It is driven by a variable frequency speed regulating motor

Different models can be selected according to customer requirements, such as E60 / 25, E70 / 25, E80 / 25 Wait. 2.5 Main features of extruder components. The extruder uses a slotted feeding section and forced cooling to increase wide mouth jars blow mold factory its output; the barrel uses a ceramic heating ring with strong cooling by a fan to ensure effective temperature control in each section; the use of a hard toothed gear box ensures a relatively Long service life; the entire extruder assembly is installed on the support platform, which can be adjusted back and forth, left, right, up and down to suit different die heads The basic parameters of the company’s common extruder components are described in the attached table 2-1) They have the following main characteristics.. The extruder component is the core component of plastic melting and plasticization.3. The front safety door is equipped with a travel switch protection device.

but also can be customized for customers ’special tailored’ special blow molding machine equipment. Friends from Guangzhou International Blow Molding Machine Exhibition for 8 consecutive days are welcome to guide. The 27th China Blow Molding Exhibition was held in Guangzhou City, and was unveiled at the “Rio Tinto Blow Molding Machine Solutions” exhibition, sharing industry dividends and business opportunities with professional exhibitors. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with customers at home and abroad and share benefits! With development and prosperity!. Blow Molding Exhibition Star Belle Rubber Plastics Exhibition carefully guides the blow molding machine as a professional manufacturer that develops and produces high-end hollow molding equipment. The blow molding machine has modern CNC turning machines, milling machines and dozens of advanced CNC flexible polyhedron processing centers

The extruder component on this machine uses German-derived technology.The dual-station bottle blowing machine safety door assembly provides dual functions of safety protection and easy adjustment. Pneumatic components are installed on the safety door for easy adjustment. l The material of the screw and the barrel is high-quality nitrided steel, which has the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance; l

It is driven by a variable frequency speed regulating motor; l Generally, a slotted feeding section with forced cooling is used l The temperature is controlled by PCC; l The scientific and advanced screw design can ensure the uniformity of plastic melt and its stable extrusion output; l The screw and screw head are suitable for various currently used thermoplastics, such as PE, PP, PETG , PA, PC and EVOH

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