! I love how we’re just relaxing, having fun and enjoying ourselves out here. Bliss!

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post party tanning time

IMG_7579Yesterday was my little sister’s graduation party, which was lots of fun but rather stressful. We had 60 guests at our house, so I barely had the chance to talk to everyone. I spoke to some old friends that I’ve kind of lost contact with though, so that was fun. I woke up rather early today even though I’m pretty sleepy and had brunch. Then I helped out cleaning the house and garden after yesterday’s festivities and right now I’m tanning by the pool and studying some Health Psychology, which basically what I’ll do the rest of the day.

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kurhotel skodsborg spa day

IMG_3380IMG_3572IMG_3373IMG_3472IMG_3277IMG_3431 My boyfriend and I had the coziest day at Kurhotel Skodsborg today. He met me in Hellerup after University and then we drove to Skodsborg to enjoy a spa day. We started with some cardio and strength exercises in the fitness centre (it was gorgeous and I’ll post more about it later) and that went quite well (turned out we worked out a little too hard because we were semi-immobile the rest of the weekend)… We also went for some massage and swimming in the Hydrospa pool, which was warm and lovely. The outdoor jacuzzi was pretty nice too. There are also lots of different smaller spa rooms; salt cave, saunas, steam bath (a favourite of mine), foot baths and some special rooms with multiple sense experiences (a walk in ice cold water accompanied by ice cold shower drizzle and foot baths, light and sound experiences etc.). There is one long pool for swimming too but we didn’t use it, we preferred the warmer Hydrospa with different massage areas… I have never been to the spa in Skodsborg before even though I live quite close to it but I’m definitely going back! The spa in Skodsborg is very minimalistic, white and modern so it’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a busy week!

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spa cenvaree

IMG_8297IMG_8363IMG_8349 IMG_9677 IMG_9680IMG_9803IMG_8324Right now (European time), I’ll probably be sitting in the airplane, having lots of yummy snacks to devour… So I figured that I’d schedule a post about more relaxed times – my treatments at Spa Cenvaree at Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas in Hua Hin. I had two treatments that I’ll tell you more about below; a body therapy treatment and a facial. Both treatments started with a foot bath and an antiseptic foot scrub and a cup of some sort of ice tea. They also both finished with a cup of delicious ginger tea and some dried pineapple for snacks while I relaxed with a warm shoulder pillow in the couch of the treatment room, watching the ocean and palm trees.

Body Therapy; Instant Smooth for 1 h & 45 minutes:

It started with a pumpkin and gooseberry body scrub, which was really nice and smelled absolutely delicious. Then we moved on to a body wrap consisting of seaweed, green tea, caffeine and botanical oils. The scent of this was divine as well and I was wrapped in warm towels and able to relax for quite some time while the mud was working. Then, I had to shower before a final massage with a soybean and jojoba serum to moisturise my skin. This treatment was super relaxing, I really felt pampered and my skin was super radiant and smooth afterwards. I highly recommend it! I’m not a huge fan of massages since I’m quite ticklish and I also feel like it’s a waste on money because usually I never have any body pain that needs treating.

Facial; Face Hydration & Glow Jurlique Deep Cleanse for 60 minutes:

The brochure promised that this facial was designed to unclog pores and improve the skin tone. And it really, really did! My face feels super clean, moisturised (even after all the sun, salt water and sun block) and really soothed. Products from the Australian organic skin care brand Jurlique were used and you can see them in one of the pictures. The facial steps included cleansing, exfoliation, steaming (I don’t think I’ve tried this more than once before and it was really lovely and warm), a cleansing mask and a facial and hand massage with lotion and oils.

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spa cenvaree snaps

IMG_8309 IMG_8357Boy, do I feel refreshed! I got a body therapy treatment yesterday and a facial today. Here are a couple of black and white snaps, until I can get my camera photos transferred to my Mac. I went to the spa at Grand Centara, it’s called Spa Cenvaree and I really felt well taken care of and pampered before, during and after the treatments. The body therapy was the most relaxing but I think the facial shows more result. I’ll dye my eyebrows when I get home because they get bleached by the sun quite quickly. But doesn’t my skin look good? It feels super good!

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lush handmade cosmetics

IMG_8468I’m spending this weekend with my boyfriend and he brought me some bath bombs from Lush. I love their bath bombs and I’m planning on getting a lip scrub, the Silky Underwear powder and perhaps some more bath melts of bubble bars… What are your favourite products from Lush and why?

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