je m´appelle anemone

christmas morning 2016

IMG_3729I hope you all woke up full and content and had a lovely Christmas last night. I got some lovely gifts that I’ll blog about later on (we open them on the evening of the 24th of December here in Scandinavia). I got many pretty and practical things for my new apartment, makeup and lots of Japanese things that my sister brought from her travels. I slept in a little bit today and then I went downstairs to have some breakfast, study and then I went for a long walk. Now I’m watching “Elf” and then I’m taking a long hot bath.

merry christmas 2016

image1Merry Christmas dear readers! (I had to add the 2016 in the caption even though it looks a little ugly because I hate when my blog posts have the same name…) Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas today or tomorrow. We’re celebrating Christmas today and now we’re off for a walk in the not-so-christmassy weather. Then we’re going to make chocolate confections, prep some Danish Christmas food (roast pork, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage, risalamande, cherry sauce) and then we’re singing Christmas carols and dancing around the tree. It feels like we’re the only family still doing that but it’s such a nice tradition! The Christmas tree we decorated turned out very well in my opinion, we always opt for a Disney styled Christmas tree. And then we’re opening the presents! My sister brought so many Japanese gifts that I’m really excited about. I also look forward to see people’s reactions when they open my gifts, hopefully they’ll be happy (but you never know lol). Merry Christmas!

club petanque les copines

IMG_3611Now that my sister’s home again, I got some things that she got for me months ago. I’ve been wanting this sweatshirt from Club Petanque, which is a really cool French brand (I also got a pink cap) for a really long time and she found it in “Another Story” in EmQuartier! I’ve been looking for it for such a long time. I can really picture it with some white shorts/jeans or some pretty dark blue Rag & Bone jeans. I can’t believe it’s Christmas tomorrow, it feels like December has gone by super fast! Now we’re off to find our Christmas tree and then we’re decorating it.

black clothes & white marble

IMG_3587image1 Pics from last night’s outfit. I haven’t worn lipstick in like forever, which is really weird because I love it. I’ll try to post some nice Christmas outfits soon. Today I had my last day of school (it’s kind of ironic and not as stress freeing as it would seem because I have to study all of my 10 day Christmas break). Now, I’m just relaxing and updating my blog. I think I’m going to bed early today because I have a headache. And tomorrow we’re fixing lots and lots of Christmas stuff! We are going to buy our Christmas tree, decorate it, make chocolate confectionary and wrap the last presents… I really look forward to it! Love christmassy stuff.


Choker: Brandy Melville.

Dress: French Connection.

Tights: Sneaky Fox.

Boots: Uggs.

taryn simon

IMG_3384 IMG_3387 IMG_3391Today my boyfriend left to celebrate Christmas with his family in Sälen. And I went to Denmark with mine to switch a skin that I got for a new piece of design furniture: the butterfly chair, do some Christmas shopping and go to Louisiana to see the Louise Bourgeois, Daniel Richter and Taryn Simon. My personal favourite of the three was Taryn Simon. Probably because I really like photography and I thought that the small stories of weird American happenings and places were really intriguing. Afterwards we had dinner at Louisiana, which is really nice.

tuesdays in copenhagen

IMG_3578I was literally in school all day today and now I’m on my way home. There are still pretty flowers all over Copenhagen, which I find really pretty. I’m going to see the new Star Wars movie with my boyfriend tonight and I’m a little afraid that I’ll fall asleep!