je m´appelle anemone

monday mood

IMG_0307 IMG_0309I just got home from school a while ago and now I’m deep into my Medicine books but I did have time to squeeze in a Monday mood selfie.

40 red roses

IMG_0193 IMG_0208I love being spoiled and these 40 red roses are just so over the top gorgeous! I even had to go to IKEA to get a new vase but since it’s the second time I receive these long stemmed roses I figured that it would be worth investing in a nice vase too. I’m going to Copenhagen tonight and then a new week of school is starting and I’m doing some fun activities next week too. I’m pretty excited about the new week coming up!

lemonade mimosa

IMG_0224I had brunch at my house with my BFF this morning, which was super cozy and now I’m prepping for cocktails and pizza with a bunch of friends. My boyfriend is currently picking them up from the station and going to get pizza for all of us. And I’m prepping lemonade mimosas with lemon curd foam and kiwano seeds, Hugos and watermelon daiquiris. I really hope they taste good!

friday afternoons in copenhagen

IMG_9920 IMG_9794 IMG_0331My boyfriend met me in Copenhagen after school today and I’m beyond excited about this weekend. First we got some churros and drinks and sat out in the sun and chilled and had our snacks. Then we walked around and did some shopping. I got these red roses, ordered a Jane Kønig necklace (unfortunately the love tag letters I wanted were out of stock) and before we went home we bought risotto at Grød and some mint leaves for the cocktails this weekend.

copenhagen street food burgers

IMG_7614I wish I was going to Copenhagen Street Food to chill and have a big fat burger but in reality I’m going grocery shopping for the weekend. I’m having brunch with my BFF on Saturday and in the evening I’m having friends from Rays over for some pizza and cocktails. This pic is from the Copenhagen weekend where my sweet sister and I enjoyed some burger and French fries. Healthy, yes I know…

golden details & hair

IMG_0148I’m comfy studying in my Pull & Bear sweatshirt and some delicate golden details. Jewellry is from (from above) Bing Bang NYC, Syster P and Erbs Denmark.