christmas wish list 2016

smeg find_code_yellow_stripe Freesia_candle190_bd aquazurra wild thing sandalI don’t think I have too many male readers but I decided to make this post anyway – it could also be for girls not knowing what to wish for… So, this is a fraction of my wish list for Christmas this year. I’ve already gotten some gorgeous presents but I haven’t had the time to take any pictures of them yet (and they are wrapped so technically, I guess, I’m not really allowed to open them until Christmas). Since I’ve recently gotten an apartment, I wish for some interior things – like this over-the-top-cute pink water kettle from Smeg (I’m also planning to get a pink Smeg fridge but more about that later on) and the Freesia Diptyque Paris scented candle. The apartment smells a lot like fresh paint at the moment and I find that rather nice but perhaps it’ll be more “homely” with some other scent. I’d also very much like the yellow Commes des Garcons striped shirt, it is really cute! Yellow is normally not my fave colour but I find this shirt really summery, bright and fresh. And to another wish that season-wise is rather inappropriate; the Wild Thing sandals in red suede from Aquazurra. They are just so dreamy! I’m going to work a couple of evenings this week, so I’ll probably not be blogging but I might save some of the money for these babes! Now I’ll have to do some work on a report… I’d like to do a post about what to get your boyfriend for Christmas but since my greatest ideas are things that I’ve gotten for mine, it’ll probably spoil the surprise if I blog about it…

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