They are specially designed to help women who are troubled

 According to Euromonitor’s KN90 Respirator Manufacturers, the global retail sales of adult incontinence products in 2018 was nearly US$9 billion, and it is expected to reach US$14 billion in 2023. The rigid image of previous adult incontinence products has begun to change, and we expect this trend to continue to develop in the future. DFreeProfessional is paired with the base station and uploads the patient’s urination status to the cloud for remote monitoring by doctors, nurses and professional nursing staff. CES Award’. Selin Waltz, a senior engineer who developed AlwaysDiscreet, said that when AlwaysDiscreet was first introduced to the market, its sanitary napkins were 45% thinner than other leading competitors.

According to Essity, if you want to prevent skin health problems caused by urinary incontinence, the best way is to keep your skin dry. Products. ’But there is still a way to go in the future: we are still waiting for the complete integration of the system and more Devices are connected together, and it takes less time to run different systems or platforms.

They are specially designed to help women who are troubled by bladder leakage, so that they can get everything from this comfortable, feminine and fashionable incontinence pants. Michael Pirner, vice president of the company’s personal care department, said that Indiana’s personal care product portfolio has undergone a comprehensive reform and integrated into a special product line CareLINE, which includes the Classic and Premium categories. The Discreet series also includes underwear and cushion products, and recently upgraded an incontinence cushion that provides leak-proof measures to prevent the most common side leakage.

People affected by this hope to continue their personal, professional and social lives. The device sends notifications to mobile phones or tablets to notify users or family members when they need to go to the bathroom. It didn’t exist at all 10 years ago,’ he said. It may be both. Better packaging Indiana provides engineered film solutions for mild incontinence products and diaper protectors. Now, breakthrough technologies such as Drylock’s MagicalTubes or s channel cores make products thinner and more breathable, while improving absorption and protection.

Gantry-type packet grabber BO-P-Subverting tradition

The mobile automatic sliver coiling system T-MOVE sliver inserting device not only saves space, but also has more other advantages. The combination of symmetrical design and non-split compact high-performance HPc texturing nozzle brings the optimization of yarn and cake quality. -Opening is softer. T-MOVE-Save land and improve efficiency. Due to the increase in working width, its output has increased significantly by 25-50% compared with the current 2300mm cotton grabber. Cooperate with the intelligent cotton bale pressure monitoring system to ensure softer opening. In addition, the spare parts consumption is small, and there is no need to replace the lights. T-MOVE is also suitable for new large-size cans 1200mm JUMBO CANS. The new four-head BCF machine MO40 in the man-made fiber department is based on the proven M40 concept.. –

The mixing effect is increased by 25-50%. High-quality service and customized card clothing The Trützschler card clothing section will showcase its comprehensive services and high-performance card clothing. Its main advantages are as follows:-The output can reach 3000kg/h. Thanks to the close cooperation between Trützschler’s machine and the card clothing section, customers can customize from the entire value chain And benefit from compatible solutions.

Gantry-type packet grabber BO-P-Subverting tradition Trützschler’s new gantry-type packet grabber BO-P received enthusiastic feedback from the market after its first exhibition in Barcelona. The new movable sliver head ensures the fast feeding of the sliver during the can changing process and improves the efficiency of the carding machine. The geometry of the cotton-grabbing beater is further optimized, and the beater density is increased by 25%. The web is the best choice for the production of disposable wet wipes.

-The filter box is larger, it only needs to be cleaned once every 24 hours, and it saves suction energy consumption-The NONWOVEN face mask factory machine is small in size, and the floor space is 20% less than TD8 T-SCAN-Five technologies work together to achieve the highest separation rate Five types of TS-T5 The monitoring mode ensures the highest foreign fiber detection rate. TD 10-Trützschler’s latest generation autoleveling draw frame retains the main functions of the previous generation TD8, which has been widely recognized by the market. Voith-Trützschler’s new wet composite spunlace technology uses renewable raw materials to produce biodegradable low grammage

The new product of 300~650g/m2 series of materials

Preparation technology and industrialization of high-efficiency dust removal filter material for cement kiln co-processing’, realizing the transformation from ’deep filtration’ to The transformation of ’surface filtration’ has achieved a new breakthrough in filter material product design; it has broken through the technical problems of acupuncture and spunlace composite technology, and developed key technologies for the industrialization of spunlace filter materials.

The advanced technology of Spunbond nonwoven Suppliers material for high temperature resistant filter material is characterized by the membrane thickness of more than 20μm, the filament strength of the base fabric>4. engineer He Jianxun introduced in the ’High-temperature composite filter material product development and industrialization’ report, with the goal of ’researching and developing spunlace + base cloth + needle punched high-temperature composite filter material products’, and developed a high-temperature resistant composite filter

The new product of 300~650g/m2 series of materials has a filtration efficiency of over 99.Recently, at the ’Textile Light’ high-temperature filter material preparation technology and application technology promotion activity held in Funing County, Jiangsu Province, a number of experts respectively brought technical reports to promote high-temperature filter material preparation technology and application technology results.. The research content and plan of foam coating technology include: the preparation of PTFE foam coating liquid, the use of polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE emulsion, foaming agent, foam stabilizer, thickener, high-speed shear foaming to prepare PTFE foam coating Layer liquid; the research of foam coating technology, through the doctor blade coating technology, the foam coating liquid is coated on the glass fiber base cloth, and the two-stage high temperature drying method is used to cure into a film; foam coating Performance testing and comparison of filter materials, performance testing and comparison of foamed coating composite materials with untreated glass fiber base fabrics and coated products.

Cai Weilong, a senior engineer of Xiamen Sanweisi Environmental Protection Co. Fujian Nanfang Co.; high-performance substrate preparation technology pioneered the development of TFM treatment formula and film coating technology, and produced glass fiber cloth and composite The needle-punched felt coated filter material has high filtration efficiency, dust emission within 5mg/Nm³, high waterproofness, waterproof grade above four, high strength, high temperature resistance, folding resistance and other characteristics

Pay more and more attention to their own health

Shanghai Nursing Jia and Donghua University, Reliable and Vinda and China Pulp and Paper Research Institute reached strategic cooperation to jointly develop products and market layout .

The conference was conducted with exchanges and discussions on the theme of ’maintaining the overall situation and maintaining the sustainable development of the hygienic product industry’. The healthy development of the economy, the huge population base and the growth of domestic consumer demand are the fundamental driving forces and guarantees for the sustainable advancement of China’s health products industry. Marketing tools such as buying and tweeting customers to enhance sales in all aspects.

After the project is put into KN90 Respirator factory, it is planned to install 10 full-servo intelligent production lines. The production line has a width of 4.6 denier, the material uniformity is good, and the performance has reached the international level. ’Paper Diapers Part One: Baby Diapers’, ’Paper Diapers Part Two: Adult Diapers’, ’Wet Wipes’, ’Baby Wipes’, ’The huge population base also provides the basis for commodity consumption. In order to break the predicament, leading companies focus on expanding scale and benefit, in-depth development of international markets such as Southeast Asia, introducing advanced equipment, improving production efficiency, while developing high-end and differentiated products, and exploring new marketing methods to strive for higher profits.

Sateri’s Eucosil® fiber launched during the year uses 100% wood pulp cellulose fiber, which is completely biodegradable. Daddy Baby and the PAW patrol animation IP alliance have launched three high-end products: natural jasmine baby diapers, natural jasmine baby boy training pants and natural jasmine baby girl training pants. As consumers pay more and more attention to their own health, safety and other issues, and the concept of green nature gradually gains popularity, the application of natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, and silk fiber in sanitary products is showing an increasing trend. Hengan sells its products to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets through the acquired Malaysia Royal City Group, and establishes a sales office in Indonesia to promote and sell Hengan brand products. 2.0 denier and a soft touch.

The filtration efficiency of non-oily particles in key parts

That is, water, blood, alcohol and antistatic. He said that the cost of protective clothing before this round of pneumonia epidemic can be controlled within tens of yuan, and there is no limit to the length of a single wear, mainly according to the intensity of medical work.

The filtration efficiency of non-oily particles in key parts and joints is not less than 70%. According to the data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, compared with China’s daily mask capacity of 20 million masks and 600,000 masks per day of N95 masks, the national daily output of medical protective clothing reached 20,000 pieces on February 1, which was 0.67 kilopascals (kPa); anti-synthetic blood penetration Not less than level 2, that is, the synthetic blood acts Airlaid Paper Manufacturers on the protective clothing with a pressure of 1.

Under the condition of shortage of market supply, protective clothing also protects the ’main battlefield’ first. In the next step, the country will do its utmost to resume production and expand production, and further improve supply capacity.75 kPa, and it must not penetrate after 5 minutes; at the same time, the water staining level on the outer side of the protective clothing is not less than level 3.’ Professor Jin Xiangyu’s team has been engaged in the series of research and development of medical protective materials since the SARS epidemic in 2003.

The key parts of the protective clothing (left and right front lapels, left and right arms, and back) are impermeable to water, and can withstand hydrostatic pressure of not less than 1.67 kilopascals (kPa); anti-synthetic blood penetration Not less than level 2, that is, the synthetic blood acts on the protective clothing with a pressure of 1.75 kPa, and it must not penetrate after 5 minutes; at the same time, the water staining level on the outer side of the protective clothing is not less than level 3.’ Professor Jin Xiangyu’s team has been engaged in the series of research and development of medical protective materials since the SARS epidemic in 2003. According to preliminary statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of 24:00 on the evening of February 1,

This investment is estimated to be close to 15 million DKK

We are working on the next generation of sound-absorbing materials and insulation materials. This is what we have been doing in the past, and we will continue to focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness in the future,’ Klier said. Global expansion FibertexNonwovens focuses on acquisitions to strengthen its position in the growing automotive market. Only a few months after the Danish-based nonwovens manufacturer made a large acquisition in the Brazilian automotive market, it announced that it would increase production there by 20% to meet the growing demand for automotive-specific products. ’The process of taking over the Brazilian factory has far exceeded our expectations.

This investment is estimated to be close to 15 million DKK and will be put into production in the summer of 2019. BechMadsen explained that FibertexNonwovens has allocated additional capacity to the growing Brazilian market, which accounts for more than half of the South American market. ’We have accumulated many years of experience in non-woven fabrics.

There is a big difference between products like geotextiles and special products for filtration, sound insulation solutions, interior and exterior applications, and there are other applications such as Wet wipes for shoemaking. We are a global leader in specialty products and are working hard to apply our knowledge and production methods in a new factory in Brazil.’ BechMadsen continued. In fact, the demand for special-purpose products is growing faster than any other sector in the industry, not just in the Brazilian market. Several other South American markets, including Argentina, also reported strong growth in industrial applications. ’Historically, the nonwoven market has grown three times faster than GDP and has great potential.’ Carlos Benatto, CEO of FibertexNonwovens Brazil subsidiary, explained.

The average consumption of Brazilian consumers is only one-third of that of American or European consumers, and this is where nonwovens play an important role. This growth rate is not only applicable to Brazil’s large auto industry, but almost all automakers in the United States, Europe and Japan are playing an active role in it. FibertexNonwovens is a leader in providing non-woven fabrics for the automotive industry. An ordinary European-made car uses about 30 square meters of non-woven fabric, covering a variety of applications ranging from headliners, seats and storage boxes to wheel shells, engine insulation and underbody panels. At the same time in North America,

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