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A Little Bit Of Everything

Just woke up with the girls and made some breakfast. The girls wanted everything so I made a little bit of everything for them. Today we are going to buy outfits for the upcoming carnival. Liva want to dress up as a clown – I think that runs in the family – a wise choice!

DSC_1218 DSC_1219

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Sugar Daddy

2ededb36f3SO many sugar-loaded-cereals to choose among..

Thank God it is friday! I am looking so much forward to the weekend having fun with the girls. And to prepare myself as the role of sweet Veltzedad I start the day by eating as much sugar as I can – and of course listen to music that is sweet like candy – like sugar for my ears. My all time favorite cereal has to be the Honey Monster‘s Sugar Puffs – Guld Korn in danish. What is your all time high favorite cereal?

DSC_1215the Sugar Puffs is my all time high sugar-loaded-cereal – which one is your favorite?

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One Album One Night One MORE Love

david-guetta-432936292another day at the office for David Guetta

Let’s say you where a DJ for a night and only could bring ONE album to play. You can pick ANY album ever released – no compilations please – which one would it be? Would it be Moby, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Madonna, Prince, Underworld, Basement Jaxx, Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim, LMFAO or even the amazing powertunes of The Prodigy? Not for me. Do not get me wrong all theese artist are legends but I would bring the album of David Guetta called One More Love. The original album – One Love – is brilliant for all types of party but the re-release with the “More” tag has a bonus CD with 13 extra tracks (48 min.) Including the original CD (55 min.) you will be able to tear the roof off in a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes with such impressive features like Kelly Rowland, Akon, Will.I.Am, Ne-Yo, Fergie, LMFAO and Lil Wayne.. (BTW, that’s an INSANE feature list.) So to sum it up in short which album would YOU bring to the party if YOU where the superstar DJ for the night?

IMG_20140220_094838one album one night? My choice is this one – One MORE Love

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Bad Or Bad?

I really need your help. I have PROMISED myself NOT to buy ANY more shoes the next three months. And I am gonna keep that promise, I PROMISE! I have been looking at theese outrageous Jeffrey Campell boots/sneakers for men that are completely ridiculously over the top. But it is also an item you only can wear a couple of times because of the “show-me-look-at-me-factor” wears off fast with a so visual expression as theese bastards. But I really need your help on theese ones – are they BAD (like NOT cool) or are they BAAAAD (like the shit?)

16th Annual American Music Awards

are the Jeffrey Campbell’s bad (like nooot) or bad (like Michael and Eddie color coordinated)

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So Be It.. Jedi

NB! Please play above theme song before reading. Thanx!

Yesterday I premiered my Vader boots and I must say that evil kind of sneaked in on me. I did a great job at the radio but I could also feel a disturbance in the force. I became more and more obsessed with myself during my radio show and my ego went over the top and made a – let’s say a rather selfish Facebook update – my apologies for my megalomania. When I came home – still very satisfied about my radio show and still wearing my Vader boots I could feel that something inevitable was about to happen. One theme song kept running through my mind and the urge for something special was closing in on me. Al of a sudden it came to my mind.. I NEED TO SEE THE WHOLE STAR WARS SAGA WITH MY VADER BOOTS ON SO I CAN FIGHT THE EVIL WITHIN ME AND NEVER SURRENDER TO THE DARK SIDE! Or as The Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious would say: “So Be It.. Jedi


walking the Imperial march in my Vader boots


will I ever have the time to explore The Complete Saga?

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Sunny Monday Blues


food for the girls check! Now let’s see if they are awake..

Sometimes I can understand why kids hate their parents – or maybe it is just at mondays. I had to get Liva to school and Alva to the nursery. But first I had to wake-up thoose sleepy heads – that not being an easy thing on a monday. Was it just me or was the sun crazy early shining this morning – SO wunderful with a sunny monday with or without the blues.


dad are you sure it’s not sunday..


okay I’ll get up dad but when is Liva coming..


goodmorning Liva ready for school?


lucky Alva came to Ricco’s with daddy


a fast check with the doctor and then off to nursery

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Celebrating My 38th Birthday

Sunday family and cake – not coke – but cake, so what is not to like? Absolutely nothing besides me getting old. I love celebrating birthdays especially my own. I got what I wished for and then some. The perfume that I use and a giftcertificate to Magasin (shopaholic alarm.) Here is what happended in a photostream.


Daddy when will the guests arrive? Is my hair okay?


Alva entertaining the crowd


Alva – like her dad – laughing at her own jokes


My gifts – lovely!


My cake – yummie! My age – FUUUUUUUUUCK!


And finally when the guests had left finishing of with pizza margherita

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Sith Lord Marten

Sith Lord Marten

Normally I see myself as a balanced and cool person who can handle a situation even when the going gets tough. But the other night – when I was doing the audience warm-up at Debatten in DR – I came across an animal who seemed to get the better of me in an evil way. The animal was a marten and it was behaving rather rude in one of the storage rooms. I gently asked it to run back to the woods where it came from but all of a sudden the marten started to look at me with pointy almost deadly eyes. I said in a firm tone: “LOOK MARTEN DON’T PUSH ME OR I WILL KILL YOU WITH ONE HAND!” The marten just looked at me and the next thing that happended was that I felt a kind of altruism completely soften me up. It was like the marten used some kind of Animal-Jedi-Mind-Trick because the next thing happended was me trying to kiss the marten. I must state that this happended with NO witnesses and the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day. After all I am a human loving babies, kids and animals (maybe not so much other kids than my own – sorry all parents of the world.) I just felt like I have been used by some evil force of nature.


Sith Lord Marten using some kind of Animal-Jedi-Mind-Trick on me

Sith Lord Marten using some kind of Animal-Jedi-Mind-Trick on me

me hypnotized to feel “love” towards Sith Lord Martens using his EVIL mind-trick


proper Jedi-Mind-Trick preformed by Qui-Gon to find answers NOT “love”

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My Valentine Outfit

If you would ask me out on a date today at Valentine’s Day do not be surprised if I came up to meet you in this outfit from Sons of Heroes. You can buy the shit right here at Intro Clothing. Happy Valentine – big kiss to everybody!

My Valentine Outfit

My Valentine Outfit

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Red October

Nike‘s Kanye West Red October sneakers reach insane prices on eBay. Air Yeezy 2 shoes are now going for £10 million, or $16.4 million. Kanye West must really be a God! Since someone is willing to pay £10 million, or $16.4 million, for a pair of shoes. Nike released the shoes, the red Air Yeezy 2 sneakers known as the “Red Octobers” on February 9. There was no advance notice. The shoes sold out right away. And now a UK eBay auction has the current bid described above. This all comes a couple of months after West’s highly publicized jump from Nike to Adidas — a jump made higher on account of his handsome kicks, no doubt. I must say that I am pretty glad that I got my Adidas SLVR‘s before Kanye made them cost trillions!

Nike Air Yeezy 2

Nike Air Yeezy 2

My humble Adidas SLVR's

My humble Adidas SLVR’s


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