post yoga pre weekend

ImageHi lovelies! Sorry for blogging so late in the evening. I went to school pretty early to finish an assignment and then I had a tutorial. Afterwards, I went home to study, have lunch and make a few calls before going to Hatha yoga. It was nice to get some meditative exercise prior to the weekend. Unfortunately, tonight wasn’t about picking an outfit and going out for cocktails at my favourite cocktail bar but instead I’ve been studying most of the evening and I made myself dinner and put some chickpeas in water for a recipe that I’m trying out tomorrow. Well, I’m pretty sleepy now so I’m going to go to bed. The top is from H&M and the sports bra is from Primark (they actually have surprisingly good sports bras even though they are really small – I think I should’ve had the 38 and not 36…). Gosh, when I’m looking at this selfie I really start to miss my eyelash extensions.

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black velorbis & white peonies

IMG_7944I dropped of my gorgeous black bike for reparations in Lyngby today and got some pretty white peonies. I’m studying for my two last exams… What are you up to? I can’t wait until I’m going to Bangkok with my girls and later my boy. It’s going to be so much fun (and freedom)!

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skodsborg fitness

IMG_3263 IMG_3268My spring fitness plans are not going that great but here are a couple of pics from when my boyfriend and I went to Skodsborg to work out (and go to the spa). The fitness centre was really nice, light, modern and luxurious and if I were living closer to Skodsborg, I’d definitely become a member! I love going working out in the evening, after a busy day, or to start the day with a wakeup workout. I’m super busy at the moment with studying for two major exams and still going to evening classes.

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golfing at royal

IMG_8285IMG_8290We went golfing just after lunch, which meant lots of heat, sweat and sun lotion and as you can see, I somehow managed to cut my thigh with a golf peg…. Other than that, I actually played fairly well… The Royal golf course is actually the oldest one in Thailand, which I find pretty cool. Now we’re heading back to the hotel to go for a swim in the ocean!

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first time skiing at vallåsen

Image Image 8 Image 29Image 5 Image 33Image 28 Image 36After studying and watching a cute French Bulldog for friends (that my friends are currently watching) for a few hours, my boyfriend took me skiing! It was probably four years ago since I last went skiing in the Alps, so I was a bit worried that I wasn’t particularly skilled anymore. I was a bit rusty in the beginning, but I think I quickly went back to my semi-usual skiing… It was the first time wearing my beloved pink and pretty fabulous Napapijri helmet. Do you guys ski? I was just reminded that I actually love it! It was my first time at Vallåsen here in Sweden, and I was positively surprised since the slopes are actually quite nice and long. A big plus was that there was barely any people there today! I’ve had such an amazing day!


Helmet: Napapijri.

Hat: Ralph Lauren.

Jacket: Napapijri.

Pants: Holden.

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ice skating

12434670_10208156333935868_1072449666_n 2I went ice skating with my boyfriend and some friends today, which was lots of fun. It was such a long time ago! Well, last year I went ice skating in Bangkok but I was wearing a skirt and my legs were bare… So I didn’t really want to go too fast. Today went a lot better though!


Hat: Forrest & Bob.

Scarf: Moss Copenhagen.

Shirt: By Malene Birger.

Jeans: Cheap Monday.

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sunny supping

IMG_2878I’m just so tired right now even though today hasn’t been the busiest day of all… I got up early to fix some practical stuff down in the city (there’s so much to deal with when moving…) and then I went home to tan in the garden for a couple of hours. After that, I went down to Étoile to drink juice and smoothies in the sun and then I went SUPping at WeSurf Hittarp with my little sister! I’m wearing my leopard print Victoria’s Secret bikini and standing on a Kona board. Serenity now! Anyway, I’m super tired and going to sleep soon!

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